She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


5. Chapter 5

        The chime of the clock was accompanied by a quiet knocking on the door. I guardedly opened the door. Standing in the doorway, clothed in black, was Megan.

"Hi." Megan whispered. "Come on in." I replied. I stood aside as Megan entered.
"MEG!!!" Chloe shouted, striding towards us.

"CHLOE." Megan exclaimed. The two exchanged hugs and Sara spoke "There goes the feeling of secrecy." I laugh as Sara called "SYDNEY, GET YOUR FAT BUM DOWN HERE!" 

I laugh harder as Sydney appears, dressed in her 5SOS pajamas. "I was sleeping ,you meanie." Sydney whined.
"To the dining room!" Sara shouted, jumping away like Superman. I grin and follow. The girls had spread their files on the counter. I add mine on the spread before scanning them.
Improvised a little. Agent Charlie decided against plan. We pretended to be old school friends. Not clear, but I caught Louis' eye. I think.

New info= phone numbers.
Had a small change in our plan. Not much notice from subject. Zayn kept glancing at phone, longing expression. He may be not over old girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. I received contact info.
Had a bit of improv. I caught Harry's attention by being a bit overconfident. I tried a bit of unconscious flirting (brushing hair over shoulder). Not much of a response. Contact info in in MY POSSESION :)
Megan had set hers down, flicking through months of updates. She found her most recent entry and lay it out.
Had our new 'girlfriends' make their first contact. Quick thinking on their parts. A little bit of smooth change to the Plan really worked. Afterwards, I asked the lads' what their opinion of the girls were.
Louis twiddled with his thumbs, smiling.
Harry called Sara HOT.
Niall looked a bit confused (good sign, that boy isn't exactly an expert on his feelings)
Zayn stated he was NOT over Perrie.
So the lads are all warmed up for them, except Zayn. I hope to change that.

Sydney laughed "Louis smiled and fiddled with his thumbs. Good sign I hope?"
"Yep. Find it encouraging if he plays pranks on everyone but you." Megan replied
"Holy golden chicken balls Zayn isn't over Perrie." Chloe mumbled, scribbling something on her file.
Confirmed. Zayn not over ex.

Sydney spoke, her voice softer then usual. "It'll be okay."
        "Down to business." Chloe said seriously.
"Um, I need to tell you about the whole incident Megs." I say nervously.
"Get on with it." Megan said, slightly impatient.
"I was sneaking around, getting a hold of the neighborhood", I began," I scanned the lads' place, but left when you let Loki in because I was scared one of the boys were with you. I found a small park nearby and sat down. A man with a black coat approached me. He grabbed my shoulder pretty tightly."
"So you almost got-?" Megan questioned
I shook my head, interrupting ," I twisted his arm behind his back and the sleeve of his coat fell a bit. The man had The Mark on his wrist."
"No." Megan whispered
"Yes.", I confirmed," I beat him up and ran. I don't know if there are more."
"There's nothing we can do, but be more prepared." Megan said coolly.
"I know, but stay on your toes. I think this should be our last meeting until we get close the boys." Sydney warned
"Yeah. I need to keep them safe." Megan agreed.
"Who's with them right now?" Sara asked worriedly. Then Megan's phone rang. Megan looked at the contact name flashing on the screen.
"Liam." Megan whispered, her face white.



*Charlie's P.O.V*
        I felt myself go pale. Why was Liam calling? Was someone hurt? Do we need to abort the mission? I was trembling as Megan answered the phone.

"Megan!" Liam gasped
"Liam!", Megan said frantically," Is everything okay?"
"Where the hell are you?" Liam yelled
"I went for a walk." Megan lied

"Don't lie to me. I've been seeing those so-called Photoshopped pictures. Are you cheating?"
"N-no!" Megan stuttered. I couldn't watch this. I snatched Megan's phone.
"Liam." I said
"Who's this?" Liam asked furiously
        "I am one of Megan's old friends. We met at Starbucks? I went for a walk too and ran into Megan. I guess she's still the same because we used to do that when we couldn't sleep. Anyway, turns out we are all neighbors." I rambled. I see the girls' face crumple a bit. I was basically ruining our Plan. But I wasn't going to let Megan pay for my meeting. Simple as that.

"I don't believe you." Liam challenged.
"Oh yeah?", I challenge," We live in the cream colored house just adjacent to you. The girls and I are going to San Diego University, except for Chloe, she's taking online school and working part-time as a veterinarian."  
"Oh." Liam said, deflated.
"I'll walk her over." I said
"Tell her I'm so sorry." Liam replied
"Will do Liam." I said as I hung up.
"Thank you." Megan said, still close to tears.
"Let's go." I said
        We left the house in utter silence. It seemed that Megan didn't really care if our Plan was almost ruined. What seemed to get her was that she almost lost Liam as her 'boyfriend'. She can't be developing feelings for him, right? No, that's impossible.


*Charlie's P.O.V*
        I was absolutely bone-weary the next morning. Nevertheless, I woke to shouting.
"IN A MINUTE!" Sara shouted in response.
        I groaned and pulled myself downstairs. I wrote on the whiteboard in the living room.
Today's agenda:
Sydney, meet Louis at Wal-Mart, shopping for prank supplies. Say you are planning a 'welcome home' prank for us. Please stage a convincing prank for tonight's dinner. Ask Louis to help.
Chloe: Go to local art café. Bring your sketchbook. Try to sit near him, preferably in a way he can look over your shoulder.
Sara: Stay at home, but explore the woods behind the house. Go a few thousand feet until you see a trail. Follow it and you should stumble onto a tree house. It's one of Harry's haunts. Go at 1:00 PM.
Charlie: Stay at home, going to walk by the creek. Niall should be there under the willow tree. Go at 1:30 PM.

 I stood back, admiring my  handiwork. The girls filed in and sat on the couch, studying their routine. "I get to prank you guys!" Sydney squealed. I eyed her unhappily "Please don't use anything too dirty or hard to clean up."
"Gotcha." Sydney smiled, but I saw the wily glint in her eye. Oh geez. Watch me be covered in peanut butter and hanging from my foot off the chandelier in the foyer.
"I have to let him look at my drawings?" Chloe squeaked.
"Chlo.", I say soothingly," There is a reason you have Zayn as your assignment. You are a phenomenal drawer." Chloe looked unsure, but nodded uncertainly.
"I have to trek to a treehouse.", Sara smirked," Romantic."
"Don't make a move idiot!", Sydney whacked Sara with a pillow.
"Why?", Sara protested," I won't be able to resist those eyes for long."
"Keep your pants on Agent Cander." I say fake- exasperated. "Okay, I know the Plan." Sara nodded.
"So a willow tree for you?" Chloe questioned.
I nod "Niall practices his guitar there."
"I'm hungry!" Chloe sighed
I was about to reply when my stomach growled. "BREAKFAST IT IS!" I yell, laughing as everyone stampeded to the kitchen.

        A couple hours later, I was walking to the willow tree when a black and white streak knocked me down. I landed on my butt and saw a cute little dog. It's Loki! "Hi boy." I petted him. Loki rolled on his belly and I scratched there. Aw, he's adorable!
"I'm so sorry." an Irish voice panted. I look up, putting a hand over my eyes to block some of the glare. It's Niall. "Wait..." Niall said, recognizing me.
"Yeah, I'm Megan's friend. You are Nialler the leprechaun as I recall." I laughed lightly.
"Yeah." Niall said, suddenly shy.  This is.." I say, gesturing to Loki.
"Oh yeah, that's Loki.", Niall said," Liam's dog." "Loki is a cool name.", I comment," Like the Norse god."
"Yeah.", Niall laughed," Tom Hiddleston himself once mentioned Liam and Loki."
"The dog is more popular then me." I pouted.
"I doubt it." Niall said. I noticed Niall was carrying a leash. "Were you trying to walk him?" I asked.
"Yes.", Niall sighed," He bolted before I could clip his leash on. He listens to the rest of the boys, but never me."
        "I can help you.", I offered," I know how to train dogs."

"You do?" Niall said, surprised.

"I used to have a chocolate Lab named Toffee growing up. I never trained him very well, but I trained him more as he grew bigger."

        "Okay." Niall agreed. I stood up "First step is to refuse to clip his leash until he calms down. "Really?" Niall asked. I nod confidently.

        "Do you have treats?" I asked. Niall pulled a packet of them out of his pocket. I took one and held it higher. Loki whined, but sat on his haunches.  I clipped his leash and fed him the treat.

        "Watch and learn Horan." I said, fake-commanding. I winded the leash on my hand, walking in a way where Loki had to walk in-step with me. Niall followed, curious. I stopped after a block and fed Loki a treat.

        " That's a lot of treats. Liam only gives him one a day." Niall said. "You can't skimp on treats.", I explained," He needs positive reinforcement."
I walked another block with Niall and made Loki halt. "You give it a try Niall." I said. Niall took the leash. Loki looked back at me, uncertain if I would follow.

        I smiled and walked on the other side of Loki. Gosh, the sidewalks were so wide here! After maybe 15 more minutes, we end up in front of my house.
"This is my place.", I explain," Sara, Sydney, Chloe and I share it."
"That's so cool.", Niall said "I hope I can see you again?". I smile softly "Me too."


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