A Surgery Love

Bella was a normal girl, well she is not really normal. she is sick with some sort of a disease in her back. she has been sick for 8 years and she never got cured. she is still sick and at the same time, she is alone. her parents died in a car accident. her best friend turned out to be a bitch while the love of her life cheated on her.
she is so desperate now. all what she wants is death. it is better for her rather than feeling the pain of her back and at the same time the pain in her heart.
but will all of that change when she meets Niall, who happens to be her doctor!
will he fill up her heart again?!
well, read to find out :)

this fan fiction includes half of my personal life, so please no hate.
tell me what ya think of this story in comments and please vote :)
love ya all :) xxxx


5. Sexy Doctor, Hot Patient

It was dark here. I was scared. No one was walking around, I was all alone. I kept walking and walking until I reached the well known lake. “What are you doing here?” I heard the familiar voice I didn’t hear in years. I looked behind me to meet another 2 hazel eyes. “Hey mom.” I looked at her tears started to fall from my eyes. “Hey sweet heart.” she said getting near me and pulling me for a hug. She pulled away and looked at me “You know, you shouldn’t be here, this is not your place.” “No, it is. I should have died here with you, I should have waited in this car with you, why did you save me, I don’t want to suffer.” “I know hunny, but I can’t let you die, and I can’t let you suffer. I’m here next to you, I will always be.” “Alex cheated on me mom-” I paused tears falling again from my eyes “And I’m making this surgery again tomorrow. I don’t want to do it mom, it is so painful, you know that.” I started to sob. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and saw my dad. “I’m sorry Bella. I’m sorry you didn’t get the perfect childhood, you suffered a lot, but everything will be fine, don’t let go of your dreams.” “I don’t have any more dreams, I want to die.” “Don’t you ever say that again.” he said pulling me in for a hug, I hugged him back and started to sob on his chest. “Wake up Bella, wake up and look around you, you will find love.” my mom said her hands on my back. “Your mom is right Bella, we are always watching you. we know well that you will find love, it’s always beside you, you will find it.” my dad said tears falling from his eyes. He pulled away from the hug and kissed me on my cheeks followed by my mother. “We have to go now Bella, and you have to wake up.” my mom said. “No, mom! I don’t want to leave you.” “No, Bella. Wake up now!” I opened my eyes slowly and my vision was blurry. I started to see everything clearly. I saw a huge light in front of me. I groaned in annoyance. “Oh my god! finally, you are awake!” I heard a familiar voice. “What happened?” I asked looking at his blue eyes. “You didn’t eat anything and the painkillers where to strong for you so you fainted.” “I did?” I asked raising an eyebrow and he nodded “where am I?” “You’re at the hospital.” I looked around me and recognized this hell room. I frowned and looked back at him. “I want to leave!” I said standing up from the comfortable bed. I suddenly felt my head spinning again the moment I stood on my feet, as I lost my balance and my feet loosened made me fall. A hand reached my arm before I could touch the ground. He carried me back to the bed and I sat on it. “Are you out of your mind? You can’t leave, you are so tired!” “I’m not completing that day here, I’m staying here for a month, I want to leave now!” “Leave where?” he asked crossing his arms. “Anywhere, maybe the club?” “What the hell?” he gasped. “I’m not kidding, I want to go now!” I asked crossing my arms, I tried to make my voice loud but I was too weak. “Can you at least eat something first?” he said taking a few steps near me. “Okay.” “Wait here!” he ordered and walked out of the room. He came back holding a plate and a cup in his hand other hand. “Eat this.” he handed me the plate and I looked at it, it was a small sandwich and a cup of coffee. I ate it and drank the coffee and I started to feel much better. “Can I leave now?” I said standing up from the bed. “Not so fast! I’m coming with you.” I looked at him widely and my jaw dropped “If you want to leave?!” he said smirking. “Ugh fine!” “And we will be back here at nine.” he added. I looked at the watch and saw that it was 6:46. I frowned again. “Fine! now come on!” We walked outside of the hospital and into Niall’s car. He opened the passenger’s door for me and I hopped in then he ran to the driver’s seat and hopped in too. He started the car and it roared back to life. We drove away, his eyes on the road. “You know, you were crying in your sleep-” I gasped and looked at him “And you screamed ‘I don’t wanna leave you!’ is everything okay?” “I was just dreaming. Everything is fine.” I whispered. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked his eyes moving to me and then back on the road. “No, it’s nothing.” “Okay” The rest of the ride was a complete silence. We finally got to the club and Niall parked his car and we got inside the club. The music is loud and the lights are moving around the room. Everyone is dancing and having fun. I ran to the bar and ordered my favorite drink. Niall ran to me and sat next to me. “Are you kidding me? You are not drinking.” he said trying to take the drink from my hands. “Hey! it’s non of your business, and cheer up!” I looked at the bartender “Get him one like this.” he nodded and got for him one like it but he just looked at it and didn’t drink “Come on Niall! just one drink.” I said drinking mine, the liquid moving down my throat making me feel some burning sensation but I liked it. I looked at him again and pointed at his drink “Are you going to drink that or not?!” he shook his head “As you like.” I took it and drank it too. I looked back at the bartender “Another one!” ------- I had lost count of how many drinks I took, maybe four, five, six, nine! I don’t know. I started to giggle and looked back at Niall and saw him trying to hold me from falling. “Damn it Bella! How many drinks did you take?” He asked and I giggled “Umm I don’t know.” I said pushing him to the dance floor “Come and dance!” I said moving my body and dancing with the beat of the music. “You are wasted, we are leaving now!” “No, it’s not nine yet!” I pouted taking a bottle from the bar and putting my cup again and drinking more. He grabbed me and pushed me towards the club entrance. “No let go of me!” I tried to push my arm away from his grip but I failed. I lost my balance again and I fell on his chest. Niall’s POV Her hands started to move around my chest, it was a bad idea bringing her here, I shouldn’t have listened to her. I carried her bridal style and walked to my car. “Did someone tell you before that you are super sexy?” she said looking at my eyes “I love these eyes.” she added and giggled again. I opened the passenger’s door and sat her down. I closed the door and then ran back to the driver’s seat and hopped in. I started the car and I drove away. “you know, I like shirtless Niall-” she said giggling “But I don’t like shirtless Alex.” she said and shook her head. Alex? I guess I understand now, maybe he is her ex. That’s why before she passed out she told me ‘I hate you’ and ‘leave me alone’ and she said Alex too, so now I guess he is her ex. She looks broken, tears were falling again from her eyes. I didn’t say anything but instead I left her to complete whatever she wants to say. “I hate you Alex!” she laughed sadly, tears moved again down her cheeks and she started to cry. “Bella-“ I looked at her and then back on the road “Are you okay?” “Hey sexy doctor!” she giggled “I want you to make a surgery for Alex, and remove his heart and put a cupcake.” she laughed again “Maybe he will be a little bit.... kinder?” she sighed “But no no, he doesn’t deserve it! Don’t put a heart, don’t put anything!” “Okay, I won’t put anything but why do you hate him that much?!” I asked looking at her, curiosity getting the best of me. “I hate him? No! I don’t hate him. I still love him.” she said tears falling down again “I thought he still cared for me.” she said trying to sit in a comfortable position. “Does your back hurt?” I asked looking at her “Yeah a bit.” she answered rubbing her eyes “But ya know sexy doctor, I think I should kill him!” she said getting excited “Or no, I have a better idea!” she said looking up at me widely “He should suffer from the same disease I have! you take a small part of mine and put it in his body and let it grow and grow until he suffers just like I did!” she completed and giggled again “That is so evil Bella.” I said looking down at her. “Yup I know, I just hate him so much! He deserves this. ‘I was just sick of you being sick’ Ugh what a bastard?! can you believe this?!” she added and my eyes grew widely and my jaw dropped, did he really tell her that? He is an asshole. “He doesn’t deserve you Bella, he is an asshole.” I said parking my car and getting out of it. I opened her door and got her out of the car carrying her bridal style. She started humming a song and I just listened to her little cute voice. I took her upstairs to her room and lay her down on her bed. I covered her with the duvet and I was just about to leave but I felt a hand holding my wrist. “Please wait, don’t leave me alone.” she said holding my wrist tightly “Okay I won’t leave.” I said laying beside her on the bed “You know what, I will call you from now on sexy doctor and I’m your hot patient.” she said her hands moving on my chest “Oh my god!” she gasped and stood up quickly like she forgot something. “What?” “Where are my hands? I can’t find my hands!” she said looking for her hands “Bella, you are drunk, just sleep.” “I’m not drunk!” she argued “Sexy doctor, can you kill me during the surgery and tell them she died from the amount of drugs, and don’t worry, no one is there for me so it doesn’t matter.” she said and I gasped “I’m by your side Bella, don’t worry, everything will get better, you will get better!” I said hugging her tightly tears falling from my eyes. I totally understand how she feels. I had the same disease when I was 10 but it took only 2 years from my life, unlike her. She suffered more. She looks so innocent. She doesn’t deserve this. I felt her light snoring and her body calmed down. I think she fell asleep. I laid her down carefully and covered her body with the duvet. I left the room and went back to my room and I stayed there, thinking about how sad she was and how pretty she is. She was broken and desperate. I think I might be falling for her. She is just so beautiful. I love her beautiful hazel eyes, and I might like the way she called me sexy doctor and the way she called herself the hot patient. I think she needs help. She needs me beside her. I will help her. guysss this chapter is dedicated to @WonderActionThisIsUs please guys check her fan fiction footsteps. she is an amazing writer, and thank you sooooo much for your amazing comments. I love yaaaaa xxxxx soooooooooo what do ya think ???? I was like laughing-crying while I was writing this hahaha I guess I was drunk like her hahaha anyways, tell me what ya think and don't forget to vote ;) love ya alllllll xxxxxxx
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