1D/5SOS IMAGINES (closed)

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2. For Yahaira, Luke Hemmings

It was around 7 pm Luke and I were walking in the park we were best friends since second grade and we couldn't spend a day without seeing each other we were really close

It was sunset and we were sitting on a bench by the lake just talking.

''Yahaira...'' Luke said looking at me... was he nerves?

''Yes Luke?'' I asked him

He looked at me with his big blue eyes his hair was up and looked really good and his lip piercing... No stop it Yahaira he is your best friend you can't like him it will ruin everything!

''Well you know that we've been friend for a LONG time now...'' Luke started

''Yes I know that and I love you very much'' I said but secretly the love you thing wasn't meant as a love you you say to your friends...

''I love you too, but I need to come clean and I really love you'' Luke said

''I also really love you Luke'' I said smiling at him omg does he also like me!?

''No I mean like I really really Love you Yahaira'' Luke said ''I mean it in a romantic way'' He said and grabbed the back of his neck

''So do I Luke'' I said and we both started to lean in and we kissed...

''I have been waiting so long'' We both said when we stopped after we noticed we said that at the same time we started to laugh and we kissed again... 


Hope you like it! xxx- Mounia

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