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4. For Emilia

You sat in your Math class dreading every moment. The only good thing about school was seeing your crush, Harry. Finally the lunch bell rang. You quickly grabbed your books and  started walking out the door. All of a sudden you felt someone push you. You fell face first on the hard floor. You looked up to see the one and only Kendall. You hated Kendall and everything about her. She hated you because you had a thing for Harry. She was very pretty, you had to admit. She had straight long brown hair with brown eyes and a curvaceous body. As to you who had curly brown hair with dull green eyes and was very short. You envied her in a lot if ways. 

"Oops someone fell." She mocked you. 

"Wow thanks Kendall." You said sarcastically. She scrunched up her nose and stepped over you walking away with her clique. 

You started picking up your books when two large hands picked them up for you. You looked up to see who it was. You recognized those bold green eyes and warm smile. Harry. 

"Here, let me help you." Harry said. His deep British accent left chills down your spine. 

"Um thanks." You mumbled looking away from his gorgeous face. You stood up and dusted yourself off. You looked back at Harry to see him checking you out. You had to admit, he looked good. He had on a plaid button up shirt that revealed some of his chest, with black skinny jeans and white converses. 

"Ahem." Harry faked coughed. You were caught staring. 

"Oh. Umm... Sorry." You apologized. Harry chuckled and stook his hand out. 

"I'm Harry." He said smiling. 

"I know." You blurted out."Oh I mean I know you. Wait, I don't know you I just know your name. Well I kinda know you cause I watch you a lot. Wait! I mean I don't watch you, I'm not a creep or anything." You rambled on. Harry just laughed. Oh my god! He's cuter up close. 

"Well here's your books. It was nice talking to you stranger." Harry said handing you your books. 

"Oh um thanks!" You said. But it was too late his was already gone. 

Shit. You embarrassed yourself in front of your crush. You mentally face palmed yourself and made your way to your favorite lunch spot.


You were sitting on the football field eating your turkey sandwich. You liked being alone during lunch. Letting the wind blow in your hair while you enjoy the peace and quiet is the best. 

"Hey stranger." A husky voice said. You jumped and looked up to see a smirking Harry. 

"Oh it's just you." You said plainly. 

"Ouch." Harry said chuckling. 

"What?" You asked looking at him. He was already looking at you. 

"Well, I guessed you'd  be more nicer to your crush." Harry said biting his lip. 

"What? You? My crush? No I don't see it." You joked. Harry's faced turned serious.  

"You know what I think?" Harry asked. 

"No..?" You answer confused. 

"I think you have a thing for me." He said smugly. 

"And if I did." You said biting your bottom lip. He smiled at you showing his deep dimples. 

"If you did, I might have a thing for you too." He said looking away. Your mouth hung open. 

"What?" You asked. 

"I've been watching you. A lot. And I might have a thing for you." He said more serious this time. 

"Oh. Well I definitely have a thing for you." You admitted looking down. Harry lifted your chin so your eyes were meeting his. His eyes flicked from your eyes to your lips. He slowly leaned in and your lips brushed against his. You leaned in connecting your lips. Harry kissed you passionately and you kissed back. You felt instant fireworks. His soft lips on yours was pure perfection. Harry pulled away and embraced you in a hug. But instead of hugging you  he pushed you down so he was on top  of you. You giggled at his cuteness. 

"Harry!" You whined. 

"Yes Emilia." Harry said resting himself in between your legs. 

"You know my name?" You asked confused.

"Like I said before: I might have a thing for you." Harry said leaning in to reattach your lips. 



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