All my poems.

*This material belongs to Asia Rowe. Do not copy nor publish this story. This story has been published and edited by Asia Rowe. ©Copyright of 2014. All rights reserved.*


3. Hear My Cries

Hear me laugh.

Hear me cry.

See my tears.

But don't ask why.

I dream of a dream...of another place.

Away from you.

Away from hate.

The scars fade away, but the pain stays.

I close my eyes and pray to die.

I know suicide is never the answer.

But right now it's my only solution.

I bring the razor to my skin.

God forgive me for my sins.

Because what I'm about to do is end my life.

Mom tell sister I said bye.

Tell daddy I said I love you.

Tell grandma I said not to cry.

Please mom forgive me.

I know I've been nothing but sorry lately.

But I wish you were here.

To hold me in your arms while I die.

To tell me it'll be okay and not to cry.

So these are my final moments and  so unprepared,

But Ill make it quick.

I'm sorry, I know I promised I'll try.

But now mom, I want to die.

Im sorry mom, I love you but this is goodbye.

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