All my poems.

*This material belongs to Asia Rowe. Do not copy nor publish this story. This story has been published and edited by Asia Rowe. ©Copyright of 2014. All rights reserved.*


8. Mean Girls


They sashay with their head held high

Lipstick on

Skirts touching their thighs 

Smirks plastered on their face

Laughing at the girl with the medal brace.

Causing the cuts on her wrist.

Hurting her with their fists.

Haunting her mind with their words.

Slaying her with their swords.

Because they are mean girls.

They push her on the ground.

They cause her smile to turn to a frown.

Yet they don't even notice her in the crowd.

She wants to be heard ...

But they won't let her speak .

Because they are mean girls.

She wants to be noticed.

But she just hides in their shadows.

Because they are mean girls.

She wants to be perfect ... Like them.

But she can't .

Because shes broken, cut up, and dying on the inside... From them..

Because they are mean girls .

She had come to her end. 

Tired of trying ,and sick of crying. 

She lashes out and hurts them . 

But at the end she gets the blame .

Because they are mean girls.

She goes home and cries . 

Now she  wishes to die .

Her mother knows of nothing.

Her father isn't even there.

She cries to her pillow and hopes some one will care. 

She goes to her friend : THE RAZOR.

But she cuts too deep.

She lies on her floor and falls into an endless sleep.

But they don't care. 

Because they don't see all the cuts that put her there.

They laugh it off and pick their next victim.

Because they are mean girls...


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