Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


14. What?!?

Zayn: I'm not like everyone else...

Judy: How do you mean?

Zayn: I'm angel!

Judy: W-what?

Zayn: I know it's hard to take all this at once but you have to believe me.

I just started walking back and I sat on the bed. I looked up at him.

Zayn: You wanna know the truth right?

Judy: Yeah...

Zayn:Do you remember Mike?

How does he know him? Maybe he...

Zayn: I killed him.

What? What if he tries to kill me.

Zayn: I will never hurt you. And I killed him because he kissed you. And I know about that because I know you for a long time. We can't kill anyone with our own hands but I controled the car so he couldn't even stop it. And now that's why Niall is trying to kill you through the baby. Niall is the supreme angel and he hates when someone breaks the laws. And I broke the law by coming to earth. But that isn't that bad because there is worse. I broke the strictest law and that is having contact with human.

Judy: Oh...

Zayn: Sometimes I controled your thoughts. 

Judy: Why did you do it?!?

Zayn: Please listen. I didn't control you that night I swear. You wanted that.

I just hugged him and then I laid on the bed. He started to kiss me and then I heard the door. I turned around and there was my mum. What?!?

Mum: Get away from her. 

The next 10 minutes my mum made Zayn go and he said he was gonna come back in 30 minutes. It was my mum and me only now.

Mum: Call him and break up with him.

Judy: What no!!! 

Mum: Listen to me!!!!!

I took my phone and started calling him.

Zayn: Judy?

Judy: We are breaking up.

Zayn: What? What happ...

I hung up and my mum had a smirk on her face.

Judy: Are you happy now? What else do you want?

Mum: You.

Judy: You are not my mother.

Mum: Who am I then?

Judy: Niall!

Then my mum turned into Niall.

Niall: I hate transformation...

He pushed me against the wall. 

Niall: No one can hear you. The door is locked so no one can come in. It's just you and me now.

He was starting to lean in when there was a crash . We looked at the door and it was broken and there was Zayn looking scary. Niall looked scared but he tried to hide it.

Zayn: Get away from her.

Zayn punched Niall in the face so fast that Niall didn't expect it. Zayn was on top of Niall. Zayn was punchin Niall so hard that he fainted and then Zayn threw him through the window. My eyes closed as well.


I woke up and Zayn was looking at me.

Zayn: C'mon get dressed I'm taking you away from this hospital. And don't worry you are all right.

I got dressed and then we got out of the hospital and into his car. He took me to the forest and we started walking in the forest. He stopped at a big tree and sat down.

Zayn: This is the place I first came in contact with Earth. 

Judy: How is it in Heaven? Are you walking on clouds, is there a golden gate, is there a river of honey and milk and do you have everything you want?

Zayn: We don't walk on clouds it's just like here. There is a gate but it's not golden and there is a guard that knows how you died and then decides where to send you. I don't know about the rivers because I haven't seen any. And we don't have anything we want.

Judy: How is it in hell?

Zayn: I don't know because I haven't been there. And we hear screaming from there.

We just laid on the ground and I took his necklace and it was with a letter J and wings.

Judy: Zayn I want to have something of you.

He started to just kiss me. It was a perfect kiss. We broke the kiss and we were just lying on the ground when suddenly I felt a pain in my stomach.Zayn took me in the car. He drove me home. I went in the bathroom and he waited outside the door.

Zayn's POV

I waited outside her door. I was gonna kill Niall if something happended to Judy. The door started to open and there she was. Her hair was over her face and she hugged me and started to laugh. I don't understand.

Judy: I'm not pregnant Zayn. My stomach hurt because it was those days of the month. 

We went downstairs and I made popcorn but when I came back she was sleeping. I put her in bed and started going home with my car. I was driving when I saw a man on the road and I hit him. I stopped the car and got outside and saw that there was no one and just a piece of paper. I opened it and there was a white feather and on the paper it was written : Did you miss me? We aren't done yet.

It was Niall.He showed up in front of me.

Zayn: Your plan failed. She is not pregnant.

Niall: We could always try again. She is just a bi*ch anyway.

I punched him in the face. He wiped the blood away and looked at me.

Niall: Now we are gonna play with my rules.


Judy's POV

I woke up in my bed and I knew I had to go to school. I got ready and when I was walking towards school I felt something in my pocket. It was a phone and there was a necklace with the letter Z... Aww Zayn left this for me. I ran to school and everyone was looking at me weird. Rose hugged me and I sat on my seat. But Zayn wasn't there. I took my phone out and texted him, asking where is he. He didn't answer. Rose came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go eat.

Judy: I'm not hungry

Rose: It's because of Zayn right?Judy I know you like him so I just have to set you up.

Judy: Rose we are already in a relationship.

Rose: Why don't I know that you are in a relationship with Zayn?

She said that so loud that girls looked at me and it looked like they wanted to kill me. 

Rose: Let's got to McDonalds

While we were getting out of the classroom, Victoria a black haired girl that thinks she is so awesome stopped us.

Victoria: Zayn is mine!

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