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" Golden Chance " is a love story of two different people living in two different countries .
Lindsey is an Australian girl.

Lindsey gets a golden chance to go to the 'World's best dance academy' which is in London. When she meets a guy and she finds him cute but doesn't like him. They both hate each other. Slowly he falls in love with her. Will he tell her his feelings? Will she fall for him? Will they get together?

For more details please read my story and leave a message.

Enjoy reading ' Golden Chance '
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2. Chapter 2

Lindsey's POV

I reached the hotel till 7.20 . I parked my car and when I was about to call Ian, he called my name from behind. I turned around and I saw him wearing black suit , there was a big bag in his hand , two men playing violin and two more men carrying flowers in their hands. I was like , Okay ..... I have not brought anything.

It was very romantic and unexpected from him. "Shall we?" he asked giving his hand in front of me."Yeah" I said to him awkwardly. We went in the lift. He went in first and then I followed him in. The lift was very weird. It was getting hot in there I pressed a button to switch on the fan. But it stopped in middle. I turned around said,"I guess there is some problem in the lift".He looked in my eyes and took a step towards me. He came very close to me.

"Ian?" I asked him.

"You are looking gorgeous today and ....." he said to while looking into my eyes.

"Ummm...."I said in a very awkward manner."And ..... you ..... have ..... pressed .. the wrong button",he said in a very romantic way and was laughing towards the end. I also started laughing.

We went to the second level. No one was there.

"Can we please have dessert first"I asked him.

"Sure,what do u want?"he asked me.

"I will have ..... this chocolate pudding and what about you?" I asked him.

"I will have my favourite ..... chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream "he said. He called the waiter and told him our order. Ian opened his bag and removed a gift from it and gave it to me.

"Open it now"he insisted me to do so. I said thank you for the gift and opened it .It was a scrap book. It had all the memories of our 10th class . It was very beautiful."Good , our desserts are here. I'm starving", I said to him.

After we were done eating he asked me if I wanted to go on the terrace , so I said why not ..... lets go .

When we went on terrace,it was very dark in there. I turned around and I saw that no one was behind me. I was alone in that dark place. Suddenly I saw some figures walking towards me. I was very scared. Then suddenly someone switched on lights and everyone yelled "SURPRISE ..... "I was shocked to see all my friends , my family , etc. I was very happy and excited to see all of them.

Lisa said to me,"Did you like it ?"

"I loved it. Whose idea was that"

"It was Lisa's plan" said Ian.

I hugged Lisa , Bella , Kate and said "Thank you very much for this party" . Lisa, Bella and Kate went to get some drinks.

Ian pulled my hand and said to me "What about me?" . I hugged him and said "Thank you". Then we went and had some drinks.


I grabbed Mia's hand took her aside."What happened",Mia asked me.

"Lisa ,I would like to tell you something . I Love You Mia . I love you very much. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her sitting on one knee, with a red rose in my hand.

"Yes, I love you too Ian" . I stood up. I pulled her in my arms and hugged her.  We kissed each other. After a while, we were starving so we decided to get dinner.


Lindsey's POV

Lisa came running towards us and told us that she is in relationship with Ian. We were not only shocked but also happy for both of them. I was very happy for them. We had dinner and then we danced all night to the best songs ever. We enjoyed a lot. I got many gifts .It was very exiciting. We captured as many as pictures we could. We came home after the party. Dinner was wonderful. 
We had Nachos, Figitas, Noodles, Peri peri chicken, Chicken fried rice, Veg fried rice, etc. I am so tried. I'm off to bed now. In a week I would be off to London for my further studies.

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