A Surgery Love

Bella was a normal girl, well she is not really normal. she is sick with some sort of a disease in her back. she has been sick for 8 years and she never got cured. she is still sick and at the same time, she is alone. her parents died in a car accident. her best friend turned out to be a bitch while the love of her life cheated on her.
she is so desperate now. all what she wants is death. it is better for her rather than feeling the pain of her back and at the same time the pain in her heart.
but will all of that change when she meets Niall, who happens to be her doctor!
will he fill up her heart again?!
well, read to find out :)

this fan fiction includes half of my personal life, so please no hate.
tell me what ya think of this story in comments and please vote :)
love ya all :) xxxx


3. Change of Doctors

“I’m Niall, you’re neighbor.”

He pulled out a hand for me to shake and I took it. I looked back at him confused.

“You are my neighbor? I’ve never seen you here before!”

“Yeah, I moved in here yesterday.” he answered giving out a very pretty smile.

I didn’t know how I didn’t see any cars or stuff like that coming near the house or anything. Maybe I was a little busy with this Ex drama. But what did he want? Why was he following me? And the most important thing how did he know my name?

“So, do you need a ride?” he asked.

“I’m sorry but what do you want?” I asked, starting to get angry.

“I just wanted to make sure that you’re fine.”

“Well, I’m fine. So can you leave me alone now!” I snapped.

“Well, as you wish, but I’ll see you later.” he said pulling out a smirk on his lips and walked away.

I sighed in annoyance and walked again making my own way to college.

When I got their I started looking for Dr Golly to tell him about the month I’m skipping.


After a while I was done for this stupid college stuff and making sure that now I’ll just go to the damn hospital and do the damn surgery without having anything to worry about.

I walked to the hospital to check with Liam, I mean Dr Payne, about the details of this surgery. Liam was like another friend to me so I was just used to call him by his first name. I am more comfortable with him checking my back and these stuff. He is one of the best.

I walked inside this hell, which is the hospital, I went to that nurse of Payne’s directly when I saw her.

“Anna, I have an appointment with Dr Payne, where is he?”

“Oh you don’t know yet?!” she said widening her eyes.

“Know what?” I said looking at her, letting out my best confused look.

“uhm, just go inside and you’ll know.”

She let me in Dr Payne’s room, or the patient’s room might I add.

There was no one in the room. I sat on the chair beside the desk and she walked out immediately.

I was starting to get bored, so I just pulled out my phone and kept scrolling through twitter and then facebook.

I discovered that I had 36 messages. 8 from Maggie and 28 from Alex. I opened Maggie’s and they were all like ‘I’m really sorry, just answer me please!’ and another one ‘I swear I didn’t mean to hide this from you, just answer me please!' they were all just the same, I ignored all of her messages and I didn’t even bother to read Alex’s.

I felt my blood started to boil inside my body. I was pretty mad at those two and mentioning their names made me feel like I wanna throw up. It made me feel sick.

I tried to ignore my anger and then I opened my notifications. I saw many tags of my pictures, comments and likes. I went through like half of them before the door swung open.

“Hey Bella!”

I looked up to meet a pair of ocean blue eyes. I gasped and widened my eyes in shock.

“What the…?”

He laughed and looked again at me.

“I told you, I’ll meet you again.” his thick Irish accent ringing in my ears. He was wearing a white coat! HE WAS WEARING A WHITE COAT! A DOCTOR’S COAT! Oh no, no way he is my new doctor.

“Where is Liam? um.. Dr Payne?”

“He traveled but he’ll come back soon.” he said smirking “So, now I’m your new doctor.”

“New what?” I gasped.

Ican’t believe my ears. I don’t want a new doctor.

“Yeah, you’re new doctor! don’t worry this is gonna be fun.” he smirked again.

I swear I can just go slap that smirk of his face, this isn’t funny. Ugh.

“I’m not doing the surgery without Liam” I snapped.

“Umm... No, you are doing it after tomorrow actually. Liam will be back after three weeks and of course you won’t be able to feel all this pain for more 3 weeks, right?!”

Oh God, he is soooooo annoying, he just got me. I can’t stay for three weeks like that.

I gave him a glare then I let out a sigh I didn’t know I was holding.

“Okay, so can you lay down on your face so I can check your back?” he said pointing at the patients bed.

“Fine” I huffed and stood up from my seat and laid on my stomach, sliding my t-shirt up a little and sliding my pants down a little too to give him a full view of my back. This was really embarrassing though.

“Remind me when you are done with this disease to do for you another surgery to remove all these surgery scars from your back.” he teased

“Do you really think that you’ll be my doctor forever?!” 

“We’ll see about that.”

His hands kept touching my back, moving up and down my scars.

“Okay, you can get up now.” he said pulling my shirt down. I jumped from his annoying moves and that stupid jump I did made my back hurt even more. I groaned in pain and he looked at me worriedly.

“Don’t make crazy moves cause it will only cause you pain.” he said looking at my hazel eyes. “so, umm, as you know the rules, don’t hold something heavy on your back and don’t try to sit a lot too. put your body in a sleeping position is better, try to prevent the pain, okay?”

“Yeah, I studied all of that, okay.” this was nice of him actually.

“I’m going to drive you home now, cause I’m leaving too. Unless you have any other plans?!”

“No, I don’t. it’s fine.” what the hell did I just say?! DAMN IT

“And by the way, I will pick you up tomorrow to come here again cause you will stay in the hospital’s room from tomorrow, so get your stuff ready.”

“Yeah okay.” I was really scared though. This surgery was just a piece of shit. I hate it!

“Okay, so let’s go now?” he said and i nodded. he got his coat off, hanging it before we left.

He opened the passenger’s door for me and I hopped in and he went to the other side and sat on the driver’s seat. He worked the car and it roared to life. The whole ride was silent, I didn’t want to talk actually. I was mad, sad and in pain.

I just wanted to scream. The pain in my back was killing me. It was too much to handle. But thank god I got used to this shit, so I was okay with it, I guess.

When we got near my house, I saw someone wearing a black shirt and kept knocking on my door, shouting my name repeatedly. I looked back at Niall and saw him giving me a confused look.

“Niall, can we please wait here until he leaves?”

“Yea sure!” he stopped the car and looked back at me “But who is this?”

“My ex fiancé.” I whisper a tear falling down from my left eye.



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