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3. For India <3

This chapter is rated R. Read on your own will. I warned you. 


 "Oh my god! He was totally checking you out!" Yelled your best friend. You two were at the mall walking when a really cute guy passed by. 

"I doubt it." You said simply. "Plus, he's probably gay. Did you see how tight his jeans were?" You knew he was checking you out, but you didn't want your best friend to keep bothering you about it. You were still trying to get over your ex, Harry. You guys dated for over a year and he dumped you for a bimbo. And to make matters worse your best friend kept bringing it up. 

"Your only saying that because your still fucked over Harry. I mean, yeah he's hot but you could do so much better. Like that guy that just passed by was way cuter." She said. You just rolled your eyes. You were in no mood to talk about Harry or listen to her bull. You knew she was trying to make you feel better, but it just wasn't working. 

 You guys entered a Hollister store. You went to look at some jeans while your friend checked out some jumpers. As you were looking through the clothes you heard that familiar husky voice that you loved. You turned around to see an all too familiar face. Harry's face. You recognized his emerald eyes sparkling whenever he was happy. You recognized his beautiful smile that was accompanied by his deep dimples. You recognized his beautiful brown curls hidden under a green beanie. You recognized every little thing about him that you loved. You also recognized how he looked when he was happy, and he looked happy. 

He was happy, while you were heartbroken. You felt the tears start to build up. Not because he was happy and you were hurt, but because he was happy with someone else. Your hazel eyes scanned the girl he had his arms around. She was beautiful, compared to you. She had long bleach blonde hair with pretty green eyes. She was tall and curvy. She held a nice smile on her face, similar to Harry's. They were together. 

You felt a tear leave your eye. You couldn't stay there any longer. You had to leave. The sight of them two together was too painful. You clutched your purse and tried to sneak out of the store. You forgot all about your friend. 

"India? Where are you going?" Your friend yelled rather loudly. You turned around and your eyes met Harry's. He looked like he's seen a ghost. The girl with him looked at him. She was asking if he knew you, but he was just staring at you. 

"Well Harry! Do you know me?" You said loud enough for him to hear. He parted his lips, but no words came out. He was speechless. You shook your head and looked down as the tears started leaving your eyes freely. 

"I didn't think so." You whispered to yourself and ran out of the store.


You were in your bed eating ice cream and watching 'The Notebook'. 

"He's lying! He never loved you! He slept with another girl while you were away!" You yelled at the movie turning it off. "Stupid movie." You mumbled getting out of bed. You walked into your kitchen to get some more ice cream when the doorbell rang. 

"I'm coming!" You yelled making it to your front door. You opened the door to reveal a very stressed out Harry. His eyes were red and his hair looked like he ran his fingers through it a million times. 

"India." He breathed out stepping inside your appartment. He closed the door behind him and stood in front of you. 

"W-what are y-you doing here?" You stuttered. He bit his bottom lip and placed his large hand on your curvy waist. He lowered his head so your foreheads were touching. 

"I missed you." He said. You didn't waist any time. You attached your lips to his. He roughly kissed you back squeezing your ass in the process. He broke the kiss and took hold of both of your legs slinging you over his shoulders. 

"Harry!" You shrieked. He knew how much you hated when he did this. 

Harry threw you onto the bed. You sat up on your elbows and bit your bottom lip at the sight of your prince. Harry lifted his shirt over his head revealing his tattoos and muscles. He then unbuttoned his jeans and slipped out of them. You felt you core start to get hot and wet. You wanted him now. You lifted you shirt over you head and tossed it on the floor. Harry chuckled at your Spider-Man shorts. 

Harry got on the bed and slowly pulled your shorts down revealing your pink lace panties. He bit his lip and a moan escaped your lips. Then he yanked your panties down causing you to whimper. 

"Let me show you how much Ive missed you." He said. His once pretty green eyes were now full of lust. 

He roughly attacked your neck with kisses and trailed down to your stomach. He placed a kiss right on your core causing you to gasp. He brought his lips back to yours and kissed you softly. As you kissed back you felt his hard member push into you. All you could do was say 'Oh'. He was bigger than you remember. Harry spreaded your legs wider and started thrusting harder into you. 

"Fuck!" You moaned loudly. Harry started thrusting harder into you and whispering sweet nothing's into your ear. You could feel your walls closing on his length. You were coming closer to your climax, and he knew it. 

His thrusts were slowing down and getting sloppier. But that didn't stop your high. You cried out as he pushed deeper into you hitting your g-spot. 

"Come with me baby." Harry encouraged you. This only turned you on more. 

"Harry!" You moaned as you came. He came right after you. 

"Fuck." He breathed pulling out. He laid down beside you catching his breath. 

"Best. Sex. Ever." Harry said. You giggled turning toward him. 

"Now what?" You asked as he turned to you. He placed a kiss on your temple and smiled at you. 

"I was hoping for round two." Harry said smirking. You laughed at how bad he wanted you.

"But" he continued. "I'd rather just cuddle with the girl I love." He finished pulling you closer to him. 

"I love you too, Harry." You whispered closing your eyes. 





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