Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


11. Horror with comedy

It was so hard to get him but I caught his t-shirt and grabbed his hat that he was wearing. I was going to run away but he grabbed my other hand. 
Zayn: Give it back!
His voice was scary. He wasn't smiling anymore. What did I do wrong? His grip on my hand got tighter.
Zayn: Give it back!
I gave it to him fast. He let go of me and I looked at my hands. There were marks of his hands. He was putting his stupid hat on his head. He looked at me. I expected him to yell at me but he just smiled.
Zayn: Shall we?
I just looked at him in shock. How can a person change moods so fast? He just took my hand and I tried to get it away from him. He looked at me confused.
Zayn: C'mon! We are almost there.
I just started to walk with him and he was slowly running. He was sometimes acting like a kid. We stopped at a high bush.
Zayn: We are here.
I looked around and there was nothing and I was just hearing some music.
Judy: Where are we?
He got rid of the bush and I could see an amusement park.
Judy: You took me here?
Zayn nodded and took my hand through the bushes. He was jumping around me like a puppy. 
Zayn: Where are we going first?
Judy: Don't know. You can choose.
He was looking all around. There weren't a lot of people and it wasn't empty. 
Zayn: What do you say about the house of fears?
I got so scared in the moment. From all the places he chose House of Fears. Zayn noticed my fear and took my hand.
Zayn: Are you scared?
I nodded my head.
Zayn: C'mon! Don't be scared! Nothing will happen to you. I will take care of you. 
He had a smile on his face. I know this is not a good idea. I started walking with him. Zayn went to buy us tickets. When he came back he took my waist and dragged me inside. We walked up the stairs that were 
squeaking. When we got on the second floor there was someone sitting on a chair and his back our way. I was expecting him to turn around and chase us. I was gonna get a heart attack. I grabbed Zayn's t-shirt tighter. 
Zayn: Don't tell me you are scared of this?
Judy: I don't know about you but I'm not going anywhere.
Zayn: Are you sure?
Judy: DA!
Zayn: Okay then! I'm going and you come home how you know.
Judy: Wait! Don't leave me alone!

I ran next to him. He smiled at me. It was dark all around us. 
Judy: Zayn?
Zayn: Yes?
Judy: How come you are not afraid of anything?
Zayn: Well... There is this one thing that scares me....
Judy: What is it?
Zayn:... That I will lose you...

I smiled at him. I got closer to him. The fear was going away as I was closer to him. There was silence all around us and I could hear every heart beat. In front of us we saw a cage with a skeleton. That wasn't scary. I wanted to be brave so I stood in front of Zayn. His hands were around my waist and his chin on my head. I think he was bored but this became more exciting for me.I wanted to ask him something and then I hit something. It was like glass. There were a few candles around it. After that a girl with bloody dress showed up on the glass. I got really scared and I started to yell. It was bloody Mary. I was always scared of things like ghosts,demons,devils or something like that. I put my head in Zayn's chest and started crying. I felt that we are moving. I guess we passed the glass mirror. 
Zayn: Everything is okay now. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is not real.
My eyes were closed and his t-shirt was wt from my tears. He put his hands on my cheeks and lifted my head. 
Zayn: Look at me!
I opened my eyes and looked at him.
Zayn: I'm sorry I made you come here. We can go now...
He grabbed my shoulders and put me on his so he can carry me. I didn't expect that so I held tight on his neck.
Judy: AAAAHHH!!! Zayn!!! I'm gonna fall...
Zayn: You are cho... Jud... Judy you're choking me!

We were walking like a broken toy ballerina. 
Zayn: Calm down Judy, you are gonna choke me! 
Judy: Okay. But we could have fell or I could have hit my head on the wall.
Zayn: Don't forget you were gonna choke me.
Judy: Let me go!
Zayn: No way. I'm carrying you till the exit.
Judy: Zayn I'll scream!
Zayn: Just not too loud... They will think I'm raping you!

That wasn't funny at all. We went out slowly and the light was gonna blind me. I covered Zayn's eyes.
Zayn: Judy? What are you doing?
Judy: Well... I wanted to protect you. I don't want you to become blind.
Zayn: It's alright... Do you wanna drink something or popcorn?
Judy: No thanks I don't want you to spend money on me.
Zayn: I wouldn't bring you here if I didn't want to spend money.
Judy: Nice choice for a place to go out. And I like it.
Zayn: I'm glad you liked it. I think it's better than some restaurant. Let's go.
Judy:Where are we going?
Zayn: Twister.
Judy: I love it!
Zayn: I thought you were scared of that too
- he whispered
What does he think I am? Coward. He was ahead of me and and I ran to him and pushed him so he fell. I was still running.
Judy: Who gets first to the Twister carries the other person.
I was running and I bumped into someone. Why am I always bumping into someone? I fell on the ground.
Judy: Sorry... I'm really sorry. I wasn't looking and...
I lost my voice when I saw the boy in jeans and a gray hoodie. I could recognize those blue eyes anywhere. Niall. 
Judy: You...
Niall: Told you that we are gonna meet again!
When I wanted to scream I bumped into someone...again.
Zayn: You are clumsier than I thought.
My face was scared and serious.
Zayn: What does that face mean?
I pointed at the place where Niall was standing but he wasn't there. Zayn looked at me weird.
Judy: It's no-not important. Come on.
I started walking in front of him.
Zayn: Slow down.
I started walking even faster but I soon felt his hands on my waist.
Zayn: Slow down... What is wrong with you? You look like you saw a ghost. You are so pale.
Judy: Nothing happened Zayn. I just got scared because I bumped into someone.
Zayn: Are you hurt?
I shook my head.
Zayn: Who did you bumped into?
Judy: I don't know. There were a lot of people.
Zayn: Doesn't matter. Let's go buy tickets.

After 15 minutes waiting we got our seats on the Twister. I was still wondering what was Niall doing here. Zayn hugged me.
Zayn: Are you cold?
Judy: Yes a little bit... It's colder up here.
Zayn: Here, take my jacket.
Judy: But you'll be cold.
Zayn: Don't worry about me just take it.

When I was getting the jacket on I felt his beautiful scent.
Judy: Zayn?
Zayn: Yes my angel?
Judy: I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me tonight. For bringing me here, being with me when I was scared and now you are warming me. Thank you.
Zayn: Judy, you are talking like we are gonna die now...
Judy: I just needed to say that.
Zayn: No... Thank you.
Judy: For what?
Zayn: Thanks for existing.

Something shot me in the soul. How can someone be so good. I was looking him in the eyes. He started to lean in and close his eyes. I did the same. I was waiting to kiss him but I just heard a loud crash and it became dark.

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