Our Endless Love

Carrie a 16 year old new girl moves to London with her mom and she doesnt know that the guy she meets for the first time will be her endless love ....although they go through pain ...they always find a way to get back with eachother


5. Why do you do this

"When?"he finally said. I looked at him confused ."When?!" he screamed louder. "What are you talking about ?!"i screamed back   "When are you going to be mine" Then i realized what he said ...was that a question... I just stared at him not responding. "Well...."he said smiling but this time with his dimple popping out . I loved seeing that dimple instead of that stupid smirk he always has with girls . "Answer me !"he screamed and the dimple was gone .. "You cant make me " i responded , getting more in his face . "What? any girl will love to be with this" "Well I'm not one of those girls you always sweet talk to ,to just get them in bed "he froze , then looked down... He finally gave up let go of my hands .I pulled away from the wall . Wow this kid got some serious strength .My hands feel like they been cur off. I hears the door open .I turned around to see Harry's mom and my mom oh thank god they were back. "Well it was nice having dinner with you guys" "Anytime"Harry's mom replied I gave my mom a hurry up look and she nodded. " Bye Carrie "Harry said as he lean in to give me a kiss on the cheek . I jumped. He smirked , like always .. *Next day* I woke up late today , because yesterday i stayed up thinking about Harry.... I got up trying to force my sleepy ness  .. ************* As i was heading my way to my first class i didn't see a sight of Harry anywhere. I don't even k ow why i was feeling worried  . He treats me like shit so whats the whole point caring for him. "Hey you okay?" Jasmine asked "Huh..yeah I'm just a bit tired "i responded with a fake smile. Just then the door flew wide open . "Get in here !" i heard the principal say. I looked up to see Harry standing in front of our classroom . He looked at me and smirked . I rolled my eyes at him. "Mr. Styles please take a seat "the teacher ordered him . As he was walking to his seat all the girls were giving him dirty looks ....pig..
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