She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


4. Chapter 4

        I woke up too early the next day. It was 7:44 AM and I had already dressed and had some oatmeal for breakfast. The girls weren't up yet, so the house was silent, a rare event.

        I think Megan had fallen asleep because she hadn't answered her cell. I sighed, but saw the streaks of gold and smears of lighter blue lightening the sky. I could go for a walk right? Scope out the area. 

        I put my combat boots on and left, a knife in my pocket for protection. I walked the block, turning to see a cream colored colonial house as our neighbor. This must be the lads'. I wondered if anyone was awake now. I peered at the windows, my eyes straining for something. A swish of the curtains, a .tall figure maybe? Nope, no movement.

        I crept up the lawn. The moist grass squished and I froze. Ducking quickly, I somersaulted behind a rose bush, getting my sleeves shredded by the protruding thorns. Wow, these were pretty manicured for a house full of boys. A gardener perhaps?

I snapped myself out of my mental soliquey and peered behind the bush. No one in sight.  I groan, recognizing a small black and white dog. Liam's pet, Loki. That's great, I got spooked by a dog.

        I smiled when the dog disappeared back into the house. I realize that's Megan coaxing him inside. I consider revealing myself, but decide not to. What if one of the guys were with her?

I quickly slink away. I ended up walking some more. I soon found myself in a little park. I sat on a rusty swing set. The place had a cryptic and furtive feeling.

        It almost was like a metaphor for me. I didn't get that teenage phase with broken hearts, best friends, and school dances. No, I got the phase with broken bones, deadly enemies, and training classes. There's that scientific fact, matter can't be destroyed. So, those years I never got had to go somewhere. So I guess that phase turned into a barely inhabited, rusty park; the primary colors faded, the swings rusted, the perimeter dusted with abandoned toys. The town should really clean this junk up, to be honest,

I shook myself out of my philosophical thoughts and stood. I saw a man in a trench coat appear a few feet away. I scan my surroundings, but the man has already reached me.

        He grabs my shoulder, but I snatch his arm, twisting it behind his back in a deadly, fluid movement. The man let out a whimper of pain, and his sleeve fell a little. I spotted a tattoo, a dove with devil horns, on his wrist. I blink, praying I didn't see it. But the hard permanence of the ink is undeniable.

        No. It can't be. I let the man go. He turns to me. I smash my fist in his jaw. The man fell back and I kicked him in his ,um, spot.  Thank the gods for combat boots. I delivered a final blow to the nose.

        I feel the delicate cartilage break, and blood  begins to pour down the man's face. I spun on my heel and ran. I reach my new home and tear inside, my harried footsteps matching my rapid heartbeats. I see the girls look up, worried looks adorning their faces.
I paw my phone out of my pocket. I click on Rob's number.

I ran into one. He had the Mark on his wrist. I left him badly injured, but I think we are being followed. We are postponing the Plan today, this is an emergency. I'm going to go over some new fighting strategies. There may be more nearby.

I tap send and lock my phone. I look at the girls, beginning to explain.

        I was so shaken. Last time I saw The Mark was when.... he got killed. I faced the girls. Sara's face was pale, Chloe looked tense, and Sydney looked worried.

"I was prowling around, getting a hold of the neighborhood", I began," I saw the lads' place, but left quickly. I found a park and sat down. A man with a black coat approached. He grabbed my shoulder."

"Oh no please tell me you hid the body!" Sara shouted.
I shake my head," I twisted his arm and the sleeve of his coat fell a bit. The man had The Mark." Utter silence met my words. I see Sydney sitting down.

"We are cancelling the Plan for today right?" Sydney asked. I nod. "Did you tell Meg?" Oh geez I forgot. I retrieve my phone and find Megan's contact.

New change in Plan. Please tell lads that you are going to be out. We need an emergency meeting.
-C xx

I click send and plop on the couch. A few minutes of silence later, my phone vibrates, signaling a new text. I unlock and quickly read the message.

Okay. I'll be there at midnight. A late meeting is best because Liam wants to take me to meet some family he has in town. It would be better to do it in darkness then broad daylight. Liam might offer to drive me and our cover would be blown. See you then.
-M xx

" She'll be here at midnight." I inform the girls. I head upstairs, about to take a shower. As I stand, I try not to cry. Seeing The Mark again brought back too many memories. I freeze as a flashback hits me.

        I crept up to the warehouse. It's my first assignment, a 10 year old boy from Delaware. I was in Detroit. Actually, I was so close to my home. It hurt to be so close, yet so far away. I heard a rustling in the bush and pointed my gun. A scraggly boy fell out. "Please Charlie." Oh no it was him. I rushed to his side. "You moron, I told you not to follow.". His eyes looked pleading. "I needed to tell you-"
"HEY!"  A man's voice called. I point my gun, finger on the trigger. "Go home." I whispered. He pulled himself up "No."
The man came into view with a gun like mine, his bare arms decorated in repeating tattoos of a dove with devil horns. I pulled the trigger and he fell lifelessly. But I heard two gunshots. I sprinted to the warehouse, finding the boy tied up to a chair.. Good, he was okay. I gently cut his bindings and noticed a gushing cut on his forehead. I cut my sleeve off and wrapped it around the wound. "Are you saving me?" the boy whispered. I nodded. I saw some police sirens. I led the boy away, but he refused to move. "Help is there." he pointed. "No.", I sighed," I am part of an unknown organization, but I am taking you home, I promise." The boy resisted, but I can't fail my first assignment. I sprayed knockout gas on his nostrils as he inhaled. I slung his limp small frame over my shoulder and ran away. But as the sun rose, I noticed two bodies on the ground. He was dead, and I didn't save him. Instead, I saved a stranger.

*Flashback over*

I pull my outfit on, trembling. I had to get myself together. He was dead, but I couldn't change that. I took a deep breath. I went downstairs and made some hot cocoa.

        I turned to the living room. The girls looked up at me. They had spread comforters and pillows around the room. I glanced at the TV and saw my favorite movie, Frozen, playing.

        I grin and sit down. "I love our day off."  Their faces said it all, they bought it. I guess military training made me a good liar, because everyone seemed to think I'm fine. Clearly though, I may fall to pieces any moment.


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