1D/5SOS IMAGINES (closed)

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11. For Teryn, Harry Styles

''You know what I am done!'' Harry screamed to me

''Someon photoshopped it why don't you believe me!?'' I screamed back at him

Someon photoshoped me and Justin Bieber together we are now back in London we flew from LA to London yesterday evening and now the magazines are full of lies! Justin invited a bunch of people to a party he also invited me and Harry but Harry had an interview so I went with a friend

''I knew I shouldn't let you go why would you kiss him!? Aren't you happy with me am I not good enough!?'' Harry screamed

''You know what Harry believe what you want but if you can't believe me there is no trust in our relationship'' I screamed

''There is no our relationship anymore'' Harry said

''That's right because I am breaking up with you!'' I screamed

''But oh for the sake of your reputation sure go tell you broke up'' I said no calmly and I ran out of the house it was raining outside I ran and ran and found myself middle in the forrest when I finally stopped 

I started to freak out and got a panic attack my heart was beating so fast I could feel it and I bet if you stood right in front of me you could even see it a little

That's when everything started spinning and then everything went black and I fell to the ground


''Please wake up I am so sorry it was photoshopped I see it now please just wake up'' I heard someone next to me say while crying

Wait it was Harry when I opened my eyes I saw him with his head down silently sobbing a little and he was holding my hands

''You are my world Teryn... your caramel hair that always fell so perfectly your brown eyes I can get lost in and your beautiful tan skin that I would always touch whenever we went to sleep... Every night I would kiss your head right when you fell asleep you never knew I would always whisper sweet things in your sleep just so I know you would dream about us our... our shitty beautiful relationship'' Harry said

''Don't stop there that was so beautiful'' I said letting a tear go down my cheeck... well it were more then one to be honest

''Teryn!'' Harry screamed and hugged me

''I am so so sorry for freaking out you know I can get jealous and mad quickly I should have listened words can't describe how sorry I am...'' Harry went on and on but I stopped him and putted my lips against his soft lips

''I forgive you'' I said and we both smiled 


hope you like it :) x-Mounia

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