Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


18. I'm coming

Zayn's POV

I woke up and looked around the room. It was empty. Where is Judy? Then the nurse came in looking at me.

N: Do you need anything?

Zayn: Did you see a blonde girl coming out of here?

N: Is her name Judy?

I nodded.

N: She left. But she left this letter for you.

I took the letter and she left the room.

''Dear Zayn,

I don't know why you did that but I know that I couldn't forgive you that easy. You used me. I trusted you and never thought that you were gonna use me. I have a soul too you know. I love you but at the same time hate you. I'm probably far away now and don't try to find me. You know that when I see your angelic face I'm gonna start crying. I would advise you to listen to Louis and go back and leave me alone. I would forever love you and all our time spend together will be in my best memories. I hope you find another person that you could make happier than you made me if that's even possible. 

- Your Judy''

I started to cry but was interrupted by her phone. It was a message from Rose. It was just: ''Hurry!'' I looked at the old messages and they were gonna meet at the city park. I have to go there. I just got dressed even if it hurt a lot. I took my phone and saw a message.

''It wasn't that hard. I did you a favor. LT''

It was Louis. I didn't get it. What did he want to... I saw a liquid on the floor next to the wall. I looked at it and it was blood and... 

I knew it he used me. It all makes sense now. I'm gonna kill him. I ran away so the nurse doesn't see me. Louis I'm coming. 


I was walking through the old streets. I know this place. It was from my past. I passed the place where we were just using and making people's lives hard. We were just playing with people. If I could turn back time and change this I would. I got through a door and there was some guys and they were talking about me. I got through the stairs and in a big room. It was with music and smoke. I saw Louis too. He was with his back facing me. I put my hand on his shoulder and when he turned around he was surprised. He was playing billiard. The guy that was playing with him just ran away. 

Louis: Zayn?!

Zayn: You are still coming here? You still rape the poor girls?

Louis: You have done that before yourself. I was your friend Zayn.

Zayn:  Friends don't rape each others girlfriends. 

Louis: I did you a favor. She is just a bitch.

Zayn: Say one more thing about her and. of even a plastic surgery is gonna fix your face.

Louis: Hit me zayn! You can't. You just run after humans. She is just a bitch!

I hit him in the face and then I made a mistake. I should have hit him more times but I couldn't. He hit me with his leg in the stomach.

Louis: Never-do-that-again!

He hit me in the stomach with every word. He stopped and got away from me. 


I was once more in front of this high school. There were this group of bold guys in front of the front door. I didn't have time for them. I just passed them. I was looking for the girl that I came to school today. There were girls that talked about everyone that passed.

x: Look at his butt.

x1: Uffff....

I got up the stairs. I go into the classroom and sat on my place. The teacher came in. There was a knock at the door and I hoped that it was Judy but it was just Rose. When she didn't  close the door I looked and saw that Judy came in. She didn't look at me. She just sat on her place. 

Zayn: Judy, please turn around...

I was just touching her shoulder, arm,back and then I grabbed a piece of hair and pulled it not too hard. She jumped on her feet and yelled. 


She yelled very loud and everyone looked at us. 

Professor: Both out!

She packed her stuff and I looked at everything she did. We left the classroom and I took her arm.

Judy: Let me go. 

zayn: Let me explain.

Judy: What another lie?

Zayn: No.

Judy: Talk!

I sat on the ground against the wall. And showed her to sit on my legs and put my saddest look I could.She just sat and I put my arms around her waist and my head on her back. 

Judy: So are you gonna lie now so I can go?

Zayn: So... It was like this....

.............. after 15 minutes.........

Judy: So you wanna tell me that he did that?

Zayn: Yes.

Judy: You know that it's not gonna be like normal now... I lost your trust now. I'm sorry.

Zayn: I know... I'll try and get your trust once more. 

We just talked like that and then the bell rang and Judy ran to the bathroom. I wanted to go there but there was a person in front of me, Rose.

Rose: What did you do to her now?

Zayn: I didn't do anything.

Rose: Why is she crying then?

She just went after Judy. I was gonna go if someone didn't stop me again. A black-haired girl.

Zayn: What do you want Victoria?

Victoria: is it true what everyone is talking? Is Judy pregnant?

Zayn: W-what? Who said that?

She just ignored me and started walking.

Judy: Zayn. What does she want? 

Zayn: I'll tell you later.


The last class was over and we were walking. 

Judy: Do you... um... you know I'm alone at home.. so

Zayn: Come live with you? Yes.

Judy: What was Victoria talking to you?

Zayn: Some idiot said that you are pregnant.

Judy: How did they think of this? - she started laughing so hard that I joined her.

When we got to the car I put my hands in my pockets to find the keys but just found her phone and Z necklace. I gave it to her and she had a sad expression on her face.

.......... 20 Minutes later....

Judy's POV

While he was driving I asked him how it was gonna be if we have a baby he said it was too early for that. I was sad a little about it.

Judy: When did you start smoking?

Zayn: A long time ago.

Judy: Why?

Zayn: It's not important now.

Judy: Yes it is. It's not healthy for you. 

Zayn: Sorry. I know you care for me but I didn't want to answer that right now.


Days passed and now it was my birthday. Rose wanted to go to some club but not me. She made me go and we were going shopping for some dress.


I have bought a black dress and now Zayn took us to the club. He was gonna take us when we want and the sad part is he isn't coming with me. He was like me. he didn't like a lot of people on one place and loud noise. But when you have a friend like Rose what can you do. We were inside and I just wanted to get out. Rose wanted to get drunk. I didn't.  I started going towards the bathroom because I felt like vomiting. When I got there I didn't vomit. I started to get out and a guy saw me he started to go towards me and I started to run to the bathroom. He pushed me against the wall. He started to push my dress. I tried pushing him away and the remembered all the other times this happened. I got all of my strength and hit him in the painful spot. He laid on the ground from all the pain. I started to run and find Rose. I found her in the same place as I left her. She was sleeping. I woke her up and that was so hard. I started to help her walk.


The car stopped and Zayn came out of it. Rose was dead drunk. Zayn took her in him and carried her bridal style. I want to be carried like that. Worst 18th Birthday ever. If they ask me how I celebrated my 18th birthday I have to say I held my best friend's hair so she could vomit easily. What a memory. I was looking through the window when I started to feel like vomiting again. I signaled Zayn to stop. I ran out of the car and started to vomit. I couldn't stop myself and I thought that even my organs are gonna be on the grass soon. I didn't have anything to throw up anymore. I felt someone getting my hair out of my face.
Zayn: What is it Judy?
Zayn asked me concerned. He was looking at me.
Zayn: You're pale.
Judy: Take me home
(One Direction's second album hahah xD)
Zayn: What are we gonna do with Rose?
We couldn't take her home because her parents are strict and they will kill her. I have to take her to my house. Why am I seeing in my mind trowing her over a cliff. I'm crazy. My day is crazy: first I have to buy a stupid dress and I see Louis from nowhere, I went to a club that I didn't like and I was almost raped, I carried Rose because she was so drunk and then Zayn carried her bridal style and I'm not jealous. And then I throw up in the middle of nowhere. Night to remember.
We were in front of my house and Zayn took Rose once more in his hands. I was so jealous. Suddenly Rose opened her eyes and looked at Zayn and kissed him. WHAT?!? My best friend kissed Zayn? She closed her eyes but Zayn pulled away and looked at me surprised. I was crying. I started to walk upstairs and Zayn was calling my name. I closed the door to my room. Zayn was calling me to open but I didn't want to.
Zayn: Okay! If you don't want to open I'll have to break the door down. 
Judy: Noooo!
Zayn: Then I'll have to wait here.

After a few seconds I felt cold and looked at the window. There stood a boy. Louis. He came closer to me and was looking at me.
Louis: Don't be scared. I came in peace.
What? He is joking right. Zayn tried to knock the door down but he couldn't. He was yelling outside.
Louis: You locked yourself in a room because of him. You are more dangerous than I thought. 
Zayn: Louis! Get away from her!
Louis: Calm down Malik, I won't do anything to her. I just came to give her a present.

I started to run away but he grabbed me.
Louis: Happy birthday baby girl! Now you are in the world of adults and no one is gonna make it easy for you. You have to go through everything by yourself now.
Suddenly I heard a loud noise and saw that Zayn knocked the door down. Louis let go of me and stood by the window. After a mites of silence Louis started to walk towards me even if Zayn was telling him not to. He put his hand in his pocket once he was in front of me. He pulled a small box and opened it. There was a necklace with a star on it with real diamonds on the star. 
Louis: A gift. I told you I was coming in peace.
I was looking at him shocked and then he looked at Zayn.
Louis: I remembered to bring you something not like some people. 
Zayn was silent and Louis then got next to the window once more.
Louis: Happy Birthday Judy! And think about what I told you.

He then jumped out of the window and Zayn stayed silent.

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