Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


12. Where is he when I need him?

Judy: Zayn! What is happening?
Zayn: Don't be scared. We are gonna be okay.

I hugged Zayn. It began cold but Zayn didn't feel anything. Wind got through my face and I thought I heard: You won't get away! 
Judy: Zayn, Did you hear that?
Zayn: What?
Judy: Nothing...

People were screaming but not me and Zayn. We wouldn't do anything if we scream.
xxx: Calm down people! There is just a little problem. We are gonna fix it. Just don't panic. - the man through the loudspeaker.
I just leaned against the bar that was keeping us safe. I heard a sound from it. Then it was ripped open and I was falling down. This was my end. Some hand, Zayn's hand took mine.
Zayn: I've got you!
The only thing that was keeping me alive was his soft and strong hand.
Judy: Z-Z-Zayn...
Zayn: Don't worry... I'll get you up...

And then I was in his hug.
Zayn: don't know how I got scared!
I felt him cry and I started with him. If there was light people would think we are crazy. They didn't know that he just saved my life.
Judy: Zayn... Don't cry... Please...
Zayn: I thought... I thought that I lost you! I would never forgive myself! Judy! I would kill myself because of guilt!
Judy: I'm okay Zayn... Thanks to you! You saved my life... Again.

The Twister started to move and we were on the beautiful ground again. 
Zayn: Judy... I'm sorry about all of this. All I wanted to do is make you happy. I didn't know that we are gonna be in a dangerous situation...
He was crying again and my heart started to hurt. Tears were falling from his angel face. 
Zayn: Sorry Judy! It's better for me to die than take you into trouble.
Judy: Zayn, it's not your fault...

He started to walk away.
Zayn: I want to be alone!
Judy: But Zayn...

And he disappeared. I started walking and minutes later I heard someone behind me. I thought it was Zayn but the person shut my mouth and I soon passed out.
I felt water over me. I opened my eyes and... NIALL!
Niall: Judy, we didn't have time today to speak nice.
He was getting closer.
Niall: You are so gentle but so strong at the same time. Your naked body is tensed and your heart is beating fast.
I got scared when I looked down. I was naked like he said. He's gonna rape me. 
Niall: You are so attractive. So gentle.
While he was saying that he put his hand on my right leg. I was looking at him in his beautiful eyes that belonged to someone like him. He got rid of his clothes and was naked like me. He started getting closer and he pressed his lips to mine. I couldn't move any part from my body. He started to get inside of me and all I could do is wait and see what he will do. After some time he was done and tears were running down my face. He looked at me again.
Niall: I told you I won't kill you. But the baby that you are gonna have. It's gonna kill you everyday. You can't get rid of it in a hospital. The way of getting rid of it is written in a book. You can't find it alone. Zayn can help you. 
He ruined my life. He went to the table and took something and put it on my mouth. Soon I passed out again.

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