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4. For Blare, Ashton and Luke

''Luke I swear to god if you don't go away now things might happen to your face'' Ashton hissed at Luke

''Oh yeah I would like to see you try before I...'' Luke started but I interrupted

''You guys stop it!'' I screamed this has been going on for the past week I know they both like me but I know if I date any of them I will rip up the band and I can't freaking do that!

''You guys I like you both but I can't date any of you'' I said

''Why not!?'' They both said in shock to me

''If I will the band will be ripped up and I can't do that'' I said and looked down I then started to play with my dirty blonde hair I feel like crying right now

''Please Blare you won't rip up the band but please choose one of us'' Luke said

''What do you mean choose one of us then it's like I will pick one of you and drop the other one I wanna be friends with both of you I love you both but I can't ok!'' I screamed at them 

''Blare I love your green hazel eyes your blonde hair the way your eyes sparkle when we talk we both play drums so we have the in common I just love you'' Ashton said

''Please you guys I can't right now give me some time to think but for now I am going home and you guys don't fight because if I get a call from Michael or Calum that you guys are fighting again I won't pick one of you'' I said

They both looked at the ground and before I left I kissed both of them on the cheek and I left...


Here it is hope you like it xxx-Mounia

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