Nikki is an undercover assassin working for the company, Paredium. They take in people from the streets. Then, they test them on their fighting skills and if they succeed, the recruits will spend one year in the underwater facility, training, on how to kill. 11 months in and Nikki finds herself teaching five boys all she knows. Mr.Paris, the head of Paredium groups Nikki and those five boys together, and they become an unstoppable killing machine.
But what happens when they refuse to kill? Will they be left alone? Or will things just get worse?



4. Stalking The Prey

      It was exactly 10:00pm when we walked out of the Hotel. "What's our plan for today?" Zayn asked. "Today, and tomorrow we are stalking the prey. Learning it's every move, studying what they do when they feel the target is in danger." I answered him. "What about the rest of the week?" He asked.  I sighed. I took a menu paper off the counter and a pen. 'We aren't going to be here for the rest of the week. I am going to get someone to plant the C4 in the basement. Make sure all your boys have something sharp with them. Because we're carving out our trackers and leaving it in  the building. Pass this along.' He had a small smile on his face. "Ok." He whispered.


            "Marcus have you asked Mr.Paris where the target will be?" I asked forgetting about the GPS. "Did you already forget about the GPS Nikki?" He laughed. He was alone. "Oh, right. What's it labeled in the device?" I still didn't know the name of the man we "are" going to kill. "It's labeled Mr. Scorts, that's the targets name." I thanked him. I didn't want to leave Marcus behind. Over the year I spent in that hell hole his become a close friend, someone I know I can trust. A partner.   But sometimes you just have to sacrifice the ones you care for. 


"Who's sitting in the front with Zayn today?" I asked. Niall was the first one to say,"Me." "Alright, go. Enjoy yourself." I chuckled. Once we got in the car I was sitting in-between Liam and Harry. I sniffed, then again. "What are you doing?" Liam asked. Harry was looking at me weirdly. "What's that smell?" I asked. "Why?" Harry asked. "Because it smells like heaven." He smirked. "Cologne." He  raised his jacket. That was definitely the source of the smell. "Jesus Harry, it's like holly water." They laughed at me. 


    After about and hour and a half of driving and talking, we reached our destination. "What the hell is this?" Zayn asked confused getting out of the car. "What? Why are we at a ball?" I asked the obvious. "That's where  Mr. Scorts is Miss Walker." I gasped. "I don't think i am ever getting used to this thing in my ear." I adjusted the piece. "What are we supposed to do? We are under dressed. It'll be obvious we aren't here for the ball." I talked to Marcus. "Thats why you six are going in as Mr. Scorts bodyguards. And the code to get in the front door is, The Magic I Want." I nodded forgetting he can't see me.


  "Come." I told the boys as I walked to the big and fit bodyguard at the front door. "Business?" He asked not moving a muscle. "We're Mr. Scorts new bodyguards." I said standing with my chin up high and hands behind my back. "Password?" He asked. "The Magic I Want." I said. He detached a velvet rope off a long gold pole. I nodded towards him as we walked in. My jaw was about touching the floor, as my eyes wondered the big, white tiled room. There was decorations everywhere. The room had a vintage look that would make anyone fall in love with it. There were trays of food being carried around the room, it looked delicious. The people, the dresses, everything was just astonishing. "For such a terrorist he sure knows how to throw a party." Harry said walking by me. I had realized I was left behind as they walked to the back of the room. "Hey!" I yelled running up to them.


"What do we do now?" I asked. "Mr. Paris says to head to the roof, and observe them from there.  Scorts is in the back yard with a customer." Zayn told us. As we walked towards the door leading to the roof, there was a slight problem. We had behind big cartoon boxes. "Shit, do they know we're here?" Louis asked confused. "No, but they won't allow access to the roof." I said. "We need to take them." Liam saiding getting up and walking towards the three guards. "Shoot!" I got up as did the four other boys and ran towards the fight. "Hey, big guy. Wanna go?" I asked. This guard had a bald head, and tattooed arms. He grunted as he punched at me. I dodged it. I grabbed his arm and twisted it, kneeling him in the balls. He took advantage of being bent down, and grabbed me by the waist and smacked me against a wall.


 I had hit my head hard and felt dizzy. He threw another punched and this time I took it. A groan escaped my lips. A second punch came at me but i moved. He punched the wall and his hand went through it. I kicked him in the ribs and karate chopped him in the neck. Since there is a sensitive artery there, it had more affect. He coughed since he couldn't breath. I put my arms together and elbowed him in the back of the head with all the force in me and he collapsed on the floor, passed out. 







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