Nikki is an undercover assassin working for the company, Paredium. They take in people from the streets. Then, they test them on their fighting skills and if they succeed, the recruits will spend one year in the underwater facility, training, on how to kill. 11 months in and Nikki finds herself teaching five boys all she knows. Mr.Paris, the head of Paredium groups Nikki and those five boys together, and they become an unstoppable killing machine.
But what happens when they refuse to kill? Will they be left alone? Or will things just get worse?



5. Things Are Offically Deadly Seriouse


                                                             Nikki's P.O.V.

   "Run!! Run!!" I yelled towards Harry as another Paredium agent started firing at us. "Duck!" He shouted at me and I did. He threw his last blade at the guy who was chasing me. Well, he's dead. "We won't get away from dozens of them. We need to hide and hope the boys are at their destination." I yelled at Harry and he nodded. We took a sharp turn in an alley way. "There." I said pointing at the ladder leading to  the roof of a pharmacy. "Come on." Harry said lending me a hand up. As we climbed they reached us and again shots were being fired in our direction. "Ahhh!!" I screamed as I was hit in the thigh. "Don't fall." Harry said speeding up. Once we reached the top which seemed like an hour long I knew I would have to run like hell with a bullet in my leg. "Do you need help?" Harry asked me while i limped. "No. And do not get behind because of me. I fall, I'll get up. Don't you get yourself shot. If you have enough time to jump in front of a bullet I have enough time to get up off my ass and run." I told him as he laughed. "You always know what to say in bad situations." He said. 


                                                   24 Hours Ago

   "Are you sure we'll be ok?" Niall asked nervous next to me. "Yea. Listen we'll be fine. Just be prepared to run like hell." I said arming up the C4's in the basement. 'It's all set. Remove the chips now.' I sent Zayn a text on the card phone Marcus planted in the hotel for us to communicate without Mr.Paris butting in. "Take the chip out." I told Niall. He grunted not wanting to. "Want me to do it for you?" I asked. He shook his head no. I dug my knife into right shoulder. I took the knife out and put a finger in the newly fresh wound. "Found you." I sighed taking out a round blinking object that looks like a pill. "Have it?" I asked Niall. "Yea." He gave it to me  so i could put it on the C4. As we were about to leave the rest of the boys came downstairs running. "What?" I asked. "They're here. They know. We have to go." Zayn shouted as more feet started to run down the stairs. "Leave your trackers here." I told them as they all dropped their's on the floor. "Let's go." I yelled  as we ran for the basement door. 



At this point we would've been surrounded if i hadn't though of a plane. As we're running for our lives I try my best to catch up with Zayn. "Here." I handed him and extra C4 from the bag i had handing over my shoulder. "What do you want me to do with this!?" He asked. "I have a plan." I yelled turning a sharp corner that would hide us long enough for me to explain the plan to him. After  i ran over to Harry and told him to come with me. After telling him what were about to do. He was in on it. "Now!" I yell as Harry and I run towards the guys with guns and the other 4 go the other way. "Are you sure this is gonna work?" He asked. "Yea. 80% sure." I chuckled nervously. 

                                                                After Nikki Got Shot

  "Ok, come on." I yelled as we jumped off one roof to another. "Ah, damn it." I whisphered gripping my leg tightly. I squezzed my eyes tightly. Harry was already on the other roof. "Here." Harry said extending out his arms. I jumped and he caught me. "Thanks." I said as he let me down. "Just one more can you do it?" He asked. "Stop babying me Harould or i swear i'll punch you." He chuckled. The last roof we had to jump on was the roog of an abandoned warehouse. That's where the boys are. Jumping on the roof of the warehouse was about the hardest parts of them all. I could almost here the pain that shot through my leg. And by the face Harry gave me I am sure he heard it too. I screamed in pain. "Shh shhh. " He said lifting my arm and putting it around his neck. 



"Come on i'll catch you." Harry said 20 feet below me. "You better." I said gulping as i jumped off the roof. I could feel the air pressure against my skin. And it felt nice for a change. As i hit something hard an umph escaped both our lips. He had stumbled back a little but he caught me. I smacked his shoulder for him to put me on the ground. "I still have a bad leg Harry." I said as he was about to leave my side. "Right, sorry." He said helping me walk. We opened a door to find the boys setting up the trap. "About time!" Zayn shouted. As we ran to the back of the room Zayn attached a light piece of string to one wall then the oher. "Run." He said. 



Luckly we had enough time to run to the back door and out before the whole place exploded with the agents inside. 





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