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3. For Gabby, Liam Payne

''Liam this isn't the first time!'' I screamed at Liam today I was shopping with my girls and I saw Liam sitting on a bench with a girl and they were smiling and I knew that he was cheating

''Please believe me she is just an old friend from high school I love you and you know that please believe me!'' Liam screamed back at me he was sorry I know but I heard old story's about him from Sophia he's old girlfriend that he cheated on her and that's why they broke up.

''Wait what do you mean with this isn't the first time?'' Liam asked me

Oh shit he can't know I talked to Sophia! His ex! Omg Gabby why did you have to say that out loud I am so screwed...

''Well... I had lunch with Sophia last week she wanted to talk to me...'' I said

''What!? What did she tel you!?'' Liam asked he was angry...

''Well she told me that you cheated on her and that's why you broke up and I thought that you also cheated on me today at the mall when I saw you with that girl...'' I said looking down.

Why the hell did I believe his ex girlfriend!? Oh I am so naive...

''She is my ex! Gabby believe me you know me I would never hear me NEVER cheat on you I love you so much here I can show you a picture this is me and Lisa she's an old high school friend and we haven't seen each other for about 2 years so we meeted again'' Liam said

I should have known that there was nothing. Liam wouldn't cheat on me!

''I am sorry babe...'' I said and me and Liam hugged 

''It's ok I get it'' He said and he started to play with my dirt blonde hair.

''I am happy I found you Liam'' I said and looked into his eyes

''Me too I love you'' Liam said and he started to lean in

''I love you too Liam'' And then we kissed 


Here it is hope you like it xxx- Mounia 

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