She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


8. Chapter 8

*Sara's P.O.V*

        I woke up with a pounding in my head. I stared around the room sleepily. My eyes fell upon the bathroom door, and my stomach twisted in a wretched way. I barely stumbled out of bed and to the toilet when the retching began. I vomited and vomited. I felt my hair being tugged into a ponytail. 

        I finally finished and began to brush my teeth. I glanced at the mirror to see Chloe standing there, like a spectator ghost girl in the mirror. I finished and washed my face.

"You have a hangover." she declared. My head pounded, but I couldn't remember most of last night. "What happened between me and Harry?" I asked, panicking.

Chloe smirks at my facial expression. "He brought you home by carrying your drunk ass, tucked you in, and left."
I let out a breath of relief. "That's good.". Chloe then took me by the arm and put me in bed then left. I snuggled into the cotton sheets. A few minutes later Sydney walked in. "Hey girl.". I groaned in response. 

        A moment later, I felt something cool on my forehead. I opened my eyes and probed my forehead with cautious fingers. I lifted the edge of the ice cold paper towel. "You are welcome." Sydney smirked, setting a glass of water on my side table. I gave a weak smile to her as she perched on the bed's edge.

"Guess what?" she began
"Hmmm?" I responded
"Louis asked me to go and meet him." Sydney said nonchalantly. I sat upright in bed, the cotton sheets falling away. I swatted her arm "When did this happen?"
"He texted me." Sydney said, glee laced in her voice.
"When?" I asked, desperate for news.
"In maybe half an hour." Sydney said happily. "Go and get his heart on a chain." I said in a cruel tone. "Yeah, that doesn't work for you." Sydney chortled. I lightly punched her arm again.
"Get some sleep." Sydney ordered. I wanted to protest, but I felt the weakness spread like a disease through my feeble body. I shut my eyes and the world blinked back to darkness.


        I was waiting at the park for Louis. He had told me to dress in a bathing suit. I was wearing a black and white striped bikini with a cotton cover-up. I thought it was too, um, revealing but Chloe insisted. She said something about tempting Louis, but to be honest, I didn't want to know what those muttered words were.

        After a few minutes, I spotted a feathery brown head approaching me.
"Hi Louis." I greeted, butterflies tap-dancing in my abdomen.
"Hey Sydney." Louis said with equal verve,
"What are we doing today?" I asked. "Follow me." Louis replied reassuringly. I smiled and hooked my arm through his outstretched one.
"So, tell me about the whole One Direction thing. Megan told me something about you all being famous." I prompted.
"Yeah.", Louis smiled dreamily," We were living the dream. Sold out arenas, millions of teenage girls screaming our names, albums, photo shoots, world tours, and merchandise with out faces on it. The whole deal."
"Was it fun?" I asked.
        "Yeah.", Louis said," It was amazing, touring the world with my best friends. I missed home though. My sisters and my mum and my girlfriend Eleanor...."
I sensed his mental shields going up. This was a touchy subject for him. I was tempted to maneuver around it, but I decided to just give it a shot.
"Is she still your girlfriend?" I asked. I sensed his barriers heighten.
"No." Louis said coldly. I shrunk a little.
"I've been through some bad breakups too. I completely understand." I reassured him. I felt Louis' tenseness loosen.
"No, I refuse to believe that. You are just plain too lovely. Inside and out." Louis declared, a cheeky grin lighting up his features.
"I've been cheated on, broken up with in public, and left for the popular girls." I said. I was as cool as a cucumber on the outside, but my brain chanted lovely, lovely, lovely like a broken tape.
"I've been used for fame, dumped for being too ugly, and cheated on." Louis admitted.
I looked into his stormy ocean colored eyes and stated "You are a beautiful person. I don't understand why anyone could hurt you."
His eyes lit up and I knew I've done my job. He trusts me.
"Thanks." Louis said quietly.
"Hey.", I said, making him look at me. Once his cerulean irises were trained into my eyes I said "I really mean it."
Louis' tension diminished completely and he grinned a genuine smile, crinkles appearing under his eyes. "We're here love."
I gasped. A lake appeared into my view. It had some sail boats in the distance, but a few feet away was a small beach-like area. It had some weed/stalks of grass poking through the sand and a checkered red and white blanket was spread.
"Its so pretty!" I smiled. "I've seen better." Louis winked at me. I knew he meant me and a red-hot blush crept up my cheeks. I sat crossed-legged on the blanket.
"Tell me a bit about you." Louis invited.
I hesitated, but plunged in. "My name is Sydney Kirk. I'm from Michigan. I'm going to get a degree in teaching college level English. I love dogs and I'm rather loud."
"College girl huh?" Louis said.
I nodded "I'm attending Berkeley University in the fall with the girls."
"That's a really good school!" Louis said, clearly interested.
"Megan, Charlie, Sara, Chloe and I were advanced math students and rather smart." I admitted
"That explains the aura of sophistication." Louis smiled.
        A small silence lapsed. "Wanna go swimming?" Louis grinned. I bobbed my head eagerly. Louis wrapped his fingers on my wrist, leading me into the surf. Before the water surpassed our ankles, Louis deftly lifted the hem of his shirt, depositing in into the sand behind us quickly. I realized he was wearing swimming trunks as shorts. I followed suit, a bit uncomfortable. I studied his abs only fleetingly before my eyes flitted away.
        Louis resumed his grip on my hand again, and we plunged into the waves.
My toes grazed the pebbly bottom and Louis palm was flattened against mine. Soon, the water reached my waist. I surveyed our surroundings. We were 50 feet from shore, waves were reaching up my chest, and lake plants were ensnaring my thighs. I turned 45 degrees and saw Louis smiling.
"I've never gone this far in."
I smiled," Let's go a few more feet." Onwards we trekked, our legs moving in slow motion underwater. After two minutes, Louis let out a shriek. I looked at him, alarmed. "I felt a fish."
I smiled, but I felt fins flap through my legs. I jumped and waded closer to Louis. I was shaking a bit, I felt the ghost of scales on my skin. I looked up to see Louis smiling down at me. He lifted my chin with his pointer finger. I shut my eyes and felt his plump lips on mine.
        I felt............ nothing. Not one bomb, not any fireworks. Just a small feeling of disappointment. Louis' lips released mine and I looked at his eyes, blushing.
"That was amazing." he mumbled.
I nodded, masking my feeling of regret. "Yeah." I breathed. Louis latched an arm around my waist and we breast-stroked to shore. We padded through the sand and I slipped my flip flops back on, succeeding in making the grains of sand stick to my toes. Louis did the same and draped the blanket around my shoulders. I smiled gratefully.
        Louis walked me home and we talked about really nothing. As the house came into our view Louis surprised me with another kiss. I felt a minuscule spark, but maybe it was static shock from his palm on my cheek. "Will you be mine?"
I nodded, a smile plastered on my face. Louis gave a small peck on my lips as I gave him the blanket. "See you soon." I called.
"I'll text you okay?" Louis called.
"That would be great.", I shouted. I spun on my heel, but ran back to Louis. I kissed him and he seemed a bit surprised, but kissed back. I pulled away.
 "Maybe Liam and Megan deserve a prank soon." With that, I ran home.  I opened the door to see a smug Chloe "That was an interesting scene."
I stuck out my tongue feebly.
"Anything wrong?" Chloe asked, sensing my discomfort. I shook my head "A little tired."
"And you're wet." Chloe added. I trudged upstairs, the moisture from the lake dripping off my body and making rivulets on the mahogany stairs. I went to go shower.
        As the water pelted my body, I tried to sort out my feelings. Louis was a great guy and all, but the spark wasn't there. I was secretly hoping for something between us to make this job easier, but sadly, it just wasn't there. Mostly, I just wanted to be his friend. He was almost like a brother I could prank with. He clearly wanted more however. I sighed. I didn't want to hurt him like his ex Eleanor did. I knew that no one deserved that. I just didn't want to break his heart.
        I found a comfortable outfit. I closed my curtains. A glance at the clock revealed it was only 3:00 PM. However, I had spent most of the night reviewing my case and making plans. I slid into my bed and an aqueous sleep consumed me.

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