Our Story, Our Life

" Golden Chance " is a love story of two different people living in two different countries .
Lindsey is an Australian girl.

Lindsey gets a golden chance to go to the 'World's best dance academy' which is in London. When she meets a guy and she finds him cute but doesn't like him. They both hate each other. Slowly he falls in love with her. Will he tell her his feelings? Will she fall for him? Will they get together?

For more details please read my story and leave a message.

Enjoy reading ' Golden Chance '
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3. Chapter 3

Lindsey's POV

Days passed as water flowing from the tap. "Have you done your packing ? You have to leave tomorrow. And you are only allowed to carry 20kg ... don't forget that" , My mother said to me."Yes mom I have done my packing"

I was very nervous going to a different country and being all alone over there in millions of people. I lay down on by bed thinking about my journey and new friends I would be making over there. Thousands of thoughts were coming to my mind. I switched on my alarm and went to sleep.

"Wake up sleeping beauty , you have a flight to catch. You get up before I come over there and shook you like no matter what. GET UP" My mom yelled at me.

"I'm up ... no need to shout".

"Oh good ... Get ready and get down over here for breakfast. I have made your favourite 'pancakes'. And don't forget to get pack your medicines and your certificates and everything. Check it once again for my satisfaction please".

" I have taken everything" , I told my hyper mother while going for a bath.

I got ready, picked up my luggage and everything. When I was about to close my bedroom door, I looked all over my sweet lil room. All the memories and the fun I had in this room was in front of my eyes. I came down for breakfast. I ate my mom's made pancakes. Went around the house and my room for the last time and then I left the house for airport. I hugged by family good bye. The flight was on time. I was very nervous.

The plane took off. I reached London. It was a long ride. I was so tired, that i could barely stand straight. I called my cousin and told her that to come to pick me from the airport.

"Hi ... so nice to see you. You know what I'm really hungry ... lets go and eat something please".

"Hi ..... Yeah sure .... I know one place. Its called 'Mikky's place'. Its amazing. Let's go to that place and have dinner over there".

My cousin asks me when was I going to join college. I told her that college was in 3 days but as I was going to stay in their dorm room. I had to go over there 2 days before the college starts. We went home, after the dinner and then I changed into my track pants. I was tired so much that I went to sleep as soon as I was on my bed.

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