A Surgery Love

Bella was a normal girl, well she is not really normal. she is sick with some sort of a disease in her back. she has been sick for 8 years and she never got cured. she is still sick and at the same time, she is alone. her parents died in a car accident. her best friend turned out to be a bitch while the love of her life cheated on her.
she is so desperate now. all what she wants is death. it is better for her rather than feeling the pain of her back and at the same time the pain in her heart.
but will all of that change when she meets Niall, who happens to be her doctor!
will he fill up her heart again?!
well, read to find out :)

this fan fiction includes half of my personal life, so please no hate.
tell me what ya think of this story in comments and please vote :)
love ya all :) xxxx


1. The Truth

Bella's POV

I opened my eyes trying to get the full image of my room. I was so dizzy. my head was killing me, I had the worst headache ever !!! my eyes were like burning. I opened them and moved my neck to the right side of my bed and looked at the clock beside me, it was 2:17 pm. WOW I slept that much!

I moved my body up from the bed and I really couldn't move at all. my body was so weak, I couldn't walk. I stood on my feet, trying to walk to the bathroom. I kept moving left and right, unable to balance myself.

I put my hand on the wall to help myself until I finally got to the bathroom. I stood in front of the sink and looked at the mirror in front of me.

my face was pale, with red eyes and bags under them. I looked dead. 

I washed my face quickly. the water hitting my face, bringing back bad memories of last night. tears began to fall again. my tears mixed up with the water on my face. I dried my face with towel and went back to my room.

I started to remember everything now.

the whole room was damaged. everything on the floor. broken vases and pictures on the floor. it was a mess.

I started to look for my phone but it was nowhere in sight.

I walked down the stairs to the kitchen, still looking for my phone. then to the living room, and still not there. great! I lost my phone I said to myself. 

I walked back to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee to clear this headache. I turned on the kettle and waited for the water to boil. I sat on the chair in the kitchen looking at the water inside the kettle.

Memories started to come back again in view. I could see inside the water yesterdays fight.

I could see myself yelling at him. pushing him back away from me and leaving him.


"Why the hell isn't he answering?" I yelled.

"Maybe he is busy or something." Maggie said looking at the floor.

"You know where is he, don't you?" I said widening my eyes.

she didn't answer me and looked away

"Maggie where is he?" 

"He-umm-h-he is at the club." she said still looking away

"WHAT?" I yelled at her "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?"

"I'm sorry, okay!"

"I can't believe you!" I said picking my jacket and my bag and left her without saying any other word. I went to the door and slammed it hard behind me. I was freakin angry.

I took the first cab I found and went to the damn club. I entered it and saw him there.

end of flashback

The sound of the kettle pulled me back from that awful memory. I stood up and filled my cup. I took it and went to the living room, sittin on the couch and stare at the walls holding the cup in my hands.

Suddenly I felt my cheeks getting wet again. I took a sip from my coffee and looked back at the wall.


I saw him there, with a whore. dirty dancing with her. well, my fiance was dirty dancing with a whore.

I started walking towards him.

a hand held my wrist and pushed me back to a hard chest. I looked back and saw that it Zac, his best friend.

"What the hell Zac?" I gasped

"It took you so long to figure out that he was cheating on you?!" he whispered in my ear

I pushed my hand back from his grip. "Shut up Zac!"

I looked back to them and I saw them kissing. Zac came and stood in front of me. blocking the view away from me.

"I told you before, I was better for you." he smirked 

I pushed him away and saw him taking that whore and walked away to the door.

I started to walk fast to them but Zac kept blocking my way.

"Zac! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled at him

he laughed and pushed me to the dance floor. yup, he was drunk!

"Get lost Zac!" I pushed him away and left the club.

I saw him in the car making out with that bitch.

he saw me and pulled away instantly. I made a face full of disgust and started to walk back home.

"Bella, wait!" I heard him calling. I didn't hesistate to look back at him. I kept going.

I felt a hand grabing my wrist. "Bella please wait!"

"Leave me alone Alex!" I yelled at him, taking off my ring and giving it back to him "We are over!"

I started walking again but he held my wrist for the second time.

"You don't understand!"

"Oh right, I don't understand-" I laughed "You cheated on me and I don't understand, tell me what I don't understand!"

he had no more words to say and he just looked at the floor.

"Thats what I thought." I said tears falling from my eyes

I started running away from him. tears falling from my eyes, I tried to hide them but I just couldn't

I bumped into a hard muscular body and fell on the floor.

"Hey are you okay?" it was a male's voice

he held out his hand and helped me to stand up.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said wipping away my tears "Thanks."

I looked at him and saw a worried blue ocean eyes.

"I have to go." I ran again leaving that guy.

I came back home and closed the door behind me. I fell on the ground leaning at the door and I started to sob. my true love cheated on me. I thought he loved me. I couldn't handle this anymore.

I was really mad, I started to break everything in front of me. the vases, the pictures, everything. I saw some of our pictures together, me and him, and I started to cry even harder. 

I was broken

end of flashback

I was taken back from my memory again but this time from the knock on the door.



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