Gambit & Rogue


1. Three Months

It's been three months after I told Remy I was pregnant with his child. We're still together. He promised that we'll get through this together no matter what. Though I do find that some of the xmen are not impressed with us and our decision. I just hope they get past it all. Anyways we have a mission to go on though I get to come I have to stay in the X-Jet because of my condition. I didn't listen I went out when things got rough. I should of listened though because I got shoved off the cliff. I felt someone catch me before I hit the ground. I looked up at the person who caught me and it was Remy. He took me to the institute and laid me in my bed. I was asleep for 7 hours. When I awoke I was surprised to be back at the institute.

"Remy!?" I called out

He came in and reassured me that every thing was alright. That's when decided to go and tell professor xaivor about Remy and see if he can be an XMen.

"I need to go talk to the professor" I said trying to get up but failed because Remy pushed me back down on to the bed.

"What the hell Remy!?!" I screamed at him.

"Rogue I don't think you should be going around and walking for now because of what happened out on the field" he said to me calmly.

"Remy if you don't let me get up to go talk to the professor I will absorb all of you energy" told him in a stern tone.

He let out a sigh of frustration and said "okay but I will come with you"

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