You're Mine

Valerie Simons was a normal teenager. She was a straight A student with honours roll. She had one amazing friend that was like a sister to her, Chrissy, and a brother that was like her best friend, Jake.
Valerie didn't believe in relationships due to the unpleasant ones she had before. But what happens when the new boy comes barging into her life demanding Valerie to be his? What happens if she falls for his best friend?
Find out in the book "You're Mine"
Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

"Ughh..." I wake up moaning due to my stomach pains. Ever since I went to my bunk last night, after I cried for a while, my stomach has been aching.

It's not like normal cramps. These are more severe. I feel like I need to barf and cough up all the organs inside my body.

To top it off I am heart broken from last night. I can't believe that Logan would do this to me. I thought he changed but I guess he just used me.

So over all, I feel like shit.

I begin to cough and gag.

'Oh crap. Time to throw up.' I tell myself.

I quickly jump out of my bed and run to the bathroom. I hear Chrissy call my name but I have no time to answer her, my throw up is going to come out like now.

I put my head over the toilet and close my eyes. I begin to cough and liquid gets poured out of me.

This doesn't feel like normal throw up. Someone turns on the light. I look up to see Chrissy stand there in shock.

"Someone! Call 911!" She screams.

I look to the toilet and see blood. I've been coughing up blood.

My eye sight gets a bit blurry and I begin to feel dizzy.

I look back at Chrissy and she bends down beside me and rubs my back. I look behind her and see Chris pacing back and forth, Logan beginning to cry, and Jake on the phone with emergency.

"I think I'm going to faint." I quietly say and Chrissy opens her arms ready to catch me.

Everything goes black.

Everything goes mute.

I feel like I am drifting up to space and that gravity isn't in control of me anymore.

I feel peaceful and great.

My heartbeat slows.

I take short breaths until I stop breathing.

I jolt up and realize that I am in an ambulance. Chrissy and Jake are with me. They sigh in relief and they each take one of my hands.

I smile at them.

"W-where's Chris and Logan?" I ask quietly. Barely over a whisper.

"Following the ambulance." Jake says and rubs circles on the top of my hand.

"You scared me. I-I thought you were dead. I-I wouldn't know what to do w-without you." Chrissy says while crying. I start to get teary eyed and smile at her.

"I'm right here and always be. Thanks for being here for me. I love you both." I say and smile.

The doctor adjusts my oxygen mask.

"We are here. Open the doors and hop out. Follow us if you want and come to the room with her." The nurse says.

They both nod and jump out. The nurses adjust my gernie and lift it up and place me it on the ground. They start to wheel me in.

Jake and Chrissy follow us.

"Valerie!" I hear Chris yell and he runs up to me with Logan following him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I love you. I'm sorry." Logan whispers to me as he cries.

"You guys have to follow behind us. I'm sorry. But you will have to wait outside of her room." The nurses say and wheel me into my room.

"We are going to take a blood test and a type of scopic test. We are going to put a tub with a camera at the end into your lungs through your throat. We will be putting you asleep for that." They say.

I slowly nod.

A female nurse walks in and smiles at me.

"I'm going to take some blood." She says before putting a needle into my arm.

I'm not afraid of needles so I am fine. She takes another needle with liquid inside.

"This will be putting you asleep so we can do the other test for your lungs. She says. I nod.

I can feel the cool liquid enter my body. It makes me have shivers.

My eyes flutter shut and I am asleep.

A peaceful sleep

I wake up and I am now aware of my surroundings. My eye lids are too heavy so I don't open them.

I can hear people talking and crying around me.

I know that Chris, Jake, Chrissy, and Logan are with me.

"She's my only family. If she dies I don't know what if do with myself." Jake says.

I guess they think I'm still asleep.

"I love her like my own sister I need her." Chrissy says in response.

I feel someone grab my hand.

This is a familiar hand. It's large and soft.

It's Chris' hand. I feel him kiss it and put his forehead to it.

"I love her. More than anything in this world. Claire tricked me last night. She kissed me okay? I didn't kiss her. I would never do that to the love of my life. I would never betray her. I need her. With out her I am nothing. She makes me a better person. I am in love with her." Logan says while crying.

"I'm sorry." He says.

"You should tell her that." Jake says.

"There's no need. I heard the whole thing." I say and smile. I open my eyes and they all jump and hug me.

"Ouch. Get off me you dorks." I say and laugh while I am in pain.

The doctor walks in.

"There is no infection or decease. She is fine. I'll put her on some medication and she'll be out of here by tonight." He smiles and walks out.

"Great news." Chris says.

"Thanks for everything." I say.

"Never scare us like that again." Logan said.

I smile and nod.

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