Too Much

Just when she thought she had her life all figured out, Addie Walker's plans are drastically altered when her father gets a new job in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, and her family must move.

-Rated R for sexual scenes-

Don't think about it too much,
there's no need for us to rush through this
Don't think about it too much,
this is more than just a new lust for you.

~This isn't my story it belongs to HazzaGirl! It's a really good story! Hope you guys like it! :)


3. Chapter 3

Addie's P.O.V.

When my alarm rings on my phone, I wake suddenly. I've managed to get a good night's sleep, and I'm confident that today will be a good day. I'm not so nervous anymore, and I'm determined to settle in to my new home.

I begin my morning routine of showering and doing my hair after applying makeup. Today I go for one of my casual floral print dresses. A lot of girls at school were dressed up yesterday, so I figured I might as well.

My hair is curled into it's usual waves, and I head downstairs for breakfast. I feel particularly good this morning, and I think this English air is starting to affect me.

"Morning, sweetie." My dad greets me with a swift hug before grabbing his brief case. "I'll see you around dinner time, have a good day at school."

"Have a good first day at work!" I yell back at him as he rushes out the door.

"Hi mom." I smile as she comes from the living room.

"Hey Addie, I have an interview at the hospital, they have a nursing position open. I'll see you after school." She walks over and kisses my cheek.

"Oh, can you drop me off at school before you go?"

"I forgot to tell you! Anne said Harry could pick you up, he'll be here around 7:30. Make sure to thank him, it's very kind of him."


"I can just walk... It's not that far." I offer.

"Nonsense. Anne said he wouldn't mind. I mean you two know each other, right?"


"Okay have a good day, bye!" And she's out the door.

Well this may be awkward. It's only a five minute drive though, and it's only for one day.

I decide on waffles this morning and finish them just in time to brush my teeth before Harry comes to pick me up.

I lock the front door and walk out to his car parked in my driveway.

"You can sit up here..." Harry objects when I open the door behind his seat.

"Oh, I thought you brought Louis?" I flush.

"Eleanor picked him up." He states and I nod before getting into the front seat. Eleanor must be Louis's girlfriend.

"Thanks for bringing me..." I feel uncomfortable, very out of place.

"Yeah, sure." His hand reaches toward the radio and he turns up the music. It's not loud, but enough to silence our conversation.

"So you and your mom are coming over for dinner tonight?" I ask bravely, but instantly regret it. I have no idea why I said that, I guess it's just too quiet in here, despite the music playing.

"I don't think I'm coming." He chuckles briefly. "I'm busy."

"Oh." I look out the window.

I begin to process the kind of guy Harry is in my mind on the rest of the drive to school. He's my neighbor and I have a few classes with him, so I know I'll be seeing him around often, but he's definitely not like me at all. Not gonna lie, he is very attractive, but my conscience laughs and mocks me; he's way out of your league, Addie. I'm not attracted to him though, okay yes, maybe physically, but not mentally. He has lived up to my prediction of him being the jerk type.

"So what are you doing tonight? I mean like why are you so busy?" I find myself curious.

I can see him look at me from the corner of my eye before he turns the radio down.

"I'll probably be at Zayn's or with Kayla." He simply says.


"My friend." Oh, probably the one I saw him with yesterday.


"Yep." He says and parks the car close to the school. I get out and thank him again for the ride as we walk up to the school.

"Sure thing, Adelaide. See you in stats." He walks in front of me.

I can't help but smile when he calls me Adelaide. It's so weird, no one calls me that. I shake my thoughts of the curly headed boy and walk to biology after stopping at my locker to grab my books. I see a boy sitting at the table next to mine, and wonder if that's who my new lab partner must be.

I sit down next to him and remain silent until Ms. Davis begins her lecture on natural selection.

"Hey, you're Addie right?" The guy next to me whispers as the teacher talks about Darwin's theory.

"Yeah." I reply quietly.

"I'm Max, I guess I'm your lab partner." He smiles. I nod my head and continue to listen, even though I already know everything Ms. Davis is teaching us.

"So America?"

"Yep, Wisconsin." I answer. It's weird how everyone is so infatuated with my accent, when I'm still not used to theirs.

"Cool." He smiles. I must say, he is pretty attractive too.

I don't know why I've all of a sudden had an eye for guys here, back at my old school I was all books and studying. The only date I've ever been on was at a coffee shop with Mike Nelson sophomore year, and we were studying trigonometry for a final we had the next day... How romantic.

Class is over quickly and I'm thankful, it was getting really boring.

"So how are you liking Holmes Chapel? Fun, huh?" Max jokes and actually walks with me to my statistics class.

"So far, so good," I smile. "I kind of miss my old house though. And my friends." Yeah, all two of them, my conscience reminds me.

"I think you'll like it here, and I'm sure you'll easily make more friends."

"Thanks. Well it was nice meeting you." I wave and enter the class.

Ugh, I forgot I sit next to Harry. It's so hard to focus with him sitting there because I don't want to act stupid around him. Since when do I care about what guys think of me?

I sit down and pull out my binder and notebook, waiting for the teacher to start class. Just as the bell rings, Harry runs into the room and sits down next to me, flashing a cheeky grin before running his hands through his hair.

Stop staring, Addie.

"Alright, we are going to learn about correlation..." Mr. Turner begins and I promptly begin writing notes.

"Are you really taking notes?" Harry whispers.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" I question him... Am I not supposed to be?

"That's lame..." A lazy grin forms on his face.

I shake my head and continue writing down the formulas Mr. Turner is writing on the board as Harry sits back in his chair, looking bored as hell.

"So you and Max?" He whispers a few minutes later.


"I saw you walking with Max, you two dating?"

"No! I just met him today."

"Yeah I was going to say, he's a little weird." He chuckles.

I ignore his rude comment and continue to focus on the teacher. I liked Max, he was very kind.

The day goes by quickly and I manage to stay under the radar of everyone around me. I mean, it's nice not being made fun of, but it would be nice to have a few friends. In time, I promise myself.

As soon as I get home, I rummage through the cabinets to find something to eat. I'm famished. It's probably because I forgot to make a lunch before I left this morning and the lunches they provide at school are disgusting.

"Addie, don't eat too much, we have guest coming over soon for dinner." I'm interrupted by my mother.

"Oh right." I remember and grab a banana from the bowl of fruit sitting on the counter.

"Why don't you help me with the salad."

After helping prepare supper, there's a knock at the door. I would much rather go do homework than sit through this dinner with Anne. As complete opposites as we are, this meal would be much more interesting if Harry was here, but of course he's busy.

"Addie, will you take the pan of lasagna out of the oven? I'll get the door." My mom asks me.

"Nice to see you again Anne, thanks for coming!" I can hear my mother's fake enthusiasm as she greets out guest. "And you must be Harry, I'm Margaret Walker."

Wait, he actually came?

"Hey Adelaide." I'm spooked when Harry's now familiar deep voice acknowledges me in the kitchen.

"Oh, hey Harry.. I thought you weren't coming?" I set the pan on the counter and run my fingers through my hair, hoping I don't look too bad.

"Uh yeah, my mum made me." He leans up against the counter.

I nod my head and see that the lasagna still isn't the finished so I put it back in the oven to cook a bit longer.

"Hello Addie!" Anne smiles towards me as she and my mother re-enter the kitchen.

"Hello." I politely reply. "Mom, the lasagna wasn't ready, so I put it back in." I turn towards her.

"Darn, I thought it would be ready..." She strokes her chin in thought. "Well why don't you go show Harry around the house!"

Uh no.

"Sure..." I reluctantly agree and walk out of the kitchen with Harry right behind me.

"So this is the living room, there's a bathroom over there..." I point out the various rooms awkwardly and start to go upstairs.

"My parents room, another bathroom, guest bedroom and my room." I step inside my ocean blue room as Harry intently listens to my lame tour.

"I like it." He grins. "It's cute."

"Uh, thanks. We should probably go eat now." I begin to leave my room, but his hand tugs my arm back and prevents me from going.

"What are you doing?" My voice is full of fright, confusion, and harshness.

"I like the dress." He bites his lip and looks down at my dress I'm wearing. I'm pulled closer to him, and even though I'm screaming in my mind, I can't move or say anything, I just let him pull me closer.

Before words can form in my mouth, he prevents me from speaking by pressing his lips against mine. Finally my body starts to react and I press my palms against his chest, pushing my hardest to get him to back away.

"Harry.." I'm out of breath.

"Come on baby." He grins and it gives me a cold shiver down my spine. Why is he doing this?

"Harry.. I thought you had a girlfriend?" My breath hitches in my throat when I get a good look at the darkness in his eyes.

"Why did you think that?" He laughs once like it was a stupid question.

"B-Because I saw you kissing that girl.. And you said you were hanging out with her tonight?" I almost whisper, my voice is barely audible.

"I don't do girlfriends, Adelaide."

"Oh..." I pull out of his grip. "Why did you.. Do that?"

"Because you took me to your bedroom?"


"And you're hot." He shrugs.

"I was just giving you a tour..." I blush unintentionally. I didn't mean to give him the wrong impression.

"Well now that we're here..." His eyebrows move up and down as he walks back over to me.

"Harry... I don't do this." I use his words against him.

"You don't what? You don't kiss guys?" He looks genuinely confused.

"No! No I mean, I don't just hook up with guys..." I'm now embarrassed.

"That's okay." He grins and takes yet another step closer to me, so close that I can smell his light cologne and feel his hot breath against my face.

"Addie, Harry! Dinner's ready!" Thank The Lord! I close my eyes in relief when I hear my mom's voice from downstairs.

Without saying a word, Harry backs away and exits my room, leaving me confused, yet slightly giddy. What the hell just happened? I've never been kissed like that before... Not even with my one boyfriend I had. It was so.. Hot. That was so weird though! Harry's attracted to me?

I shake my head to clear the thoughts and regain my composure to join the rest for dinner downstairs.

My mom, dad, Anne, and Harry are all seated at the table, and I take the only seat open next to Harry.

"So Addie, how are you liking the school?" Anne asks me as I put some salad onto my plate.

"I like it. Not too bad, yet." I smile.

"Have you met Harry's friends? I'm sure they would love you!" She asks.

"Yeah she has." Harry answers for me.

"Briefly. But they do seem nice."

"Harry, you should invite Addie to one of your little parties!" Anne suggests. Yeah, that's probably not a good idea.

"Maybe." I know he thinks exactly what I do, but thankfully he won't admit it and embarrass me further.

Dinner proceeds with much less embarrassment and I'm grateful that it ends as soon as it does. Anne thanks my parents numerous times for dinner as she and Harry are about to leave around eight.

"Hey, did you get the stats homework? I'm stuck on problem 14." Harry turns towards me right as they're about to go.

"Um yeah, I can how you if you want?"

"That'd be great." He smiles. "I'll be right home mum." He looks towards Anne and she agrees before thanking us once again and leaves.

"Well you two work on your studying, I'm going to go clean up dinner. Stay as long as you need Harry." My mom smiles at the two of us. Oh mom, please don't offer that to him.

"Thank you Mrs. Walker." Harry thanks her politely, and I can't help but furrow my eyebrows at his change in behavior. "Shall we?" He signals towards the stairs and I reluctantly lead him back to my room... Where he kissed me just an hour ago.

As soon as I get into the bedroom, I walk over to my desk and open the statistics textbook to the page our homework is on to review the problem Harry said he was stuck on.

"Okay, you have to find the correlation so you can determine the association of your scatter plot..." I look up from the book and he's completely oblivious to me as he ganders at all of the pictures on my wall.

"Who's she?"

"My cousin." I roll my eyes. "So you have to find the mean and standard deviation-"

"What's her name?" He interrupts yet again.

"Grace. Did you really need help?" I snap referring to the homework.

"Yeah I do." He looks up at me. I think he's walking over to look at the book with me, but he pulls me up by taking my hands in his, so I'm now standing in front of him.

"But not with math." He grins and takes my small hand into his larger one. He leads it to his shoulder and sets it there, then he takes his other hand to grab my free one.

I have no idea what he's doing, but yet again, I can't seem to object. It's like I'm hypnotized under his gaze, and I can't do anything in the situation but let him control me.

His eyes are intense as he guides my hand with his down to his stomach, forcing me to glide my fingers across the fabric of his shirt as he grazes it lower and lower.


"I need help with this." He stops my hand with his over mine at the front of his jeans where the zipper is. "Can you help me with this, Adelaide?" He breath hits my ear before he sucks on the sensitive skin behind it, pressing my hands against the bulge under his dark jeans.

My breathing increases and I feel like it's gotten ten times hotter in my small room as he continues to nip and suck at the skin on my neck. My eyes flutter shut with his sensual assault, as good as it may feel.

"Harry, I can't." I murmur, removing my hand from his grip over his jeans.

"Yes you can." He breathes against my neck.

"Please stop." I almost whine.

"Touch me, Adelaide." He demands and forces my hand back to his groin, making me palm him through his pants again.

"Harry." My strength surprises me when I step back and remove myself from him.

My face turns bright red when he looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Alright then... I'm gonna go." He announces and picks his jacket up from where he dropped it on the bed.

"You don't need help?" I ask confused.

"No I don't." He laughs and with that; he's gone. Like nothing happened.

I walk over to my bed and sit down on the edge, resting my elbows on my knees. What the hell just happened? First he kissed me and then... I felt him... There? I've never touched a guy like that before. Why did I let him do that! Why does he affect me so much? Yeah, he's attractive, but he's so rude, and definitely not someone I'd associate with.

That was so weird, I've known him for three days. Three days! Why did he kiss me, and why the hell did he want me to touch him!

"Touch me, Adelaide."

I shake my head trying to get rid of his voice in my head. He was so forceful... But it was so... Attractive? Stop it, Adelaide, he's a jerk and you know it. All he wants is to get in your pants.

It takes me hours to fall asleep after getting ready for bed as thoughts of the curly headed boy fail to leave my mind. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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