2. Waiting Room

Derek parks in the space closest to the ER doors. Probably because he knows he's going to have to carry me and wants to minimize the distance. But before he gets out he tries to get me to talk again.

"Ash, what's wrong?"


"Is this about Mom and Dad?"

My heart breaks a little but he can't hear that so...


"Okay then. Let's go."

He comes to my side and opens the door, but this time picks me up bridal style and we walk through the ER doors.

Immediately a nurse comes by our side asking worried questions and not accepting answers.

She tries to put me on a gurney but Derek interrupts her.

"She's not that emergent. We'll wait until someone's available."

Way to go Derek. Now we're going to be waiting until eleven o'clock. He always tries to be polite but sometimes it comes back and bites him on the left cheek.

"Oh." And I'm right. I'm always right. "Well in that case you can set her down (did she really just frown at me, a potential patient? C'mon Derek, let's ditch this dump. Oh yeah) and you can come over to the front desk and fill out the necessary paperwork. M'kay?"

Do not "M'kay" you're customers. No matter where you are.

I don't think I like this place at all.

Derek sets me down on a chair and leaves.

I really wish he would have actually paid attention to how he set me down though because I'm sideways and uncomfortable and I can't move.

My knees are bent, calves against the armrest of the first chair of the row, my back against the second. My neck is on top of the second rest and my head is sideways dangling in the next chair.

My neck hurts really badly already.

I need something to take my mind off the pain.

Thank god I can still move my eyes.

Man, this place is crowded. There's gotta be at least twenty sickly people in here.

I hope they don't all have an actual diseased problem.

There's six other teenagers: five boys and three girls, six older children: two girls and four boys, and five toddler looking children: two boys and three girls. And three babies.

I'm not sure why I think it's so terrible. They probably just have a cold or the flu and they're parents were worried so they brought them in. Right?

Except that they're quiet.

They're all quiet. Why the heck are they quiet?

They should be on their phones or iPads or talking to one another!

I have been dead silent for the past week and I'm 100 percent sure that there is something clinically wrong with me.

I need something to take my mind off if what I did to try to take my mind off the pain. Derek's back. Thank go.

And he doesn't move me. I thought we were family man! Can't you see this is uncomfortable? I so want to scream at him but I can't.

"Oh did you want moved? You do look kind of uncomfortable." He seems to have read my fuming mind. Is that a sibling thing?

"Okay I'll take that as a no." He goes back to filling out the "necessary" paperwork.


Suddenly he slams his paperwork stack in the chair beside him and is standing over me.

"Why won't you just talk? Just talk to me!" He says loudly picking me up and setting me back in my chair Indian style. My head dangles over the back of the chair so I'm looking at the ceiling and Derek scoffs.

Quality brother material right here. All you sickly creatures be jealous!

"Excuse me?" A female voice says.

I can't see her. Derek I can't freaking see her! What's she look like? Oh, right. Can't speak.

I wanna know what's going on because it's taking Derek a long time to respond.

She's talking to you, Derek.

"Oh, I'm sorry but she can't speak right now." Jeez Derek. What took you so-

Oh. She was talking to me.

"Or eat, or drink, or move?" The lady correctly said. Stalker. Stay out of my problems!

I'm pretty sure Derek nodded or something because he didn't say anything and the lady was clearly asking a question with an answer.

"The same thing is happening with my son." Now she was standing right over me.

She's pretty. Blonde, but pretty. But as a fellow blondie who am I to judge?

Her face is like, inches away from mine. She's making me uncomfortable. I'd shift, but A. She's kind of blocking my path and 2. Well I think you know that answer by now.

"The chairs against the wall are taller than these," she says to my brother. "It makes it easier for them to sit comfortably."

Last I checked (when I was sideways and had my head turned) there was only one seat open on the back wall, in between two teenagers a girl and a boy.

"Thank you," Derek says to the blonde lady. Now he's standing over me.

He picks up my neck and I can see the whole room. He carries me again and sets me down Indian style in between the teenagers. At first my head droops down into my chest and he snorts. He pulls my body slightly away making me slouch a little but at least my head is straight for once.

"It's easier to have their legs on the floor," the blonde lady says again. Jeez, woman. I appreciate the help and all but you can butt out now!

"I imagine it is, but she hates waiting rooms and sitting crisscross relaxes her."

Boom! Fireworks! Eat it lady!

I really do hate waiting rooms though. It makes me feel like I'm stuck and I'm never gonna be able to leave or move again. Kinda ironic right now.

We wait for three hours before any hospital staff even speak to us again.

Derek spends most if that time talking (flirting) with Blonde Lady. Her name is Cheyenne. She is a 21 year old single mother, like Derek. Except that her kid is actually her kid. She got pregnant when she was 14 and her son is now seven.


Nurse M'kay comes up to us (Derek) and tells us to follow her for a consult with the on call doctor.

"Is she crippled?" She asks my brother as he leans down to pick me up.

Seriously what kind of nurse is she? Crippled? Try disabled, or paralyzed, and no!

"No!" Derek sounds just as appalled. "I don't know what's wrong."

He sets me down on a bed, my feet dangling over the edge. He tries to get me to stay sitting straight, but eventually lets me just flop back.

Then the doctor walks in and pulls back the curtain.

Here we go...

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