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" Golden Chance " is a love story of two different people living in two different countries .
Lindsey is an Australian girl.

Lindsey gets a golden chance to go to the 'World's best dance academy' which is in London. When she meets a guy and she finds him cute but doesn't like him. They both hate each other. Slowly he falls in love with her. Will he tell her his feelings? Will she fall for him? Will they get together?

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Enjoy reading ' Golden Chance '
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6. Chapter 6

Lindsey's POV

I went to the emergency room to check on Mia. I saw that she was with that curly haired guy. I went in and asked the nurse if I could take her to our room.

"Yes you can. She is feeling much better now", said the nurse.

" Lindsey, can you get me a cappuccino from the cafeteria?' Mia asked me.

"Yes ... I can. Will you please stay with her till I get back?",I asked him.

"Yeah sure .... I will", he said to me and smiled at Mia.

I went to get cappuccino from the cafeteria. When I entered, I saw a guy at the counter table.I wondered where have I seen him before.I came closer to the counter table and ordered for one cappuccino.

"Excuse me, But have we meet before? or maybe have we seen each other in this campus anywhere?" I asked him in a very akward manner.

"Yes ... we have.''he said.

"Where?" I asked him.

"You came to give Niall his library card. I was there in the room. I'm Louis ..... Louis Tomlinson", he said shaking hands with me.

"Oh! Hi Louis. Sorry to say but your "friend" doesn't know how to talk with respect",I told him frankly. He giggled and gave me my order.

"Here is your order",he said. I thanked him and paid for the cappuccino.

"Will you please handover this card to your friend. Because the librarian will eat my head",I requested Louis handing over the card in front of him.

"Yeah, sure i will''. He smiled and took the card.

I looked at my watch it was 5 in the evening. I turned around to go and just then entered Niall talking with someone on his phone. It seemed that Niall was bit angry the way I shouted at him in front of his roomies or you can say his friends.

I was about to walk out of the cafeteria with my cappuccino when Niall pushed me on a guy who was passing by. I dashed onto him and my cappuccino was all over guy's head.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?", that guy yelled at me.

"I'm extremly sorry. I'm really very sorry. I ...",I said to him. He throwed an angry look at me and walked away muttering something, god knows what. I was so pissed at Niall that I turned around and went inside the cafeteria again. There stood four boys in front of me. Two of them were Niall and Louis. Louis was dirty-brown haired guy , had tattoos over is arms, kinda long hair, and was sassy.

"You must have meet Louis ... lemme introduce you to them. Boys ...", Niall said to me.

"I'm Zayn Malik",he said to me. Zayn looked like a mysterious but handsome guy, tattoos all around his arm, quiffed haired, brown eyes.

"I'm Liam Payne",said the next guy. Dirty-brown hair as Louis, he also had tattoos, beared, hot looking fellow.

"And I'm Harry Styles ... we meet before",said a thick voice from behind me. I turned around to see and there he was. Curly haired, green eye, he had more tattoos as compered to the others, buffed body, sexy looking guy.

I was shocked to see Harry and Louis being a part of Niall's 'Stupid Gang' .They seemed to be sweet and polite but ....

''You were suppose to wait with Mia till I get back. Then what on earth are you doing here?", I asked Harry.

"I was but then Niall called me that he needed to deal with a chick I mean with you so here I am." he told me.

"And I'm Niall ... the cute Irish one",said Niall smillng at me. Niall was one with blonde hair, blue eyes, the one with sexy Irish accent and had moles on his neck. I will have to admitt that 'yes' he was cute and had a very sexy smile, but I just hated him like anything.

"Just stay away from me ... all of you", I said to him and pointed at the rest.

"Oh ..... We are scared",said Zayn acting as if he was scared. Niall went near the counter and then came near me.

I looked in his eyes and said,"Listen, I'm telling you for the last time. I won't .... OH! GOD .... ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND".

He poured two jars of ice water on top of my head.

"I knew you were stupid and rude to everyone. I even thought that Louis and Harry were sweet but I guessed it wrong, didn't expect this.....",I said to him.

"Oh good! Now you know",He said to me giving a cute smile and high fived the others. While this was happening, one of them recorded it on his cell phone.

They all laughed and walked away from cafeteria. I was left alone dripping down with cold water from top to bottom. I was about to cry but I holded my tears back. I was so pissed that I couldnt think of anything but mutter curses for 'That Gang'.

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