1D/5SOS IMAGINES (closed)

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7. For Rosi, Ashton Irwin

''Ashton hurry up!'' I said as we were walking in the park this was our first date he asked me to be his girlfriend last week and of course I said yes! We've been good friend for about 1 year but we were always on the flirting side and now I guess he asked me and I could't be more happy to be honest!

''Yeah yeah what did you bring'' He asked me we were gonna pick nick and maybe I packed a little to much...?

''Ok so maybe I packed a little to much but I know you you're gonna eat all of it'' I said and we sat down on the blanket

''You know me now let's eat!'' Ashton said sitting down

We've been sitting down for about 10 minutes now just talking and giving each other bites I was having a really good time until...

''Omg are you Ashton Irwin!?'' A short girl with blonde hair and blue eyes asked Ashton of course there was gonna be someone who would recognize him...

''Ahm yeah that's me'' Ashton said smiling he stood up and so did I

''Could I have a picture'' She asked

''Yeah of course'' Ashton said 

''I can take it'' I offered

''Is she your girlfriend?'' The girl asked

''Yeah... sort of no one knows yet I was gonna say it next week could you please keep it a secret?'' Ashton asked the girl I hope she would...

''Of course anything for you Ashton I ship you guys so hard!'' She said excited

''Aw that's so sweet of you'' I said

I took the picture she thanked us and walked away

''I hope the rest of the fandom is gonna accept you too'' Ashton said

''I bet they will'' I said and we shared a kiss and went back to the pick nick 


Hope you like it Rosi x

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