Gone (a One Direction murder mystery)

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' wedding is coming up...or is it? When Perrie goes missing while One Direction is on tour, Zayn and the boys turn to Private Investigator Shannon Adler, on whom Zayn develops a crush. Zayn's determination to find Perrie's kidnapper escalates when he finds her dead in the woods.


7. Chapter 7

Jeff Felton was having a smoke, ignoring his and Shannon’s daughter Anna-Grace’s crying, when his phone rang.  It was Shannon, probably calling to dump him for that terrorist Zayn Malik.  Ever since she landed the Perrie Edwards case, she wouldn’t stop talking about him, and Jeff was getting sick and tired of it.


“If this is about you dumping me, I don’t wanna hear it!” Jeff said into the phone to his future ex-girlfriend.


“Well, you’re the one who asked for it, jerkface!” Shannon said.  “I’m dumping you for someone better.”


Jeff laughed.  “Who could you possibly find that’s better than me?  Oh, wait—it’s that terrorist from One Direction, isn’t it?”


“Just because Zayn Malik is half-Pakistani, doesn’t mean he’s a terrorist!  He’s actually the kindest, sweetest gentleman I’ve ever met, unlike you!  I want you gone by morning.”


“Fine, but this isn’t the last you’ll see of me, bitch!”  Jeff hung up.


Shannon ended the call and proceeded to get ready for bed.  She decided to go with her skimpy, pale yellow nightie.


By the time she was ready, Zayn had taken everything off but his boxers.


“Wow…” Zayn whispered as he looked at the beauty that was Shannon Adler.  His penis hardened instantly.


“Wow, yourself, sexy!” Shannon returned.  She jumped on top of him like an animal, and they proceeded to have sex.




The next morning, Shannon woke up to her cell phone ringing.  She wriggled free of Zayn’s tight grasp, righted herself, and picked up.  “Adler.”


“Good morning, Miss Adler,” police officer Luke Parsons greeted her.


“Did you catch the killer yet?”


“No, we determined that she’d fled England.”


“What about Miss Edwards’ autopsy?”


“The ME found that Miss Edwards’ head had been detached internally after taking several blows, and the detachment killed her.”


Upon hearing Shannon’s voice, Zayn woke up and asked her who was on the phone.


“It’s the cops,” Shannon replied, finishing her conversation.


Shannon said goodbye, hung up, and relayed the new information to Zayn.


“This means we need to fly to America and find this Parker bitch.”


“Yes, it does.”


Just then, Harry called up to Shannon.  “Some bloke called Jeff is here to drop off your daughter!  I didn’t even know you had one!”


“Just a minute!” Shannon called back.  She got dressed and went downstairs to find Jeff with Anna-Grace on his hip.


“I thought I’d drop off the little bitch on my way out,” Jeff said.


“Bitch!” Anna-Grace repeated.  She giggled.


“Jeff, watch your language!” Shannon scolded.  “Now Anna-Grace is gonna be saying that all day!”


“Well, that’s what she is!  She’s always crying!”


“She wants attention, and you’re not giving it to her!”  Shannon slammed the door in Jeff’s face.


By this time, Zayn had come downstairs wearing a black t-shirt that said “Trust Nobody” on it and a pair of jeans.  “Hey, who’s this?” he asked Shannon.


“This is my daughter Anna-Grace.  Anna-Grace, say hi!”


“Bitch!” Anna-Grace said.


Shannon blushed and giggled nervously.  “Isn’t she adorable?”


“Well, aside from the fact she can say the b-word, yes, she’s adorable,” Zayn commented.


“Her daddy taught her that.”


“Ah, I see.”


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