Like it says in the title, Mockingjay. This is a Mockingjay re-write. What if Katniss and Peeta didn't split up in Catching Fire? Who survives? Who goes to the Capitol? Who goes to 13? What will happen?
This has nothing to do with my other ff, The Hunger Games After Mockingjay


4. a title

Katniss's POV


Peeta and I walked back to our rooms. His room is across the hall from my room. I share a room with my mom and Prim. I walked in my room and walked into his. I put my stuff away and let Buttercup roam the room. Then, I walked out of my room and knocked on Peeta's door. "Katniss?"

"Yeah its me."

"Come in."


"Hi." He said hugging me. I hid in his chest. "You don't have to knock."

"Okay." I said kissing him.

Knock. Knock. "Peeta," Haymitch started as he walked in the door. "And Katniss, you guys are wanted in Command." Peeta and I followed Haymitch in command.  I grabbed Peeta's hand as we walked down the long hallways to command. When we got in there Coin, Plutarch, Beetee, and Finnick were already there. There were only two chairs left, Haymitch took one and Peeta made me take the other. Peeta stood behind with his hands on my shoulder.

"Our Mockingjay, Katniss," Coin started.

"When did I agree to be your Mockingjay?"

"Are you on our side?"

"Yes. Its my fault we are here. I defied. I made Peeta take the berries. I made Peeta defy. I'm the reason that we are here able to over through the Capital. It's my fault that Johanna, Gale, and Annie are in the capital. It's my fault that all of those people died. It's my fault." I said putting my face in my hands. Peeta's hands moved from my shoulders to hug me. I stood up into his arms and buried my face in his chest and silently cried.

"Anyway, you guys will start training and Katniss when you decide that you'll be out Mockingjay, you and Peeta, will make Propos." Coin said. "Who is ready to join the rebels?" Beetee raised his hand, then Finnick, the Peeta. I look at Peeta and then raise my hand. "Alright you guys start tomorrow. You are dismissed."

"Coin, there is a few conditions of me being your Mockingjay." I said standing and putting my hands on the table. Everyone, but Peeta and Haymitch had left us.

"Go on." She saying looking in my eye a few inches away from my face.

"My sister, Prim gets to keep her cat. All of the rebels in the capital get back here safely. And I get to kill President Snow." I said looking at her with the same glare she was giving me.

"Fine. Now go." She said. Peeta grabbed my hand and we walked back to his room holding hands.

"So Kat, what are you going to do for the rest of you day?"

"Well, Pete, I was hoping I could spend the rest of my day with you." I said grinning. We stopped walking and look at each other. I leaned over to kiss him. We stood there kissing. However our hands never disconnected.

"Get a room!" Someone yelled at us. We didn't react. They stood in front of us. We finally broke away to breath. We smiled at each other before noticing the person in front of us.

"Can we help you?" I asked annoyed with them.

"Yes you can Katniss!" They hissed.

"Who are you?"

"Sis, you don't recognize me?"



"I haven't seen you since dad died." I said with hurt creeping into my voice. Peeta squeezed my hand to say it'll all be okay.

"I see you have a boy toy." My hurt turned into anger.

"Rosy." I hissed.

"Kat, it's okay." Peeta said trying to calm me down.

"Yeah Kat, it'll all be okay, when your in the hospital and they realize that they want a good leader. Not someone who only thinks of themselves."

"I don't only think of my self. I raised Prim since dad died. I volunteered for Prim when she got picked in the reaping. I was willing to give up my life to save Peeta. And I got my face whipped before my wedding to save Gale. I didn't run away because dad died like you did!" I screamed at Rosy. Tears running down my face.

"Whatever Katniss." Rosy said storming off. I hugged Peeta, tears rolling down my face.

"Shh Katniss. Come on let's go."

"Where?" I croaked out.

"My room if you still want to hang out with me for the rest of the day."

"Okay, but first I need to tell my mother and prim that Rosy is here in the District."

"Okay. Do you want me to come?"

"Yes." I said and we walked hand-in-hand to my mom and sister. We walked into my moms office.

"Katniss, Peeta, come in. Take a seat. What's wrong?"

"Mom, Rosy. She's here in the District."

"Oh no!"

"Who is Rosy?" Peeta asked.

"She was my friend and here parents died in a mine exspolosion, but the same one as my dad. We toke her in as one of us. Then, when my dad died she ran away."

"Why did she call you sis?"

"Because we were like sisters."

"Well, guys, I have to get back to work. Katniss, I will see you tonight." My mom said walking out of the office.


"Hurry the news is coming on!" Some one yelled. Peeta and I shared a glance before running to his room. We got in there just as the news turned on. We curled up next to the tv. Peeta toke a blanket off the bed and we covered up in it. President Snow was on the screen along with Gale, Johanna, and my dad.


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