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" Golden Chance " is a love story of two different people living in two different countries .
Lindsey is an Australian girl.

Lindsey gets a golden chance to go to the 'World's best dance academy' which is in London. When she meets a guy and she finds him cute but doesn't like him. They both hate each other. Slowly he falls in love with her. Will he tell her his feelings? Will she fall for him? Will they get together?

For more details please read my story and leave a message.

Enjoy reading ' Golden Chance '
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1. Chapter 1

Lindsey's POV

Scene opens somewhere in Australia . I walk into my room tensed with my brown straight hair, with one blue coloured streak , brown coloured eyes and two cute little dimples in my cheeks.

Someone knocked on my door. "Its open" I said . My mother comes in and says " Calm down dear ... you will get selected ..... don't worry. Have this mango juice" .She hands me over the glass. As I am having the juice, I receive an email . "Its them" I said . I am reading the whole email carefully. "What happened ? Are you in ? Say something ? " says my worried mother . "M in ...... I got selected ... OMG . I have to call Lisa, Bella and Kate and them this news"

First I will call Lisa and then I will call Bella and Kate. I'm calling my best friend up to tell her the news . "Lisa , hi listen up I got the mail from them . Yes I am in. I'm really excited to go over there. I seriously can't believe that I am actually going to "The best dancing academy in London". Anyways I have to get going now . Have do shop a lot . Because I have to leave in 3 weeks. Yah I know I wont be there for my birthday . But don't worry we will celebrate before I go. I will talk to you later when we meet. I also have to call Bella and Kate. So bye". I called Kate and Bella and told them this news. They were really very excited to hear the news.

Days passed very quickly and only a week was left for my journey. Lisa , Bella , Kate and I went for shopping at mall on 22nd April ."Hey .. how is this skirt ?" Bella asked me . "I like it but I want some formals . How about this ?" I asked . "Go try it . Go". Kate forced me to try it on.


"Call Ian and tell him to get her to the party" I said. "Bella give me his number" Kate ask Bella. Kate calls him. "Lisa here talk with him"Kate hands over the phone to me ,as he was my best friend.

"Hello Ian ? This is Lisa"

"Hi Lisa , how are you?"

"I'm good .I called to ask you for a favour ". "Yeah . Tell me what it is ? ". "As you know that we have a surprise bday party for Lindsey we want you to get her to the party at 8 pm . Hello .... are you there? ". "Yes , yes ... and don't worry. I was just thinking of a plan and listen here it is . " Ian tells his plan to Kate , Bella and me. So how is it?". "Great . This plan is awesome . Okay so call her now . And be at the spot till 6 pm . Anyways she is coming over here . So bye". "Bye."


"What were you guys talking "

"N-Nothing we were just ...." (My phone rings) "One sec ...Hold on ..... Its Ian. Hello. "

"Hi Lindsey. This is Ian ."

"Hi.Whats up?"

"I heared that you are going to London . "

"Yeah ... I am ."

"Congragulations for that. So before you go just wanted to meet you. Can we"

"Thank you and yeah we can meet. But when and where?"

"Are you free tonight? Around 7 pm ?"

"Yeah I am free tonight. Where do you want to meet?"

"At Curry on the roof?"

"Yeah sure. So I will see you at 7"

"Yeah.Bye then"


My friends look at my phone and then at me and asked,

"Who was he ?"

"Whom are you meeting?"

"When are you meeting?"

Lisa , Kate and Bella asked me in a teasing way . On which I told then that it was Ian and I was meeting him at 7 pm at curry on the roof . Bella said "Aaaauuuu so basically you are going on a date"

"No I am not . M just meeting an friend before going to London" I said it in a little bit blushing way.

"Lets go home now . I have lots of work to do before going"

"For the date?" said Kate to tease me.

"Yes for the date ....",I looked at them and continued,"in London."

We all laughed , talked , did some more shopping and then went home.

I went home . Ate something and then went to get ready for the dinner. I wouldn't call it as a date . But yeah I would like to mention my friendship with Bella , Lisa and Kate . We were in same school and as for Ian , we were in same class in 10th . He had a crush on me but that was years ago. I don't seem today's dinner as a date. To be frank I don't like him at all. I only and only love person and thats me. I love myself a lot. So lets get ready. I am going to wear a blue top , black jeans with black heels. "So finally I am ready to go. "Oh god! Its already 6.45. I'm  late now. I better hurry now. Mom I would be late. I'm  going for dinner. Bye."

"Yeah okay bye. Get home before 12"

I left for my dinner.

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