Gone (a One Direction murder mystery)

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' wedding is coming up...or is it? When Perrie goes missing while One Direction is on tour, Zayn and the boys turn to Private Investigator Shannon Adler, on whom Zayn develops a crush. Zayn's determination to find Perrie's kidnapper escalates when he finds her dead in the woods.


9. Chapter 9

Parker had just gone over the Michigan-Ohio line when she heard sirens blaring.  Instead of pulling over like she should, she stepped on the gas, sped down the interstate, and took the nearest exit.  Unfortunately, she was stopped at a red light, where the cops caught up with her.


“Pull over and come out with your hands up!” one of the cops shouted through his megaphone.


The light turned green, and Parker did exactly the opposite of what the cops wanted—she kept going until she tried to lose them by turning into a Cracker Barrel parking lot.


But the cops were invincible.  There were now five cars chasing her, and they surrounded her as she tried to find a parking space.


“We’ve got you surrounded!  Come out with your hands up NOW!” the same cop ordered through the megaphone.  By this time, passersby had stopped to see what was going on.


Parker finally stopped the car and slowly got out.  The cop with the megaphone approached her with handcuffs.  “Put your hands behind your back and lean against the car,” he said.  He read her the Miranda rights as he handcuffed her.


“What the fuck did I even do?!” Parker demanded after he stated the last right.


“You’re being placed under arrest for one count of kidnapping, four counts of murder, and one count of resisting arrest.  Now, get in the back!”


Realizing she couldn’t do anything with her hands cuffed together, Parker surrendered herself and got into the backseat of the cop car.




While the group waited in the ER waiting area, Liam comforted Sophia as she cried on his shoulder.  They were all distraught about all three shootings, but only the girls were showing it.  They’d become fond of Shannon, and they couldn’t imagine One Direction without Niall and Zayn.  As soon as they’d arrived, Liam had called Mrs. Mozeleski to inform her about the shootings.  She’d said she’d bring Anna-Grace to Detroit in the morning.


An hour or so later, a doctor approached them.  “Liam Payne?” he addressed Liam.


Still holding his crying girlfriend in his arms, Liam stood up and shook the doctor’s hand.  “How are they?” he asked.


“They’re all in critical condition, Miss Adler being in the worst condition.  She’s been shot point-blank in the forehead, and she has a broken neck.  As for Mr. Horan and Mr. Malik, they were shot in the stomach from a distance.”


“Oh, my God…will they make it?”


“We don’t know for sure.  Only time will tell.  They’re all in the ICU if you wanna see them.”


“Thank you, Dr., uh…”




“Yes, thank you.”


The five of then followed Dr. Dilley to the ICU, where Shannon, Niall, and Zayn lay in beds next to each other.  Shannon was unconscious with a neck brace on, and Niall and Zayn were just barely breathing.


“Please tell me you’ll make it, mates,” Liam said, feeling himself start to cry.  “There’s no One Direction without all of us.  It’s like pizza without the crust and cheese!”


“We’ll make it, Liam…” Niall said weakly before blacking out.


“Shannon…?” Zayn said, looking over at his lady friend.


“Yeah, she was shot, too,” Louis said.  “Remember when we were trying to save her?”


“Oh…”  Zayn blacked out as well.


Liam’s cell phone rang, so he took it out of his pocket and answered the call with, “This is Liam.”


“Good evening, Mr. Payne,” the male voice on the other line said.  “I’m just calling to inform you that we’ve arrested the gunwoman.  She confessed, although reluctantly, that she was the one who killed Perrie Edwards and robbed your house in London.  Would you and your friends like to press charges?”


“Oh, thank God!  Yes, the lads and I will definitely press charges.  By the way, what’s her full name?”


“Parker Collins.  Oh, and we’ve recovered all your belongings, too, and shipped them back to London.”


“Thank you so much.”

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