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6. For Ray Ray

This chapter is rated R. Read on your own will. I warned you. 


It was your summer vacation. Your mom signed you up for volunteer work at a public library. You begged her not too, but she insisted it will be fun. Yeah, fun at a library. You walked into the  dull library coughing from all of the dust.

"Eww. Hasn't anyone tried to clean this place?" You complained rubbing dirt between your fingers. 

"That's why your here." Said a deep Irish voice. You turned around to see a tall boy smirking at you. He looked around 20 years old. He had blonde hair with brown highlights styled into a quiff. He was very attractive. 

"Um and who are you?" You asked quite rudely. He just chuckled.

"I'm Niall, I work here." He said sticking his hand out. You didn't shake it, instead you just walked away. You heard Niall scoff and follow behind you. 

"Listen here little girl, I don't know what your problem is but you don't need to give me attitude." He said grabbing your arm. You turned to look at him. He was cuter up close. 

"Excuse me? What do you mean 'little girl'?" You asked releasing yourself from his grip. 

"I mean 'little girl'. How old are you like twelve?" Niall asked pushing past you. You stumbled but collected yourself.

"No I'm seventeen." You shot back. 

"So? I bet you think your grown huh?" Niall said slapping your butt and walking away. 

"Don't touch me you creep! And I am grown." You stated proudly. 

"Oh really? Grown people have jobs and lives. What do you do for a living?" Niall tested you.

"I'm a belly dancer." You said. 

"Yeah, more like a stripper." Niall mumbled. 

"What is your problem?" You asked. Niall faced you. His stone cold blue eyes burning holes in you. He walked closer to you from behind the counter. 

"Your my problem." He said through clenched teeth."Little girls like you that think they are grown are my problem. You get everything handed to you while others have nothing. But you are selfish and only care for yourself. Your a bitch." He finished.

You felt the tears starting to build up. You pushed past Niall and ran out of the library. 

"I don't need this right now." You said wiping your tears.



You looked in your mirror getting ready for tonight's performance. You didn't lie when you told Niall you were a belly dancer. You looked really nice tonight. You had your blonde and pink hair curled and pinned up. Your outfit was pink and your make up was done to perfection. 

You stepped out of the curtain and onto the stage. It was packed tonight. You spotted some of the regulars and some new faces. But your eyes stopped on one person. You recognized those icy blue eyes and angelic face. It was Niall. His icy eyes met yours. He looked angry, almost hurt. 

The music started playing indicating it was time for you to perform. You started dancing to the rhythm. Swaying and rolling your body side to side. You felt amazing. But you couldn't shake Niall's icy stare. It sent scary chills down your spine. The music music came to a halt and everyone started clapping and smiling. Some people even threw flowers one the stage. Everyone except Niall. He just stood up and exited the place. This hurt you a little. You bowed and made your way back to your dressing room. 

As you were getting undressed you heard a knock on the door. 

"Come in!" You said thinking it was one of the other performers. You were only in your bra and panties. You heard the door click indicating it was locked. You turned around to see a very angry Niall. Fear struck throughout your body. You tried to run but he grabbed you by your hair pulling you back. 

"Please don't hurt me." You cried. Niall moved a strand of hair from your face. He picked you up and placed you on top of the counter. 

"What are you doing here little girl?" Niall asked staring into your eyes. You ignored his question. 

"Please, just leave." You begged trying to push him away. He chuckled at your attempt and grabbed your wrists. He pulled both of your arms over your head and started to unbuckle his pants. 

"No no no stop please." You started to cry. 

"This is not a place for little girls." He whispered in your ear seductively. In all honesty it turned you on. Niall then roughly attached his lips to yours. You didn't want to kiss back but he pinched  your butt causing you to open your mouth. He pulled away from the kiss and pulled his trousers down along with his boxers. He was already hard. 

Niall placed a kiss on your jawline. Then down to your neck. And stopping at your breasts. You gasped hoping he wouldn't stop. Niall trailed his cold fingers up your legs. Then your thighs and stopping at your panties. 

"You wanna act like a woman, so I'm gonna treat you like one." He said before ripping off your panties. You cried out as you felt Niall push himself into you. He was at least nine inches. 

Niall started pushing deeper into you.You werent a virgin but, It hurt a lot.

The pain quickly turnt into pleasure as he was moving his hips at a steady fast pace. You couldn't control your moans. As Niall started thrusting even faster you felt your climax start to kick in. You buckled your hips and threw your head back. He honestly knew what he was doing. 

Your climax was at its full peak right now and Niall knew it. He was pushing even deeper into you and his thrusts were faster. You could tell he was going to last much longer. 

"Fuck Niall." You cried out as you came. He was in full speed trying to reach his climax too. 

"Fuck. Your so beautiful." Niall said taking deep breaths as he pulled out. He came inside you. 

Niall placed a kiss on your cheek as he pulled up his pants. You started getting dressed also. 

"Babe Ill be in the car." Niall said before pecking you on the lips. Babe? You definitely liked the sound of that.  





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