Our Story, Our Life

" Golden Chance " is a love story of two different people living in two different countries .
Lindsey is an Australian girl.

Lindsey gets a golden chance to go to the 'World's best dance academy' which is in London. When she meets a guy and she finds him cute but doesn't like him. They both hate each other. Slowly he falls in love with her. Will he tell her his feelings? Will she fall for him? Will they get together?

For more details please read my story and leave a message.

Enjoy reading ' Golden Chance '
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10. Chapter 10


"Harry...", Mia spoke.


"What about him?,Amy asked.

"Speak up girl", I said.

"When I came to the room, I saw Harry with a girl against the wall. She was very pretty. Her legs were around his torso, her hands wrapped around his neck, one of his hands against the wall and other on her thigh-"

I interrupted by saying,"Okay! So?"

"I like Harry", she blushed, I smiled.

"He has a girlfriend-",We are interrupted by someone's phone outside our room. I peeked outside the door and Niall was standing over there. I called him inside.

"Harry has a girlfriend?", I asked him as soon as he entered the room. He stood in the doorway.

" No,Harry doesn't have a girlfriend "

"B-But I saw him with a girl against that wall", she pointed towards Niall's room.

"He is with different girl everyday. He messes around with them", he tells looking at us.


"Can I talk to you outside", I said.

I couldn't stop thinking about our kiss. He kissed the others girls on their cheeks but why did he kissed me on my lips? I'm so confused.

"What?",he snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Why did you kissed I mean you kissed the other girls on their cheeks but why-"

"It just happened"

"Do you-"

"NO!", he yelled and continued," I don't. How can you possible think about it? I hate you Lindsey, I hate you. Look at you. Look at these long hair",he said touching my hair.

"Don't you dare touch my hair",I yelled.

"Why? Are you going to cut your hair because I touched it?"

"Yes I will", I said and walked into the room.

When I entered the room, Mia and Amy were laughing. I smiled at them.

"We are going to a salon. I'm cutting my hair"

"Why?", Amy asked.

"Because I want to", I lie.

"Okay let's go"


Niall's POV

I changed into a white plain T-shirt and black boxers. I checked my phone and went to sleep.

I saw deep in sleep when, there was a knock on the door for the fifth time in less than two minutes. I climbed out of my bed rubbing my eyes. I opened it and there was a girl standing at my door. She was wearing a white bath robe, her hair was a lil wet towards the tips. She was wearing hot red lipstick with lots of eyeliner. She was wearing rep heels and red nail polish.

"Can I come in?" she asked in a very sexy way. I'm too sleepy to recognise who she was.

"I guess you are sleepy. Go and wash your face and drink some water",she said coming into my room and closing the door behind her.

I washed my face twice and drank some more water. Who is she?

I went near my bed and turned around. My table lamp was on lighting up my room a lil bit. She was sitting on my bed, she was looking down at her thighs. I coughed to gain her attention.

"Oh!Good you are back", she said looking up at my me. My eyes widen to see who the girl is.

My mouth dropped and she stood up from my bed and took a step towards me. I blinked rapidly. Her figure ran all over my face.

"I know you are loving this. There is no one else except us right?",she asked.

I couldn't answer so I just shook my head to a 'no'. She smiled. Her figure trails down my neck leaving goosebumps all over my body. She kissed my neck making me moan her name.

My hands move to her back. Her hands move down to my inside of the shirt and up to my chest. Her hands are so warm against my body. She pulled it over my head and tossed it on my bed. I pressed my lips to her and it felt like heaven. Her lips were so soft and so warm. Her lipstick tasted like raspberry. I wondered what her lips felt like. My tongue moved further into her mouth.

"Untie and robe", she said.

My hands obeyed her. The rope pooled down down to the floor and I stared at her. She was only wearing a red hot bra and panties. She was so sexy. Her curves, I will die right now.

"Come her",she demanded.

I was pulled by my arm and we fell on my bed. Her legs were about to pull my boxers down when I stopped her.

"What?", she questioned me.

I gave her some warm kisses on her neck and down her cleavage.

"You are too sexy", I said pressing my lips to her again.

She was smiling, I could tell. I could fell it. In no time my boxers and her panties were pulled down.

"Do you have it?",she asked,smiling.

I got up from my bed and went near Liam's bed.

"Harry forgot his wallet here so yeah I have it", I said smiling and joint her back on my bed. There were lipstick marks all over my body. " Come her",I said.

Her lips were soft as usual against mine. I pulled it on me with her help and she giggled the whole time. I crawled onto her and her hands traveled into my hair, tugging it. I tugged her hair behind her ear.

"Oh Niall... You are so hot", she whispered in my ear as she tugged my hair.

"Say my name Niall. Say it",she said pressing her lips on my chin.

"Lindsey", I moaned her name,kissing her forehead.

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