The 5 Months

Two Best Friends Who Fall In Love..


1. The Meeting

This is a story about 2 people that were in love.. or so they thought.


Olivia: So.. You ready for the dance?

Meaghan: As ready as ever.

Olivia: Okay.. Lets go.

The 2 girls leave to go to the school dance.

Meaghan: Oh my gosh.. Look who's here!

Olivia: Prep boys.. Oh my gosh.. What are they doing here?

Meaghan: I don't know.. But theres Keonna.

Olivia: Hey Keonna!

Keonna: Hey.. Ready to go in?

Meaghan: You guys go, Im waiting for someone.

Olivia: Okay.. See you later

Olivia and Keonna walk into the school.

Keonna: Oh my gosh.. There he is!

Keonna pushes Olivia over to the wall.

Olivia: Hey what was that for? There is who?

Keonna: I don't want him to see me like this..

Olivia: Who?!

Keonna: Brandon! Ive liked him for like ever!

Olivia: The one with the Justin Bieber hair..?

Keonna: Yeahhh! Omg hes so cute! Ive liked him for awhile now.. I wonder if he likes me.

Olivia: Hehe.. Ill go tell him!

Keonna: Ugh. Fine.

Olivia: Really?! I can?

Keonna: Yeah.. Just don't tell him I told you to.

Olivia walks over to the group of boys.

Olivia: Hey.. Are you Brandon?

Brandon: Yeah. Whats up?

Olivia: Um. This maybe weird but my friend Keonna.. Kinda.. Um.. Really likes you.

Brandon: Oh.. Well.. Shes really cool but I kinda like someone else.. Please don't tell her.. Not now at least.

Olivia: Oh okay.. Gotcha.

Brandon: Thanks.

Olivia walks back to Keonna

Keonna: What did he say?

Olivia: He said.. Youre really cool butttt.. He likes someone else.

Keonna: Of course. Preps date preps.

Olivia: Hes just a boy.. Why don't we hang out with them?

Keonna: Okay lets go!

They walk over to the group.

Keonna: Hey Guys!

Brandon: Hey..

They hangout the rest of the night. After the dance Meaghan and Olivia have a sleepover at Olivias.

Olivia: Did you know that Keonna likes Brandon?

Meaghan: I kinda noticed.. Why?

Olivia: Just wondering. Hes kinda cute.

Meaghan: I guess. I have his kik.

Olivia: OOOOOO!!! Can I have it??

Meaghan: Sure.. Here

Olivia: Okay!! Ill kik him.

Meaghan: Do you like him?

Olivia: Psh. Nahh.. I just wanna be friends.

Meaghan: Oh okay..

Olivia kiks Brandon.

Olivia: Heyyy :D

Brandon: Hey

Olivia: Wyd?

Brandon: Watching tv.. You?

Olivia: With Meaghan.

They talk the rest of the night.




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