Vocaloids Review√

You, yeah, you. I know you like vocaloids. I know you do. If you don't know what to listen this week, come here and choose one~


1. Before we start...

Hi~ I am Ender!

Welcome to The Vocaloids Review, or the full name which is "The Vocaloids Review which is definitely not copying The Anime Review by Lolly Sisters√"

 _(┐「ε:)_ Yeah, I bet you know what I meant.

Definitely, yeah.




Eh, fine then, yeah. 

You won't really come here if you haven't fanned Lolly Sisters and River_Summer. Lol.

Oh, you didn't? GO FAN THEM NOW√

Well we haven't get to the point yet. So, here is the question you probably have since you see this movella.


Well. Vocaloids are basically songs sing by robots.

It is not a anime, obviously. Because if it is it will definitely go in Lolly Sisters' Anime Review.(advertising again

Vocaloids are programs that allows you to make songs and generates (robot) human voice.

*Only in Japanese, unfortunately. Because there are only a certain amount of  pronunciation 

*Actually I think there are English versions.(you

Yeah, you probably understand what vocaloids now, right~! *laughing crazily* 

Eh, or not.

What is GOOGLE for, dude? Search it up!(←_←


But anyway, the vocaloid songs on the list are only my own opinion, so.


(If you listen to the music before Exam/test/speeches and they stuck in your mind which cause you fail, IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THEM OUT. I do not now how to get rid of them. I have this problem too, if you want to know.)

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