Gone (a One Direction murder mystery)

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' wedding is coming up...or is it? When Perrie goes missing while One Direction is on tour, Zayn and the boys turn to Private Investigator Shannon Adler, on whom Zayn develops a crush. Zayn's determination to find Perrie's kidnapper escalates when he finds her dead in the woods.


6. Chapter 6

After Shannon got the information she needed, she relayed the information to Zayn.


“Thanks, Miss Adler.  So…do you wanna go out with me?  You know, on a real date?” Zayn caught himself asking.


Shannon couldn’t believe the words exited Zayn’s mouth either.  “Are you kidding me?  I’d LOVE to!” she exclaimed.  “What did you have in mind?”


“We could take a walk along the River Thames.  How does that sound?”


Walking alone with Zayn Malik along the river—what could be better?  “Sounds like a plan!  Let’s leave at eight.”


“Eight it is!”  Zayn hung up and told his band mates where he’d be going tonight.


“Ha!  So, you DO have a crush on Miss Adler!” Harry said.  “I knew it!”


“Zayn and Shannon, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Louis sang, causing Zayn to blush.


“It’s just business, just like our lunch ‘date’.”  Zayn made air quotes for the last word.


“Hmm…a walk by the river doesn’t sound like ‘just business’ to me,” Liam said.  “It’s alright to have a crush on another girl now.  Perrie’s dead, and she’d want you to be happy!”


Zayn sighed.  “Okay, I’m going on a date tonight.”


“Are you gonna bring her over for sex?” Niall asked.


All four of Zayn’s friends made kissy noises.


“Maybe…” Zayn said.




At eight, Zayn and Shannon left for the River Thames, which was off Southend-On-Sea, an hour and a half away from London.


“So, what do you think?” Shannon asked her date as they walked along the river.  “About the Per—the murder case, I mean?”  She remembered not to mention Perrie in front of Zayn.


“It’s crazy,” Zayn admitted.  “One minute, I was having cybersex with her, and the next, she’s gone!  And then, I met you.”


Now it was Shannon’s turn to blush.  “What do you see in me that you didn’t in Miss Edwards?”


“I feel like Perrie sent you down here from heaven.”


It was true.  Shannon was even more beautiful than Perrie, and Zayn never thought he’d find ANYONE more beautiful.


“Aw, thanks!  Can I call you Zayn now, since we’re on a date?”


“Of course, Shannon.”  Zayn smiled and looked at the way the wind was blowing in Shannon’s hair.  He had the sudden urge to kiss her on the lips, so he did it.  He brushed some of Shannon’s hair out of her face, slowly leaned in, and pressed his lips upon hers.  Shannon was shocked at Zayn’s sudden movement, but she joined in, slipping her tongue into Zayn’s mouth.  Zayn was a better kisser than her boyfriend Jeff.


Yes, Shannon was essentially cheating on her boyfriend, but she was planning to break up with him anyways.


“Wow,” Shannon breathed as the two of them pulled away five minutes later.  “You’re a better kisser than my boyfriend.”


Zayn raised an eyebrow at the mention of a boyfriend.  “You’re taken?”


“Yes, his name is Jeff.  But I’ll be single after tonight, because I’m gonna break up with him.  I’ve been planning to for a long time, as he’s been sleeping around on me.”


“Ah, I see.  Wanna come over for sex?”


First, Zayn asks Shannon out, and then he asks her if she wants to have sex?  This was pure heaven to Shannon!  She was about to have probably the best sex of her life, and she wasn’t gonna regret one minute of it.


“Sure,” Shannon said.  “Just let me call Jeff to dump him.”


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