Too Much

Just when she thought she had her life all figured out, Addie Walker's plans are drastically altered when her father gets a new job in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, and her family must move.

-Rated R for sexual scenes-

Don't think about it too much,
there's no need for us to rush through this
Don't think about it too much,
this is more than just a new lust for you.

~This isn't my story it belongs to HazzaGirl! It's a really good story! Hope you guys like it! :)


2. Chapter 2

Addie's P.O.V.

"Shit." I mutter and quickly get out of bed. I'm still not used to the time difference, so I think I'm late for school, when really it's only five in the morning here.

There is way too much on my mind for me to fall back asleep, so I decide to just get ready for my first day of school. It's probably in my best interest to look at least half way decent today so I don't embarrass myself. Those girls that Louis sort of introduced me to last night were gorgeous.

I quickly shower and leave my hair wrapped up in a towel as I get dressed. I choose a pair of blue jeans and one of my favorite sweaters. Once my hair is dry, I curl a few strands and apply some light makeup. Now, I've never been one of those girls who genuinely cares about her appearance, but I do force myself to at least try. I always tell myself, "look good, feel good." Well, no I don't, but I heard that saying once, and I guess it just kind of stuck in my mind.

Amidst all of the boxes scattered throughout my new room, my backpack is hidden. I still haven't had the time to completely organize everything, so it's still a mess in here. It makes me go crazy, but as soon as I have some free time, I'll work on it.

"Found ya." I smiled to myself when I see the purple two-strapped bag amongst my other purses and satchels. I really should've had this done last night, but I was much too tired.

I throw in two notebooks, a few folders and a pack of pencils into the backpack and head downstairs. I can not last a whole day of school without breakfast, let alone lunch time.

"Good morning, Addie." I see my father reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. Now our new house is really starting to feel like home.

"Morning dad." I smile before grabbing an apple and pouring myself a bowl of Cheerios.

"Are you nervous for your first day?"

"A little, but not too bad." I answer honestly.

"You'll do great, kiddo. Do you want me to give you a ride? Your mom went job hunting, but I don't start work until tomorrow, so I can take you."

"Yes, please." I take a bite out of the red apple and hum in appreciation of the ripeness.

"Well we should probably get going, you need to pick up your schedule. Are you ready?" He folds the newspaper back up and finished the liquid left in his mug.

"Yep." Taking my bag, I follow my dad to the car.

Just as we pull out of the driveway, I see Harry and Louis, I think, getting into a car. They must be going to school as well.

It only takes a little more than five minutes to get to the school, which isn't so big. There's a lot of teenagers outside of it though, and it's a bit intimidating.

"Alright, have a good day. Call me at the end of the day and I'll come pick you up." My dad parks out front and turns to face me.

"Thanks, dad. Love you." I lean over the center console of the car to give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I love you, Addie Marie. You'll do great." He smiles and I get out.

I take a cliche deep breath before I begin walking up to the school, trying not to do anything stupid as I go. I take careful steps to ensure I don't trip up the stairs and attempt to navigate towards the main office to find out where my classes will be.

"Excuse me, can you-" I tap the shoulder of a girl standing outside the front doors. She looks at me disgusted and ignores me.

Okay then... I was only going to ask her for directions, damn.

I make my way through the crowd of people when I see the one person I actually recognize, Louis.

"Louis!" I walk up to him before I see the rest of his friends standing nearby. They all look at me like they haven't seen me before.

"It's me, Addie... You're new neighbor?" I answer his questioning expression.

"Oh right, you go here?"

"Um yeah, can you just tell me where the office is? I have no idea where anything is-" I try to explain before I'm distracted by one of the girls laughing. I look up to see Harry's arm snaked around her waist. Great, I probably sound like a frantic loser.

"Just down the hall." He points and smiles politely.

"Thanks, sorry..." I feel like I need to apologize for interrupting their little pow wow.

I back away from them and follow his directions to the door with the word 'office' written above it. Oh.

I collect my schedule and one of the secretaries offers to show me to my first class. I gratefully accept and she walks me downstairs to my biology class. I've already taken a biology course, but it's required for me to take it here, so it should be an easy A.

I'm the first one in the classroom, I even make it in before the teacher. I take a seat at a desk near the back and patiently wait for the room to slowly fill up with other students.

"Hello class, I'm Ms. Davis, your biology teacher." A nice young woman greets us finally. I'm still not used to the accents, and can't help but smile at her sweet voice. I feel so out of place.

"I'm going to pass out textbooks, but in the mean time, please find someone you wish to be lab partners with." She states.

Everyone stands up to move around and find a lab partner while she hands out large books to each of us. I have no idea who anyone in this class is, and everybody seems to be taken, so I just remain seated by myself.

After we all get a book, we read through the first chapter out loud, and before I know it, the bell is ringing. I collect my things and walk to the door. I'm last out because my desk is furthest away from the exit.

"Ms. Walker?" The teacher stops me when everyone else has left.

"Yes?" I answer nervously and turn around to face her.

"I see you didn't find a lab partner. I understand if you wish to work alone, but we will be doing a lot of projects this year, and I think it will be beneficial to have someone to work with."

"Um, I don't really know anyone here." I flush with embarrassment.

"Well we have one student that didn't show up today, how about I pair you with them and you can at least test it out?" She offers and I nod before thanking her and leaving.

My next class is statistics and I actually make it there on time, on my own. I'm proud of myself for finding my way over to the mathematics wing of the school.

I sit down at one of the few empty desks and wait patiently as the teacher calls out the attendance roll.

"Harry Styles." The teacher calls and I look around the room too see if it's my neighbor Harry.

"Here." A deep male voice answers and I see that it is my neighbor. He's only sitting two desks from me.

"Adelaide Walker." He finally calls my name last.

"Here." I raise my hand and he nods at me.

"Well everyone seems to be here, so let's get going. I'm Mr. Tuner, and this is statistics..." I try to focus on his introduction, but I'm distracted by the commotion going on next to me.

"Move it." Someone whispers harshly and the kid in the seat next to me abruptly stands up before I see Harry take his spot.

"I thought your name was Addie?" Harry whispers to me.

"Yeah, it's short for Adelaide." I whisper back and try to keep my attention on Mr. Turner.

"Well I quite like the name Adelaide." He smirks.

I blush involuntarily and keep my eyes up front.

"So Wisconsin right? Why'd you move here?" He asks.

"Um my dad got a job here."

"Mr. Styles and Ms. Walker, let's pay attention, it's only our first day." The teacher snaps at us.

Shit, I'm never in trouble.

I write down what Mr. Turner is putting on the board and try to ignore Harry. I can see him staring at me from the corner of my eye, but I can't be distracted.

We make it through class without any more disruptions and I pack up to leave.

"So you moved all the way here for your father?" Harry asks, and for a second time I have no idea how he knows why we moved before remembering I told him just minutes ago in class.

"Yep." I nod and walk out into the crowded hallway. He follows me out and I wait for him to say something, but he just continues to walk a step behind me.

"Well Adelaide, I'll see you around." He winks and jogs over to that brunette girl he was holding onto this morning.

I make it through my day with few problems, except for the fact that I also have gym and French with Harry. I don't really know why, but I feel like he's trouble. He's probably the most attractive guy I've seen here, but I've also seen him 'talking,' if you will, to at least three different girls throughout the day. He's probably one of those douche bags who's full of himself.

I call my dad and he promptly picks me up as the school day finishes. I'm exhausted, but I just want to get to my room to complete the little homework I have and finish unpacking.

"There you two are!" My mother greets my dad and I when we get home with a big smile... What's gotten into her?

"Hi mom?" I look at her like she's crazy.

"How was your first day sweetie?" She asks and grabs my backpack from me.

"Uh, it was okay..." I reluctantly answer. I walk into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and see some random lady sitting at our table.

"Charlie, Addie, this is Anne, our new neighbor!" My mom introduces my dad and I to the woman who is smiling. So that's why my mom is acting strange.

"Hello, Charlie Walker." Dad walks over to her and shakes her hand.

"Anne Styles." She smiles. Oh, so like Harry's mom?

"Hi, I'm Addie." I wave.

"Oh you're beautiful! I can't get enough of your accents." She beams and looks at us all. I don't have an accent, she does!

"Thanks." I half smile.

"So your mum says you're seventeen? I have a son your age, Harry." She smiles.

"Yeah, we've met. I actually have a few classes with him." I reply and sit down next to my mother at the table. My dad has left a few minutes ago to work or something.

"That's wonderful! Well hopefully he isn't too mean to you." I hope she's joking, and to my relief, she laughs.

"We would love to have you and your husband and Harry over for dinner one night!" My mom offers. Oh, this is a little awkward. I don't see myself being friends with Harry. He's the type of guy that made fun of me at my old school. Why can't she invite Louis's family over? I see myself being more like him.

"Oh, it's actually just Harry and I... But we would love to." Anne corrects my mother. Double awkward.

"I apologize," my mom laughs uneasily. "Well how about tomorrow night? I can make my famous lasagna."

Yeah mom, it's not famous. It's not even that good.

"Great, thank you!" Anne accepts.

"It'll be nice to know some people here." My mother states and looks at me.

"It was nice meeting you, but I have to get some homework done." I turn towards Anne and smile.

"Yes, nice to meet you too, Addie. I'll see you tomorrow."

I walk upstairs as my mom and Anne continue to talk.

I can still hear the two woman talking after an hour. I finished my homework and I've just started to unpack again. It only takes me another hour to complete my room.

I feel much better now that everything is put away and organized, and all of those damn cardboard boxes are out of my room.

Reflecting on my first day at school here, it wasn't too bad. I didn't really make any friends, but I promise myself I will try to become more sociable when I get more comfortable.

It's only six in the evening, but I feel bored out of my mind. If I was back home, I'd go hang out at my cousin's house or something, but she's not here. I have no one here. I guess calling her will have to do.

"Addie! Tell me everything! Are the boys there hot?" My cousin answers after only one ring.

"Hey Grace!" I reply. I feel much less homesick upon hearing her voice. "It's been okay, still not used to living here. And I don't know, I haven't really noticed the guys."

"Of course you haven't, you've probably done all of your homework that's not even assigned yet." She laughs. "I guess I'll just have to check it out when I visit."

"Yeah, I guess you will." I roll my eyes. She's boy crazy, that's for sure.

"So have you made any new friends?"

"Not yet... But it was only the first day of school today!" I defend myself.

"I'm sure you'll make some, okay I have to get back to class, but I love you Adds! And I miss you, call me later." She says quickly and hangs up. I forgot it's six hours ahead there, so she's probably still at school.

I sigh and fall back onto my bed. I really miss Grace... Even though she's my cousin, she's also my best friend. We're complete opposites, but it works. We've always been so close, and I feel that now, since I've moved, we may drift apart. Honestly she was one of my only friends, and it's just starting to hit me that I'm going to have to make new ones.

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