Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


15. No idea

Victoria slapped me across the face and the next minute there is a fight between Victoria and Rose and I was trying to stop them. Then the head teacher came and took us to his office. 

Judy: I don't want my mum to find out about this because she always told people that I'm a good girl.

Rose: You are an angel...

Judy: Who goes first?

Rose: I knock, you talk.

Victoria: Get away!

We got inside and talked for a long time.


Rose and I went to a nearby park and sat on a bench. 

Rose: Judy, Isn't that Zayn over there?

Judy: I'm gonna go talk to him.

I started walking towards him and he turned around because he heard me. Then he started to run away. I was shocked. I went back to Rose. 

Rose: What happened? 

Judy: No idea.

Rose: Why did he run away?

Judy: No idea.

Rose: Did you do something to him?

Judy: No idea.

Rose: Can you say something else?

Judy: No idea.

She just got mad and ran away from me. I looked at the place that Zayn was but just saw someone else. Niall. He started walking towards me and I started running the fast as I could and I went to a place where there are lots of people. I saw Zayn's house. I remember it. I got to his door and knocked on it. The door started to open and there was a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. That wasn't Zayn.

Judy: Good evening... um sorry to bother but... does Zayn live here?

x: No, I don't think I know any Zayn but I can help you find him. And I'm Jack.

Judy: Oh I don't need help. I'm Judy.

I just started to walk down the street and I started to scream the loudest I could because I can't take this anymore. If anyone saw me they would think I'm crazy. I just wanted to go home.


The next day at school I was alone. Zayn wasn't here and Rose was mad at me. I'm sitting on the same bench that I was sitting yesterday. I started to get up and looked at the bench that he was sitting and there he was. I started to walk slowly.

Zayn: Judy, I know you are here.

I sat next to him and he didn't turn to look at me.

Judy: Zayn please look at me.

He looked at me and his face was full of bruises. 

Judy: Who did that to you? Niall,right?

I just hugged him really tight and started to cry.

Judy: When did that happen?

Zayn: That night when I left you home...

I just kissed him slowly trying not to hurt him. We broke the kiss.

Judy: Do you want to sleep the night at my house?

Zayn: Okay haha 

I started to run away and I looked back but saw that Zayn couldn't run fast like always and his leg was hurt. I just ran to him and hugged him. We started walking towards my house.


We went inside and Zayn took me and we went into my bedroom. He put me down on the bed and started to kiss me. He took my shirt of as well as his own. We were now in just our underwear. We wer now naked on my bed and we were kissing. He just told me he loved me and I said it back and I could fell him inside of me. I couldn't take a breath because of him. We were both sweaty. 

Zayn's POV

 I was feeling pain in every part of my body but I didn't stop. I felt that she was finished. I just continued with this. I looked at her.

Zayn: Say that you want this!

Judy: I want this Zayn...

Zayn: Louder!

Judy: I want this Zayn!



I just finished and fell on the bed. I hugged her. Our bodies were sweaty and we couldn't breath.

Zayn: I love you Judy!

Judy: I love you too Zayn!


I woke up with a pain in my stomach. I put on some clothes and went downstair. I looked at the table and there was a diary. I so wanted to read it. 

'' Dear Diary, there is a new boy in my class and he is so mysterious and I only know his name. Zayn. I don't want to have anything with him''

Well that turned around.

''Dear Diary, I have a project to do with Zayn. He took me home and while I was changing he got into my room even if the door was locked. Then he kissed me. If it wasn't for my mum I don't know what he would do to me. I have to run''

Just fear.

''Dear Diary, This day I will always remember. I never thought I would do that with him. I won't mind if we do it once more, or twice or more...''

I left the diary and laid on the couch. I closed my eyes.


Judy's POV

I woke up and opened my eyes but Zayn is not here. I opened my drawer so I can find something to wear. I found a blue dress and put it on. Perfect. Wait what time is it? Breakfast time, I mean 11:43 am. Oh well we forgot to put on our alarm so we can go to school. I went downstairs and saw Zayn sleeping on the couch like a puppy. He was so cute. I started slowly walking towards him and I was in front of him. I was gonna get his hair out of his eyes but I woke him up.

Zayn: Judy, you scared me. Oh my back is killing me.

Judy: Sorry. Do you want me to massage you?

Zayn: Okay as long as you don't break my back.

Judy: I won't don't worry. Now take off your shirt and lye down.

Zayn took of his shirt and I started to do it.

Zayn: I told you not to break it. Let me massage you first then you massage me okay. Take off the dress.

Judy: What? No this is better.

Zayn: I have seen you naked before so don't be shy.

He got off my dress and I laid on my stomach. He started to do the work with his magic hands and it was amazing. I haven't felt anything that wonderful. 


While he was getting his shirt on I pushed him back so I was on top of him. We were so close now. I just touched his lips with mine and he thought I was gonna kiss him. I was playing with him. He opened his eyes. Now I really kissed him. 



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