Good Girl...Yeah Right.

Just read it and find out


1. Chapter one


It was my first day on set and I was nervous, to say the least. When my manager had told me I had a call back to be the girl in the 5 Seconds of Summer ‘Good Girls’ music video, I was estatic. I loved the 5sos guys and Good Girls was my favorite song of theirs. I was currently sitting in a chair in the hair/make-up trailer, as a short, plump red headed woman straightened my blonde hair. I had my headphones in, listening to All Time Low at a soft volume. The boys were no where to be seen, and I was beginning to think that the first time I would meet them would be during a scene or something. As the woman pulled my hair up into a slick, tight pony tail, I saw the door swing open out of the corner of my eye and a tall boy with green hair shuffled awkwardly through it. He sat down in the chair next to mine, getting nice and comfortable as the woman left me and went over to him. Michael Clifford. A make-up artist came over to me, wiping the eyeliner and other makeup from my face and applying hardly any in exchange. I stared at my hands uncomfortably, only glancing up at Michael once, to find his smiling face on me. I smiled back for a moment and he pointed at the make-up guy. Confused, I mouthed a ‘what’ at him and he mimed taking out headphones. My eyes went wide as I realized my music must’ve been louder than I thought, removing my headphones I turned my attention to the make-up guy and apologized, asking him what he said. "Go to the costume trailer next door sweetheart." He replied, tapping my shoulder. I nodded, getting up from the chair and making my way over to the trailer next door. I was handed my costume; the ‘good girl’ one this time, as we filming those parts first. The costume consisted of brown mary janes, white knee-high socks, a pleated white skirt and a pink sweater set with matching headband. I got dressed and we made the necessary adjustments before I was told to wait on side-stage. As I stood off to the side on set, I plugged my headphones back in, feeling awkward in the itchy polyester, and started blaring one of my favorite playlists. I stood side-stage for at least 20 minutes, watching the boys as they did the performance part of the video and periodically taking out a headphone to make sure no one was talking to me. I continued to stare around, not noticing when the boys got off stage and came to stand near me on side-stage. After a few more minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder, spinning around I found all 4 of them gathered behind me. I quickly ripped out my headphones, hearing the music very clearly even as I held them in my hand. A blush crept its way up my face and I paused the music, turning back to the boys. "What’s up?" I asked, still feeling the warmth in my cheeks. "We just thought we should let you know how loud your music was." Michael said, smiling back at me. "Wouldn’t want you to mess up your hearing." "Ahhh, yeah, thanks." I breathed, rubbing my neck with the palm of my hand and biting my lip as a thick silence came over us. "So, uh, what’s your name?" Ashton asked, breaking the silence. "Oh, Kyla." I said, blushing again. Ashton opened his mouth to speak once again just as the director called for me on set. I waved good bye to the boys and walked off to where they wanted me.          We filmed for at least an hour, doing four or five takes of every little thing, the director making useless comments. By the time it was time for a break, the sun was setting, and the whole cast and crew gathered outside for food. The wind was blowing and I shivered as I ate the hamburger given to me. I was standing alone at the edge of the group, one headphone in and trying not to get ketchup on my costume. I shivered again as a particularly strong gust of wind came through. “God it’s cold.”  "Here, you want my jacket?" Sounded a voice next to my head. I jumped, nearly spilling fries all over the ground as I looked over to see who it was. Luke. He hadn’t said anything before but here he was now, arm outstretched, offering me his gray jacket. I bit my lip for a moment, before murmuring a hell yes and slipping the jacket on. It was warm and soft and smelled of boy. I gladly cuddled into it. "Thanks." I called over to him, he nodded, handing me back my plate and asking me what I was listening to.  "Oh, it’s, ummm, ‘Love Like War’, All Time Low." I said, locking my phone and shoving it into his jacket pocket. "I love that one." He smiled. I held up the other headphone in offer and he took it, sliding it into his ear and side-stepping a little closer to me. "My jacket really fits you well." He commented, and it was true. I’d expected the sleeves to be too long and the body of it baggy, but it fit me as if I’d bought it for myself.  "Wow, you’re right. That’s weird, you’re like 3 times bigger than I am. Is this Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants?"
“Or have you just been spending all this time with a jacket that’s too small?” My eyebrows crinkled as he shrugged. “What?! You’re like a super famous band guy you can’t be walking around with ill-fitting clothing! Don’t you have a stylist?” 
"Not really, for tv appearances and stuff like this, yeah, but not for everyday." He said through a mouthful of food. I stared at him in disbelief, not sure why I was so perplexed about the fact that his jacket didn’t fit. "What?"
“Nothing! …. I dunno! I just think it’s weird! Maybe I should hold this hostage so you have to buy one that fits.”
“No don’t! That’s my favorite jacket! I’ve had it forever.” He laughed, tugging on the shirtsleeve.
“That explains why it smells so bad.” I said, plugging my nose and waving my hand in front of my face.
"Rude. Maybe I’ll take it back." His hand shifted up to my shoulder, wrapping his fingers around the edge, his index finger skimming over the skin on my collarbone. His finger was cold and I cringed away from him.  "No no no, you are officially never getting this back." I took another step away from him, the headphone in his ear popping out and swinging down to me.  "Hey, come on, that’s mine." He said, suddenly serious. "Yeah, I guess you’re right……" I said, shrugging off one shoulder of the jacket, moving towards him again as he raised his hand "Thank you." He said softly. "For what?" I ask, spinning on one foot and running from him through the group, loosing him in the crowd and zipping the hoodie up around me. I felt kind of bad about stealing it, turning and searching for the tall boy in the crowd just as we were all called back inside to finish work for the day. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day. Forgetting about the jacket almost entirely until it was time for me to leave. As I made my way to my car, I looked around for him, thinking that maybe just maybe I’d get lucky and find him in the parking lot. Unfortunately I did not, and as I drove home I figured that I could just give it to him tomorrow.


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