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10. For Shantez, Niall Horan

''So is that a yes Shan?'' Niall asked me only he called me Shan it was a nick name he gave me

''Yes Niall I will go on a date with you'' I said rolling my eyes and laughing

''Thank you so much'' He said pulling me into a hug

''Sure I have also liked you for a while now...'' I said but then covering my mouth

''You did?'' Niall asked me as his eyes went wide and filled with joy

''Yeah...'' I said looking down and I started to blush

''Well I am happy now go get ready I am picking you up in 2 hours were going to the movie's and then have diner'' He said

''So were gonna stuff ourselves with popcorn to only have more food afterwards?'' I asked laughing a little

''Yeah why not?'' Niall totally serious

After that we both started laughing and then he left and I was gonna get ready



''Just so you know I will beat the shit out of him if he does anything you don't want or if he breaks your heart'' My sister said to me as she was curling my hair

''That won't happened now hurry up he's gonna be here in 30 minutes'' I said

''Okay I am done anyways'' She said

''Thank you!'' I said hugging her

After I did my make-up he arrived I was just wearing jeans with my cool story bro crop top my hair curled and a little bit of make-up that's good for a date to the movie's and then a diner afterwards right? Yeah probably is and if people don't like it TOO BAD!

''Remember what I said...'' My sister said as I was leaving the room to go to Niall

''Oh shut up'' I said throwing my hair brush at her since that was the first thing I saw


''Okay so I was thinking we can walk in the park a little before I drive you home'' Niall said sounding nervous...?

''Ahm sure'' I said smiling

We walked in the park for 5 minutes till we went to sit down on a bench

''So what do you wanna talk about now?'' I asked laughing we have been talking non stop I really like Niall... He's really amazing

''Well actually I wanna ask you something'' He said nervous Okay since we arrived he's been acting weird...

''Sure ask away'' I said

''I know this is a little early and this is just our first date but will you be my girl...'' He said but I stopped him by pressing my lips to his confirming his question

I am officially Niall Horan's girlfriend I really do love him...


Hope you like it :) x

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