Behind the Scenes of the Games

Want to know about the capital? The stylists? The sponsors? This book has it all. Want to know the back round story of Katniss and Peeta? The real opinions? It is finally here.


4. Tributes P.O.V

Setting: Hovercraft and arena

Katniss's P.O.V

I think that Peeta is as scared as I am. I mean, I am on flight to my ultimate death. Dang, Prim is going to cry.  But I will try to make it. Me and Peeta have our 'romance'. Sponsors might actually help us.

The hovercraft eventually lands near the arena, we all wait for the final countdown, I count the numbers five, fore, three, two, one! I run as fast as I can. I suddenly see supplies and I take a run for it, I am taking a big risk. Someone dodges a knife at me, while I cover it with my bag, at least I have a knife now. I run somewhere in the woods, then I see that fox-face girl. We look at each other, confused. We run back, fox-face isn't an dangerous to me, she just isn't a friend. 

Later on, I see the career's near me. They are threatening me, but Peeta is there. I climb up a tree. but Cato try's to shoot me with a bow and arrow. But then, Peeta walks near Cato.

"Don't bother killing her now, she's gotta come down some time." he says, Peeta just saved my life.

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