Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


20. The end

We were in Egypt now and I was so excited. I was just on the beach like everyday. We had fun haha. We still didn't go to visit a pyramid and I wanted to. I was on the beach lazy to go in the water. But Zayn made me go. He tried to grown me I think. But I hit him in the place and he didn't think of doing it again. 


We were in front of the pyramid and it was so hot that I couldn't stand it. Zayn was in all black like always. I was so happy to finally make my dream come true. There was a group of people and a guide. We went inside and I was like a little girl looking at every painting on the wall.I started looking at one painting but Zayn interrupted me.

Zayn: Judy c'mon we are gonna lose the others. 

I started to run towards the people and looked at one picture. It was a boy with wings, just like an angel... Just like Zayn.

Judy: This boy here...he looks like you.

He had black hair,big brown eyes,muscular body and...blonde part of the hair?

 I was shocked and looked at Zayn. He had a smile on his face.

Judy: That is you,right?

He winked at me. That made me think I'm right.

Judy: Zayn, how old are you?

Zayn: Let's say that I have seen lots of things.

He started to kiss me. 

Zayn: We should go now.

I wanted to play with Zayn and I didn't want to listen to that boring guide. I started to run.

Judy: You can't catch me.

I started to run towards the place where the people were but just saw other halls everywhere. I heard Zayn behind me and he grabbed my waist.

Zayn: You're mine.

Judy: Zayn? Where is everyone? Are we lost?

Zayn: I think they went this way. 

He showed me a dark hall. 

Judy: No it was this way.

I showed a light hall because I remember that we were walking in the light. But he was stubborn.
Zayn: No I'm going this way.
Judy: Ok, I'll go this way.
I started walking there.I looked at the painting and didn't remember any of these. Maybe I was wrong too. 
Zayn: Judy, come here!
I was stubborn as him. I continued walking. Suddenly the light went off and I was in the dark. I got scared. Someone's hand was over my mouth and didn't let me scream or let out a voice. The smell wasn't Zayn so I got even more scared. I wanted to get away but the person was strong. I heard footsteps but it wasn't Zayn because I heard his voice was far away. I was with two unknown people alone in the dark. I heard Zayn's footsteps and he was close. Seconds later the light was on. A person that I didn't want to see again was in front of me. Niall.
He was standing a few feet away from me and was in all black. Zayn was standing there shocked. We come here in Egypt to get away from everything and now we meet with him. Just great. Zayn was gonna go hit Niall but Niall showed him a hand and pointed towards me. I felt the cold metal against my neck and knew it was a knife. 
Niall: Just one step and you'll have a head as a memory from the trip.
I think the person that was holding me was Louis because of the familiar smell. I looked at the knife and saw Louis face on it. 
Zayn: Let her go you idiot!
Niall: No Zaynie. You broke the law and now you have to pay.
Zayn: Leave her alone! It's not her fault for any of this.
Niall: You are wrong! She is guilty as you are, even more.
We were both shocked and didn't understand a word he said.
Niall: You see Zayn she is special to us like she is to you. She is not like anyone, she has our blood in her.
What?!? I don't understand...
Niall: Do you remember your father? He broke the law just like Zayn and he had to pay. And your mother had to pay because she was always around us. 
I was crying and yelling at him. Zayn looked me and that meant to calm down. 
Niall: We warned you Zayn. But you were stupid to see the signs. The star on her hand and her necklace. 
Zayn: You were my friend Louis. Why didn't you tell me?
Louis: I tried Zayn. I thought that you were gonna understand the signs.
Niall: You left everything you had just for her?
Zayn: She is special
Zayn was smiling at his face.
Niall: She is not that special.
He ran his hand on my leg. Zayn was now on top of Niall and punching him. Zayn stopped because he knew that I was gonna be dead if he didn't. Now Niall was on top of Zayn and was giving him back everything. He stopped after some time and looked at me.
Niall: You better say goodbye to him or you won't have another chance
Was he gonna kill me or Zayn? I know that this is not gonna end good. He put a pistol on my head and I was just waiting.
Zayn: Leave...her...alone... I have a dial.
Zayn couldn't even talk properly because of the pain. We all waited to hear what was Zayn gonna say. I think that this is not goo at all.
Zayn: Leave her and kill me.
I couldn't believe my own ears. That can not happen. He has to live.
Niall's serious face was gone and now he was laughing.
Niall: Wait! You are really gonna give your life for her?
Tears were falling down my face. Zayn nodded his head. Niall just pointed the pistol on Zayn's chest. Zayn closed his eyes and waited. No,no. He couldn't shoot! I was crying, yelling and wanted this piece of shit to let me go. 
Niall: I don't mind. I just want you to not be together anymore. I don't care who I have to kill.
Zayn: I 'm ready.
Judy: NOOO!!!
Zayn was shot into the chest. 
Niall: Let her go.
I ran to the black haired boy and started to hug him.
Judy: No! Zayn! Why?!
Zayn: Ju.. dy...
He is trying to speak.
Zayn: Promise me something.. that you are gonna continue your life without me.. that you won't forget me but you are gonna live... I want you to be happy.. We are gonna meet again... one day... Till then, I want you to keep me into your heart because I will... I want you to know that I'll always love you and.. and this world can't tear us apart.. our love is strong. Just promise me that you won't... cry, just know that this body,this soul I have is just for you... I'll wait for you up there and when you come nothing would make us apart... Just tell me you love me...
Judy: I can't live without you Zayn!
Zayn: Just tell me... that you love me.
Judy: I love you Zayn!
He smiled at me and my soul was crying. 
Zayn: I love you too...
I was yelling with everything I had... he is dead?!?
Niall: Let's go!
He leaves the pistol on the ground beside me and leaves. 
Judy: Tell me your alright Zayn. I love yo so much and I can't live without you. Please.
I take the pistol beside me. I lay on Zayn's chest. I put his arm around me and take the necklace that Zayn gave me and put it on my chest. I look at his beautiful face for the last time. Then I put the gun on my head. If he isn't beside me I don't want live without him. I have no one else beside me know. I just want to be with him.

Judy: I love you Zayn and I always will.

My voice is trembling like my hand. My body will be dead but I'll be up there with him. I closed my eyes and then heard a loud noise, for the second time today.



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