1D/5SOS IMAGINES (closed)

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9. For Asia, Harry Styles

''Harry can you please grab that for me?'' I asked Harry we just moved into our new house and we were doing some groceries now and I couldn't reach the butter that was on the top self of the fridge in the supermarket

''Sure'' Harry said and he went to grab it

''Thank you'' I said as he putted it in the cart

''Okay so now we only need bread some cookies and...'' I said but got interrupted by a girl screaming


''Shit'' Harry cursed under his breath and some girls started to run after him, me and Harry ran out of the supermarket him being way faster then since he was tall and well I wasn't...

''Wait for me Haz'' I screamed still running

''Oh dammit why are you so short'' Harry said but you could hear him joking by the way he said it

''Jump on my back'' He said and so I did

He ran to our car jumped in but when we were about to start the car the girls started to surround the car Harry tried to move everyone by making this motion with his hand but they wouldn't

''Wait I have a plan'' I said I then pushed the top window on top of the car open and I went to reveal my face

''OKAY LISTEN!'' I said

They all went quite as I expected

''Okay in the supermarket Harry lost his wallet on the ground can you guys please go get it...'' They said but only a few left shit...

''Okay so your not buying that now are you...'' I said urning some 'yeah's' from them

''Okay what do you want? Me and Harry really need to go'' I said

''Can we have a picture?'' Some girl said in the crows wow... a lot of people joined in the keen time

''Can they Haz?'' I asked looking down

''Sure but tell them to make a line so no one will push'' Harry said but they all heard it and went to do that

After taking a picture with the last fan we finally left

''So... That was a experience...'' I said laughing and so did Harry

''Well you get used to it you know'' Harry said

''You make them really happy I used to be a fangirl I know the feeling'' I said holding his hand

''I know Asia I know... It also feels good'' Harry said smiling making his dimples pop out... He was truly beautiful 


Hope you like it :) x 

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