Nikki is an undercover assassin working for the company, Paredium. They take in people from the streets. Then, they test them on their fighting skills and if they succeed, the recruits will spend one year in the underwater facility, training, on how to kill. 11 months in and Nikki finds herself teaching five boys all she knows. Mr.Paris, the head of Paredium groups Nikki and those five boys together, and they become an unstoppable killing machine.
But what happens when they refuse to kill? Will they be left alone? Or will things just get worse?



3. The Day of Transition

                     It was the day that we would be moving out. My calfs and my arms  are sore from all the training we had done. I'm pretty sure the boys all felt the same. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating uncontrollably. After a year, trapped in this humid training facility, we are finally going to get out. We are finally going to see the sun again. "Ok, once you reach the Hotel you'll be staying for the next week, I want you all to study it from the highest floor to the boiler room. I also want you to stash a couple weapons in a room you know isn't very often visited. Because if your caught, you'll need a place to hide. Nikki, your fake name will be Samantha." Mr.Paris said as he handed me a fake ID and a card that gives me access to the ball entrance. Where we will lastly finish off our target. 

                 As he handed the rest of the boys their ID's and access cards, i climb inside the tube that will lift me through the sand and onto an abandoned beach 100 miles north of where our target is. The target is a drug smuggler. But that's not why Mr.Paris wants him dead. He wants him dead because the guy supposedly killed one of us, and is still keeping one of our own hostage . And Mr.Paris wants him to pay. 

              After the boys get inside they're tubes, one of the tech workers goes behind a weird looking box, and pulls down two red levers. We are slowly rising and then all of a sudden we are being shot up like a rocket. After about 5 second the tubes come to a stop, I look up and my eyes are met with bright lights that hurt my eyes. I didn't know if we had to climb or- thats when the round metal plates we are standing on starts raisin lifting us up. I am looking up high as I squint my eyes with my hand on my forehead.

           I feel a light breeze   against my check. Fresh air. I hear the waves crashing against on another. Nature. I smile to myself taking in a deep breath. And i am startled when a loud voice speaks up to me. "Come on. Don't tell me your going slow us down." Zayn said walking past by me, keeping the promise we made.


                                                          *24 HOURS AGO*

   "Guys, i need to be sure that none of you are going to speak of our escape during the day, while our ear pieces are on." I approached the boys swiftly. "We won't. I have made them promise to keep up their act. And i am promising myself to you that i will do anything to keep them in line." Zayn said. I shook my head,"Good, i also promise. We can only talk freely when we're in our hotel rooms and it's past 2:00am . Thats when the ear pieces turn off automatically . And at 8:00 am is when it turns back on. And after we turn it on the first time, we can't turn it off ourselves or they well get suspicious." I told them. "Ok." 



 "You don't need to worry about that. I just hope you can keep up." I smirked him as i walked besides Niall. "Marcus, your in the tech room right?" I said pressing the on button on the ear piece. "Yes indeed i am miss Walker.  What do you need?" He said giving me the signal that there are others in the room and i can't speak freely with him just yet. The signal is 'Miss walker.' "Can you give me the way to the car that Mr. Paris ordered to be out here please." I said keeping my voice stern and serious.


"The car is located to your right, 10 minutes in. There is a GPS with all the locations you will be going to so there isn't any complications on the way." He responded. "This way." I told the group staying on track.


When we reach the car i couldn't help but smile.It was a big black Suburban.  It's been a year since i have seen one. One of my greatest memory happened in a car like that.


                                                           *THREE YEARS AGO*

   "Mom, I'm ready to go." I told her as she walked through the living room with her arms out making a pouty face. "Honey, I need you to be safe. Drive carefully, and don't drink, your underage. I love you." She kissed my forehead. I rolled my eyes. "I know. I know, i love you too." I kissed her on the cheek. I waved her goodbye as i closed the door. A sigh escaped my lips as i walked down the stairs and opened the apartment door. "We're going to Vegas baby!" My best friend shouted smiling widely  leaning against a black Suburban.. As I ran towards her i whispered, "This is going to be fun." I smiled being not able to stop.



 "Zayn, you drive, I'm calling shotgun." I said and the boys sighed sitting in the back.

"Marcus, what's our first location?" I asked. "Your first location is the Hotel Sweet you'll be staying at. It's already paid for the whole week and all your weapons are in a false wall in the closet. Mr.Paris wants you to stay there for today. He wants you to load all the weapons and make sure all of them are working fine." He answered quickly. "Ok, looks like for today we're loading up weapons, and staying put." I told the boys who silently all mouthed,"Yes!"



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