10. Interrogation

I feel West stir underneath me and roll off of him.

I didn't mean to lay on him that much; I was just so tired.

Then I hear someone clear their throat and it's too late.

"I'm up," I say unconvincingly. I sit up in bed and rest my face on my hand.

Nanoseconds later I am fast asleep again.

Until I feel someone's hand come in contact with the back of my head.

"OI!" I yell.

The only response is muffled laughter. I rub my eyes and when they're almost fully awake I turn and look for my brother.

When I see him I draw him closer.

"Psst! Derek! C'mere!" He comes closer and I pretend to whisper in his ear but instead I grab a handful of his hair and pull as hard as I can.

He screams in pain and I release his hair.

"What the heck was that for?!" He rubs the back of his head.

"You slapped me upside the head when I was sleeping!" I yell back.

He points his eyes to the other side if my bed.

"Uncle Ash!" I throw my arms around him when I see him.

Uncle Ash is my mothers brother. He is twenty four and just the best person in the world.

"Sup my little name stealer," he chuckles and hugs me back. Then he looks at me seriously. "How are you?"

He's always the fun uncle who gets me through bad times so I don't keep up his mood.

"Oh you know, hunting unigators, exploring dragon caves, dying of cancer, the works. You?"

Please don't be serious. I plead in my head.

"Saving Indian Princesses, killing evil munchkins, robbed a few banks on the way down here."

I smile and then wrap my arms around him again. "I missed you so much."

I let go of him and lay back in bed and see Derek and West out in the hall.

West looks mildly scared and angry and Derek looks like a ravaging animal.

What the hell? I think as I watch them.

"Ashtyn!" Uncle Ash exclaims. "Why are you cussing?"

"Side effect of the tumor: everything I think I say out loud. Bit embarrassing actually. Hey, will go out there and see what thats all about?"

He doesn't even have to ask. He sees a teenage boy and my brother and knows it's not good.

Uncle Ash went out there and said something to Derek to get him away from my room and then said something to West that made him blush 50 Shades of Red.

I waited a couple seconds for him to come back in, but he just stood out there with his head down.

"West!" I call and he looks at me.

I wave my hand for him to come in and he obeys.

"What was that about?" I ask and scoot over a bit so he can sit down.

He ignores my gesture and sits at the end of the bed.

I try not to show my disappointment, but with my mind currently against me it's hard and I fail.

"Interrogation," he says simply.

"What?" He avoids my gaze. I lean forward ,"What did my brother say?"

"Nothing much. He asked me a whole bunch of questions and possibly threatened that if I ever hurt you cancer wouldn't be my cause of death. You know stuff like that."

I burst out laughing. "That's it?" I ask him through giggles.

"Um yeah?" He responds which only makes me laugh more.

"The look on your face suggested that he was saying sorry for killing your cat! You looked suicidal!" And he joins me in laughing.

Eventually he came up and sat next to me and I felt safe and protected.

"Sorry, by the way," I say when we're watching and episode of Cake Boss.

"For what?" He doesn't look up.

"Sleeping on you. I didn't mean to I was just so tired."

"It's fine. Did it make you feel safe and protected?"

"You heard that?" I smacked myself in the face.

"I heard a lot more than just that," he smirks at me.

"Do I even want to know?"

"You talk in your sleep." He's still smirking and I worry about just what he heard.

"I do not!"

"Maybe you didn't before, but now that you can't contain your thoughts..."

Now I'm really worried and already embarrassed.

"What exactly did you hear?" I ask him cautiously.

"You narrated your whole dream," he says flashing me a million dollar smile.

"I don't remember my dream. What did I say?"

"Many things."

"About what?" He just continues smirking at me.

"About what?" I begin demanding instead of asking.

"A certain person that I think I know very well." He draws out a silence between each that makes me think he's lying.


"You know him quite well too." He presses his lips together into a line like he's trying not to laugh.

"I know tons of people! Who is it?"

"He's very handsome. Charming, dreamy perhaps?"

I gasp. "It was you, wasn't it?"

He bursts into fits of laughter and I bury my face into my hands.

"I am never sleeping with you again!" I point my finger at him with my face still buried.

"Uh I'll just leave then." I look up in time to see Derek awkwardly leaving.

"Oh that's just great!" I throw my head back and put a pillow over my face. West is still cracking up beside me.

He finally calms down and I sit up again.

"Wait then what did Uncle Ash tell you?"

"Oh," his face turns red again. "I'd rather not."

The atmosphere gets a little awkward but before anything weirder happens, a light bulb goes off over my head.

"You know where we haven't been in awhile?" I lean into his face, smiling wide.

"Where?" He asks cautiously.

"The Wild West." I laugh a little as his face lights up like a Christmas tree until he leans in and kisses my cheek. I turn a little pink and touch my face but West is already squatting at the door.

I crawl to the end of the bed and leap onto his back and he takes off with his fist in the air.

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