Gone (a One Direction murder mystery)

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' wedding is coming up...or is it? When Perrie goes missing while One Direction is on tour, Zayn and the boys turn to Private Investigator Shannon Adler, on whom Zayn develops a crush. Zayn's determination to find Perrie's kidnapper escalates when he finds her dead in the woods.


1. Chapter 1

Perrie Edwards turned on her webcam, as her fiancé, Zayn Malik from One Direction, was video calling her.  He was probably just calling to tell her goodnight.  That’s what he does every night, and then it always turns into virtual sex.  God, she couldn’t wait to have sex with him for real.  He was so sexy!  Especially those dreamy hazel eyes, those chiseled good looks, and that goatee…well, basically, everything about him was sexy.  Directioners everywhere would undoubtedly agree.


“Hello, love,” Zayn greeted, flashing that thousand-watt smile.  Perrie was already getting horny just looking at her beloved fiancé.  He had changed into boxers for bed.  Yep, just boxers.  The rest of him was pure, unadulterated skin, save for the sleeve tattoo on his right arm.  And the tattoos on his chest.  And the wolf tattoo on his calf…


Okay, maybe not ALL of his skin was untouched by tattoo ink.  But he was sexy naked nonetheless.


Not to mention the fact that he was soaking wet, the result of having just performed in the pouring rain.  That just made him look even sexier.


“Hello, Zayn.  How’s the tour going?” Perrie asked, even though she already knew the answer—that the band had performed for another sold-out audience.


“We just got back from another sold-out show.”  Ha!  Told ya!  “In the rain.”


Perrie giggled.  “I can see that.”  It was then that she noticed a flash of silver in his mouth.  “Did you just get your tongue pierced?”


“Yes, I did.”  Zayn stuck his tongue out so Perrie could see his new stud.  “You like?”




Their conversation, sure enough, turned into virtual sex.


Zayn only said his final goodnight to Perrie when one of his band mates, Liam Payne, who could pass for David Beckham’s son or Justin Timberlake’s younger, British cousin, protested that it was getting late.


“Goodnight, darling,” Perrie said, blowing her fiancé a kiss.


Zayn blew a kiss back before finally turning off his webcam and getting into bed.




In the middle of the night, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, one of Perrie’s band mates and the only black one, was startled awake by a blood-curdling scream coming from Perrie’s room.  Fearing her friend was hurt, Leigh-Anne threw back the covers and ran in the direction of Perrie’s room…only to find her missing.  The room was a mess of blood and shards of broken glass.  She stood and stared in shock with her hands over her mouth.  Zayn and Perrie’s wedding was coming up soon, and the last thing Zayn needed was a missing bride-to-be.  She stood there for ages before finally rushing to the other girls’ rooms to wake them up.


Leigh-Anne pounded on Jesy Nelson’s door first.  Jesy thrust the door open, rubbed her eyes, which were fogged up from sleep, and shouted groggily, “Bloody hell, Leigh?!  It’s two in the morning!  What do you want?!”


“It’s an emergency,” Jesy’s black friend said.  “Perrie’s gone missing!  I heard a scream coming from her room, but when I went to investigate, it was too late!”


“Bloody hell!” Jesy said, this time with more shock in her voice than annoyance.


Jade Thirlwall opened her bedroom door, asked what the bloody hell was going on, and said, too, that it was early in the morning.


“Perrie’s been kidnapped and possibly murdered!” Leigh-Anne told her.


Jade gasped in shock.  “Oh, no!  Zayn will be gutted!  He loves her so much!”


“I know!”


Jade went back into her room for her cell phone and called Zayn.




Zayn was dreaming of sex with Perrie when his cell phone suddenly rang.  Weary and confused, he picked up and said a groggy hello.


“Zayn, I’m so glad you picked up!” he heard Jade’s panicked voice say.  “Perrie has been kidnapped!”


Zayn’s mouth formed an O as the last four words infiltrated his brain.  She couldn’t be gone!  The wedding was in a matter of months, and they’ve already planned most of it!


“Zayn?  You still there?” Jade asked.


“Y-yeah, I’m still here.  Do you know who took her?”


“No, it was too late by the time Leigh got to her room.  I’m so sorry, Zayn.”  Her voice was full of sadness and sincerity.


“Thanks for telling me, Jade.  We’ll be on the next flight home tomorrow.”


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