Our Endless Love

Carrie a 16 year old new girl moves to London with her mom and she doesnt know that the guy she meets for the first time will be her endless love ....although they go through pain ...they always find a way to get back with eachother


4. Its the cute ones you have to watch out for

I took off my shoes and ran upstairs . I spend 5 to 10 minutes trying to find something nice to were . "Ready?!!"my mom yelled from downstairs . I hurried and walked outside with her . As we were walking we went to a house in front of us . *rings the  bell* In that moment a very beautiful lady came out . I looked at her face and i felt like if i has seen her somewhere ....but i didn't remember from where.. "Hi ,com on in" the lady said as she greeted my mom and me . "You must be Carrie " "Yup that's me " i said in a smile . When we walked in it was such a beautiful house . I heard someone coming from upstairs . Then i saw Harry? What was he doing here ,and dressed like that ? "Oh Harreh , come here and say hi to our new neighbors" the lady said with an accent . Harry directly came towards us . "Helloo...."he responded shaking my moms hand and mine. I don't know why he was acting like he didn't  know me . "This is my son "i heard the lady say. Wow my first time meeting this guy and I'm already meeting his mom  . I hope that didn't mean anything ...... Harry kept giving me a creepy look. I swear if he didn't stop i will slap that pretty  face of his . Wait did i just call him pretty....... "Harry , honey me and Ms. Summers are going outside for a walk you stay here with Carrie okay?" What oh no I'm not staying here with this psycho , he's going to kill me !! Harry nodded acting like a good boy  , bishhhh please . "Do you need something? "Harry finally broke the silence . "No thank you" "Look I'm sorry about the other day i don't know what got into me " You darn right something got into you .... "Its alright" Wait did i just say its okay .....what is wrong with me As i headed my way to the trash i hear foot steps . I turned around to see Harry . I felt both of my hands being push against the wall . "Oh here we go again" He only smirked , that little smirk he always gave me .  
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