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5. Chapter 4

I was sitting in the trailer the next day during a break, watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix, when Luke walked in. His broad shoulders took up the entire doorway as he sighed and sat on the couch next to me. 
"What’re you doing?" He asked, leaning his head onto my arm to get a view of my computer screen.
"Watchin Bob’s Burgers." I said, "Wanna watch with me?"
"Ugh, yes." He said, taking the earphone I offered up to him. I shifted around to give him a better view of the screen. As we watched the show, we talked about everything, and nothing. The only subject we avoided was the night before. I didn’t know if we were avoiding it so much as he didn’t remember it; which was a total possibility as we were both completely hammered the night before. 
As the episode ended, I turned to him to ask if he wanted to watch another one when I realized he was alseep; snoring softly with his face pressed against my shoulder. I smiled, slowly shutting my computer and wiggling off the couch, covering Luke with a blanket. 
I exited the trailer and went to Costume, getting changed into the costume for this scene. A black dress w a blue flannel shirt over top and black vans. I read over script and was suddenly glad that Luke was asleep. The scene today was with Michael, and it was even worse then the one with Luke. 
Michael and I would be returning from a date and, instead of saying good bye at the door, Michael was going to pick me up and slam me against it, kissing me until I pushed him off and snuck him inside the house and up to my room. I swallowed hard as I joined Michael beside the set. His hair was freshly dyed green and he did look amazing. 
"So where’s Luke?" Michael asked me.
"Asleep on the couch in the make-up trailer." I replied, tugging on the sleeves of my flannel. "So we’re gonna make out." I said after a moment of scilence.
"Yeah, so I’ve read." He said, staring at the ground and obviously trying not to blush. "Do you remember anything from last night?" He asked.
"I remember waking up this morning in Luke’s bed." I said. "Alone." I added at Michael’s side look.
"Is that disapointing to you?" He questioned.
"I dunno. I uh, okay, you remember how I accidentally took Luke’s sweatshirt?" I asked, spinning around to face Michael. 
"Yeah, why?"
"Well, after that last dare, where Luke, kissed me. He asked me a truth." I paused, not sure if I should continue or not.
"Uh huh, what’d he ask?" Michael pestered. I grabbed him by the arm, pulling him off to the side of set, where no one was around.
"He asked me when I would give it back to him." I breathed after making sure no one was watching us. I paused again, biting my lip and looking at Michael hard.
"Oh, well call the presses the boy wants to know when he’ll get his shit back." Michael laughed, waving his hands in the air.
"No, it’s not the question."
"Then what is it?" I asked, suddenly confused.
"My answer." I elaborated.
"Well what’d you say?" 
"I told him," I paused once more, glancing around again and then leaning in towards Michael, lowering my voice, " that he could have it back when he fucked me up against a wall." My face flushed and I instantly regretted telling him as he leaned away from me, biting his lip and obviously holding in laughter.
"You said that to him?" He asked in total shock. I could only nod in responce. "Damn." He groaned, sounding impressed. 
I slapped him on the arm, “Don’t look impressed you douche, this is a serious problem.”
"Why?" He asked.
"Because now things are going to be awkward." I cried.
"Things weren’t already going to be awkward? You made out on a table yesterday. Twice." He reminded me.
I didn’t get a chance to respond as we were both called to set. We walked over, sharing a look as we realized what we were about to do. I spun in a circle while walking over, scanning the room for Luke and breathing a sigh of releif when he was no where to be seen.
"Okay, so in this scene, the two of you walk up the pathway hand in hand, stopping on the porch, and Kyla you’re going to kiss Michael on the cheek as a way of saying good bye and then you’re going to take a step towards the door but Michael you’re not gonna let her get away so we need you to turn her around and pick her up and push her against the door and kiss her. The aim is to make it look passionate and sexy, so get handsy, push her dress up. After a few momentsKyla, I’m gonna give you a queue and you’re gonna push him away and grab him by the hand and open the door and sneak him inside and up the stairs into your room. That’ll be the scene, okay?"
"Yeah, sounds good." I mumbled, still looking around at the faces side stage. Michael grabbed my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. 
"Ready?" He whispered.
"No." I whispered back.
"That’s a shame." He chuckled.
"PLACES! CAMERA ROLLING AND…. ACTION!" Yelled the director.
Michael tugged me forward, still holding my hand, I laced my fingers through his and smiled at him, following him up the porch steps. His hand went to the small of my back and he went for a kiss on the lips. I turned my head, rejecting him and wiggling out of his grasp. I took a few steps towards the door and I heard him following me. Feeling two strong hands on my waist, spinning me around. “Jump.” I heard him say and I did, wrapping my legs around Michael’s waist, his hands sliding down to my thighs as my back collided with the front door. I looked at him, laughing and smiling. My arms went around his neck, thrusting my face foward and crashing my lips to his, my tounge pushing it’s way into his mouth. We kissed and kissed, his lips rough and skillful. I tilted my head back and he worked his way down my neck, beginning to suck a mark.

"NOW!" The director yelled. My eyes flew open, pulling away from Michael, who let me down immediately. I bit my lip, grabbing his hand and spinning around, pulling him through the front door and running up the stairs. His hands wandered to my waist as we climbed the stairs and I paused halfway up, turning to him and kissing him again. He tugged off my flannel shirt and pulled down the strap of my dress kissing my shoulder. I turned again, pulling him by the lapels of his jacket up the rest of the stairs and into the bedroom.
"CUT!" I heard the muffled voice of the director say. Michael and I both collapsed on the ground on the other side of the door, me leaning against it. I glanced at him, his lips swollen and chest heaving. 
"Damn." He repeated. I laughed, not knowing what else to do. The door swung open promptly after that, throwing me foward and into Michael’s lap. 
"Shit." I called, picking myself and turning around to see Luke standing in the doorway. "Hey Luke." I greeted, forgetting the fact that I just made out with his best friend before pulling him into a private room.
"Having fun?" He asked, a grumpy look on his face. 
"Mate, deep breathes. It was acting." Michael assured him, getting up and dusting himself off. Luke stared at him, the look like poison. Michael held up his hands in innocence, moving around Luke and out of the room.
"What’s up your butt?" I asked him.
"You just made out with him." He said, his expression changing from angry to hurt.
"Luke," I breathed, grasping his shoulders and kissing him on the cheek. "It’s in the script. It’s my job. It’s not like I just walked up and jumped him." I explained, Luke’s hands rested on my waist, he stared at the ground, avoiding my eyes. "It’s not him I like. It’s you." I said, lifting one hand to tilt his chin up a bit. I caught his eyes and they were cloudy with lust. "Luke!" I cried, stepping away from him and crossing my arms over my chest.
"What?!" He cried, trying to look innocent but ultimately failing.
"You’re turned on right now, aren’t you?!" I questioned him, utterly exasperated. "I thought you were upset about it but you were just jealous because it wasn’t you I was kissing!" I said, raising my voice slightly as I got a little angry.
"Can you really blame me?" He asked, stepping towards me again and looking down at me, "After what you said yesterday, and now I see you pushed up against a wall, kissing my best mate, pulling him into your room."
"Okay a) this isn’t actually my room, and b) something I said yesterday doesn’t entitle you to sex today." I said, taking another step away from him and putting my hands on my hips. He chuckled slightly, telling me that he knows that. I looked him up and down, his quiffed hair was slightly messy from his earlier nap, his lip between his teen and his arms on display in a tank top. "That being said," I continued, taking two steps forward to close the space between us, pulling him down to my mouth via a hand on his neck and smashing my lips to his, the cold metal of his lip ring rubbing against my mouth and turning me on even more. My hands tangled in his hair, my legs wrapping around him as he picked me up and started walking us over to the bed. 
"Wait." He said, pausing. I pulled away from him slightly, tugging lightly on his hair and shifting in his arms. "You said wall didn’t you?" He asked, turning and backing me up against the nearest wall.
"What?" I asked, confused. He kissed down my neck, sucking in a mark in the place Michael failed to and licked up to my ear.
"You said I could have my sweatshirt back if I fucked you up against a wall." I whispered in my ear. I moaned lightly.
"There are. people. everywhere. Luke." I panted as he moved my dress strap off my shoulder and sucked another mark into my skin. "We can’t do this here Luke." I said, moaning again as he found my sweet spot.
"Are you sure?" He asked, kissing down to my collar bones and running his hands up and down my thighs.
"Y-yes." I stuttered, hating myself for saying no. "La-later. We can do it later." I said, unwrapping my legs and placing both feet on the floor.
"Promise?" He whispered into my ear, snuggling his face into the crook of my neck.
"I swear." I breathed, kissing his neck lightly. My hand still in his hair, I tugged his face up to mine, planting another kiss on his mouth. "Later." I repeated, grabbing his hand and leading him out of the room.

A/N: Uhhh, yeah. I didn’t actually get to the smutty smutty part this chapter. Next chapter. It’ll be up super soon I swear.



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